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Guide: S15 air vent disassembly and painting

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A wise man once said "spare the rod and spoil the child". Although he was probably just a pedo, it's true that there's some benefit in holding back information and forcing people to learn on their own.


Unless it's NS, in which case they'll just f**k it up. Cue guide for excedingly obvious task.


Difficulty = 1

Where 0 is banging your mother, and 10 is escaping your father.


Time Required = 1 hour for all 5 + drying time



If you think "it feels like it's gonna break", it probably f**king will, so f**king stop.


Tools Required

  • Making tape
  • Finger nails (yours)
  • Primer Surfacer paint
  • Colour paint
  • Clearcoat paint


  • Colour-matching air vent rings to other panels
  • Achieving maximum taste, or lack thereof


Step 1. Unscrew are remove the rear plug, to separate the vents from the barrel.


2012-09-09 14.38.49.jpg

2012-09-09 14.39.03.jpg

2012-09-09 14.39.23.jpg

2012-09-09 14.39.33.jpg


Step 2. Place your nails between the connecting bridge and the vent fins, using it as a lever to separate the two.


2012-09-09 14.39.53.jpg

2012-09-09 14.40.05.jpg


Step 3. Take note of the side with the hollow pins; you do not pop the pins out from this side.


2012-09-09 14.40.28.jpg


Step 4. With the vent facing down, pace your thumbs below the studded fin and on the side, push the fin towards the hollow pins, lift up and remove it.


2012-09-09 14.41.30.jpg

2012-09-09 14.42.05.jpg


Step 6. With the vent facing down, pace your thumbs below the small fin and on the side, push the fin towards the hollow pins, lift up and remove it.


2012-09-09 14.42.58.jpg

2012-09-09 14.43.15.jpg


Step 7. With the vent facing up, pace your thumbs below the center fin, push the fin towards the hollow pins and on the side, lift up and remove it. Take note that there exists a rectangular tab; be careful with removal and do not lose it.


2012-09-09 14.43.35.jpg

2012-09-09 14.43.54.jpg


Step 8. Run tape around the inside of the vent, up to the lip.


2012-09-09 14.48.41.jpg

2012-09-09 14.48.48.jpg


Step 9. Cover the pieces of grey plastic on the face with tape, push the tape into the crevices with your finger nails until they have been cut (a knife could be used very carefully as an alternative), then remove the excess. Touch-up any uncovered sections with small pieces of tape.


2012-09-09 14.49.17.jpg

2012-09-09 14.51.03.jpg

2012-09-09 14.51.10.jpg

2012-09-09 14.51.51.jpg

2012-09-09 14.53.23.jpg

2012-09-09 14.55.44.jpg


Step 10. Mask the outside with tape, in preparation for paint.


2012-09-09 14.55.50.jpg


Step 11. Paint with primer and wait for it to dry, then apply colour, then apply clear.


Step 12. When touch-dry, carefully remove the tape.


Step 13. Reassemble in the order of middle, studded, small, inserting in the reverse direction to removal.

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