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My mate has a Nissan Cima with an intermittent electrical fault

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well, this one has got me stumped...


My mate has a Y32 nissan cima with the vh41de, and its having some intermrittent electrical problems.

When driving the car, in any gear above about 3000RPM, every now and then the traction control light will come on, the 'slip' light will come on, the battery light and the abs light ( the light sequence looks similar to when you turn the key to the 'on' position. When this happens it lasts anywhere from half a second, up to a max of about 10 seconds. It cuts the sound system out, but the weird thing is, the engine still runs sweet and it still powers along as if there is nothing wrong at all, and all guages remain working, speedo, tach, fuel etc...


Just trying to get this problem sorted as its giving me the shits as to what it could be! we have replaced the battery terminals, gone over every earth wire under the hood that we can find and cleaned them up and made sure they have a good connection, and got the battery tested,

checked all the fuses.


Im thinking it could be one of the computers that runs the electrics of the car. The car has been tuned with a nistune ecu, but was playing up with this fault before the tune. The rev limiter has been lifted from 7K to 7.5K, is there any way that the knock sensor could be causeing such a fault?


Any ideas or suggestions with this matter would be greatly appreciated!


Cheers! JayP

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Look into the ignition relay mate , check the alarm was put in the car properly :)

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