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I love free random shit. This was free, random but mostly shit.


Got this off a work mate, he built it 15 years ago and lost interest, wanted to see it go to a good home.


GSXF750 motor with power pipe.


IRS (all mini components)


Rack n pinion steering (also mini)


Hydro rear brakes.


Widened 10 inch rims on rear, standard Mini front.


Twin shocks on rear corners with singles on front.


Ghetto cage.



Been sitting under a tree for 5 years, managed to have running in 5 hours. Going to make heaps of custom shit for it, including a new cage. Will also suss out engine oil cooler (looks to be 2 fittings on motor to allow lines)


Also make custom trailer.


Enjoy, scare myself, enter a Texikarna or 2. Then probably sell to finance my other 3 cars im building.



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Should be, gotta get new shock tyres ect, Im in no rush to build it. Just want to tinker and learn to use my mates rollcage bender.

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