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Saw a good mix of genres recently.



Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer



A semi-biographical story based on the murders of Henry Lee Lucas. The main character is a drifter going from town to town killing random people. His current housemate discovers his serial killing tendencies, which at first reluctantly goes along with it, and then starts to get a thirst for killing. At first the movies looks very D grade and fake. But then the killers start filming the murders, and even though it's a movie, it's quite chilling knowing that what you're seeing is pretty much what happened in real life.





I Like Killing Flies



I was told the main character in this documentary was the inspiration for the soup Nazi in Seinfeld. And it's true to an extent, but this film is so much more than just that. It follows the story of a small restaurant in a close-knit community in New York. The owner and chef is very eccentric, valuing loyal clientele over making money. It's a feel good film and if you're into cooking you'll get a lot out of it. It's a bit hard to find, but I recommend it.








A French film about 4 year girl dealing with the death of her mother due to a car crash. She struggles to understand why her mum had to leave and becomes withdrawn from the world. The dialogue between the 4 year olds and their understanding of death is very similar to adults wanting to know the unknown. This type of movie isn't for everyone as it's quite sad and somewhat art house.





Bad Boy Bubby



6 or so months ago I was looking for lists of most disturbing movies. Since then I've seen most of the obvious ones, but this was a movie I hadn't really sought out due to its obscurity. Someone had mentioned this on a UK forum, so I was expecting a bland movie with funny accents. I was shocked to find out it was an Australian movie, but not only that, filmed around Port Adelaide, 10 mins from where I live. It was filmed back in 1993 so everything looks a little dated.

The movie tells the story of Bubby, a 35 year old man who's mentally challenged. He's lived his entire life in a small room in an industrial area with his abusive mother. Bubby communicates by mimicking what he hears others say. He fears leaving where he lives because his mother has warned him that the outside world is toxic and he'll suffocate. In a twist of irony, he unknowingly suffocates his mother one night and leaves his home. He struggles to comprehend the outside world and goes on a roller coaster journey of circumstance. It's quite a moving movie with excellent reviews. It's a shame it's not better known.



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Invasion of the Body Snatchers



A horror/end-of-the-world film from the 70s. If you can get past the horrible props and plot holes, it's a great film from the 70's. These mutant plant type alien seeds have been falling to earth which plan to take over the world. When people fall asleep, these plant like pods duplicate a person, and the original body disintegrates. The story follows a group of people trying to figure out why everyone in their town is become emotionless and robotic. They soon discover what's going on and try to stay awake and survive. I love the ending of this movie because it doesn't puss out like a lot of movies. This was one of the first films Jeff Goldblum did, so he looks pretty geeky. Also this screenshot from the movie should be used as a meme.







Blue Velvet



I've had this on my list for a while, as a follow up film by David Lynch after watching Eraserhead. I had no idea what this was about, which turned out in my favour. For most movies you watch, you've already seen a trailer or at least know the synopsis, but now and then you'll watch something which surprises you. This is one of those films. At face value this film is a noir crime mystery. But it has so many twists and turns, you're never bored or think you've got it figured out. The villain in this was rated as one of the top villains of all times, and he's a bad ass. Unlike most movies, I actually wanted to see the good guys win and bad guys get caught. One of the best movies I've watched in a long time.





Mulholland Drive



After my new found love for David Lynch, I watched one of his most successful movies to date. Unfortunately it's rather slow and plotting, but there's a reason for this. The story follows a actress trying to make it in Hollywood, when a woman abruptly shows up with no memory of her name or who she is. The new found friends search to find out her past. About three quarters through, after you've figured out the plot, the entire story gets pulled out from under you. The story is intentionally hard to grasp, which is why this movie has such a famous reputation. That's not to say that the plot is confusing, it's just confusing to piece it together. After a lot of research on the net I found the link below which explains the movie the best.







In the Company of Men



Two men fed up with women decide to seduce and carefully date a deaf co-worker at the same time. Their plan is to emotionally hurt her and reveal their game after she falls in love with one of them. I know it's a horrible concept, but like a car crash, you can't look away. This was the acting debut for Aaron Eckhart, later to star in movies such as The Dark Knight and Battle: Los Angeles. He plays such a good alpha man/douche bag. It's an interesting movie to watch if you ever come across it.



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I normally review movies in this thread I'm recommending to other people. However this is something I need to warn people about. This apparently was a disturbing movie I had to see. The story closely follows The Ring, but instead of being killed after watching a video tape, it's from visiting a website. Then throw in some Hannibal Lecter dude who creates snuff films, and you would think you have a decent movie. Oh no, it was anything but. I was half way through the movie, confused, but not a in a good way, thinking I had missed something. Nope, just a bad plot, and the film ended up very predictable. It has 3% on Rotten Tomatoes, which validates how crappy this is. It's not even D grade cheesy horror. Avoid this.





Hachiko Monogatari



I found out about this movie via a Futurama episode when Fry tries to bring back his dog Seymour. I learning it was based on this movie, which is based on a real life story. We all deal with the death of pets and such, but never really think how pets deal with the death of their owner. This film follows this concept. The dog's owner has a heart attack one day while teaching at his college. Meanwhile, Hachi has learnt to walk with his owner to the train station in the morning, and then walk back and greet him in the afternoon. Seeing his owner will never return, Hachi obvious doesn't understand this and waits at the train station until he dies a decade later. The story does seem pretty basic, but there's a lot going on I'm not explaining so I don't give away the entire film. Even though it's an 80's Japanese film, the story movies along quite quickly and is very entertaining. If you're a dog person you will really like this. One of the saddest movies I've ever seen.







The Big Lebowski



A classic Coen brothers' comedy. It's very laid back and doesn't take itself too seriously. Unlike most comedies, this actually has a decent story to it. The Dude, an unemployed under-achiever, is caught up in a case of mistaken identity with a multi millionaire who shares the same surname. He then gets caught up in a series of events and the journey unravels in a series of twists and turns where he and his dead-beat friends plan on pocketing a million dollar ransom.








Another film Anderson Cowan has been raving about. This is going to be hard to review without spoiling it. By far one of the best sci-fi movies I've seen. Set in the not so distant future, humans are mining the moon for helium-3 (rare on earth and used in nuclear fusion). It seems to be a very straight forward and boring task, so they have 3 year shifts on the moon where a person will over look the pretty much fully automated mining system. The actual reason for being on the moon is quite minor to the story. The person currently on the moon is nearing the end of his shift and is preparing to go home where he starts to see visions of people around him and out on the surface. The communication to earth seems to be temperamental as well, so they communicate via chat logs rather than in real time. This is about as much as I can say without ruining the story. You have to go out and watch this; it will blow your mind. Recommend this highly.



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Gangs of New York



I really can't stand old-timey 19th century drama films, so this was totally off my radar. I kept hearing it was very under rated, and it sort of is. Much better than I would expect, but nothing ground breaking. However what made this movie was Daniel Day-Lewis as Bill The Butcher. Damn he was awesome as the ultimate villain. This is a semi historical film set in the mid to late 1800's playing out the history New York City. It centres on all the Irish immigrants coming to America and the 'native' gangs of the time despising them. The main story arch is about a child who witnesses his father's death at the hands of Bill The Butcher and returns to New York as a man to get revenge. Worth the watch solely for the performance of Bill The Butcher.








A documentary about the rise and fall of Mike Tyson. It doesn't matter if you're into boxing or sport, you'll really enjoy this. This is what documentaries are all about, telling the story of an interesting character. This film is very touching and I learnt a lot from it. It's one of those documentaries that will stay with you after watching it. Upon its premier at the Cannes Film Festival, it received a 10 minute standing ovation. One of the top documentaries I've seen. Watch it!





The Elephant Man



Another David Lynch film which I kept seeing in lists of greatest movies of all time. I was expecting a lot, which is probably why it felt a little slow and tedious. This is a biographical film based on a real life elephant man in the late 1800's. The story follows a doctor who discovers him at a freak show and takes him away from his abusive manager. He then learns to talk and the other joys of life, yet still treated as a freak show for the upper class. This is a very taxing movie to get through, but something everyone should see, just to experience this style of film making. I definitely don't rate it as one of the best of all times.



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Two separate stories are told, one titled Fiction, and one Non Fiction. The first is about an insecure college girl looking for inspiration for her writing class. The second story is about a guy looking back on his disappointing life, and wanting to capture/re-live some of it by creating a documentary about high school kids. Both stories have no explanation, as you're sort of put right into the middle of the stories. However even though they aren't particularly about anything significant, both are compelling. I don't know how to describe this movie; it's part drama, part art house. A good watch none the less, especially for the nude scenes of Selma Blair lol.





Red State



This is currently out in the cinemas and I didn't know what to expect as the trailer for this movie is very vague, but I had heard a few good reviews. Basically it's depicting the church goers who picket gay funerals. A group of naive teenagers end up in the churches' compound where they are about to be executed along with other gays they have lured via the internet. Meanwhile the FBI or some equivalent has been monitoring the church people for illegal firearms. That's all I can say without ruining the plot. The movie is very hard hitting and it takes some turns you really aren't prepared for. Reading about the movie after, I found out it had an alternate ending which was never filmed. Wish they went with that ending though. If this is available in cinemas near you, it's worth seeing.








For those who like the mind=blown genre, this is for you. It's a sci-fi time travelling movie, but unlike anything you've seen before. There have been a few time travelling theories in movies. For example, the Terminator where you can go back in time, but you must remain there or Back To The Future where you can go back and forth. This is neither, a brand new concept that will blow your mind. The movie was made on a $7000 budget, so it looks very independent. This is one of those movies you will have to watch a second time to pick up on things you missed the first time. The image below explains how the time travel concept works.





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It is easier if I just post a trailer to give you an idea what the movie was about, but it was really pretty good. It took me a while to really understand what was happening. But the story is very dark and deep. WIth a great cast Channing Tatum is fast looking like a legit actor and not just a teenage girl heart throb. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.



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Drag Me To Hell (2009)


I don't remember this coming out at the movies. Found it on a random USB at home and was actually pretty impressed. It's one of those horror films where it makes you feel almost claustrophobic because the main character just doesn't get a break. The old lady in this is just disgustingly awesome. The ending is a bit predictable but the movie up until this point makes it worth the watch. Favorite bits; The old lady sucking on her chin, corpse vomit.



A loan officer who evicts an old woman from her home finds herself the recipient of a supernatural curse. Desperate, she turns to a seer to try and save her soul, while evil forces work to push her to a breaking point.


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District 9



Aliens came to earth 20 years ago, but after the initial fascination, it appears the novelty has worn off. So the human race looks at the alien species as just another race of people. No one knows why they are here and they're being treated like refugees, being transported between government funded camps. This plays a bit like a mockumentary where the aliens are spoken about very casually. The film is a little preachy as the aliens represent the racial divide in South Africa, but this is essentially an action movie with a pretty cool twist on the alien genre.





There Will Be Blood



This movie appeared on my list as I was told it was another great lead acting role of Daniel Day-Lewis. So I really had no idea what this was about. It turns out this tells the story of a oil-man during the late 1800's when the oil boom hit America and drilling pumps went up everywhere. The whole western setting made it feel like Red Dead Redemption in movie form. It tells a good story of a poor miner becoming exceedingly rich, but also ruining everyone else in his path. This movie not only topped the #1 spot for best movie of 2007, but best movie of the decade. This isn't for everyone, but if you're into these types of action/dramas, you'll really like it.





The Brown Bunny



A very, very art house movie. Like most movies, I don't really look up trailers or read about them to avoid preconceived expectations. It starts off showing a dude race his motorbike at a track day, then travelling across country for another race. Now when I say travelling across country, that's an understatement. It seriously has an hour of footage of him driving down highways, through towns, and briefly bumping into other characters. I was thinking 'what the hell is this crap', and came close to turning it off and never mentioning it again. But I was too quick to judge; like when you tease someone for having a funny voice, and then finding out they have a hearing problem. All the pointlessness made sense at the end of the movie and it turned out being really sad. This film also got a lot of attention due to its non-simulated sex scene. If you're not into art house, avoid this.





The Usual Suspects



This is one of those movies that everyone raves about, so I got around to seeing it. It's your classic crime/mystery movie with a decent story. I guessed the mystery of it way too easily and felt a little short changed. I'm really not a TV crime show fan, and this looked and felt a lot like one of those shows, which probably means I'm being a little too harsh on it where others will like it. If you like nice little Hollywood movies with a twist, and then it's all wrapped up in a neat package at the end, you'll like this.



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Saw a bunch of movies with twist endings in the past week.






If you like genre of 'religious nut jobs gone crazy', you'll really like this. The father of two you boys one night gets a message from god and writes down a list of people he must kill, believing they are demons. The youngest boy is very naive and goes along with his dad, but the other son (around 10 years old) has doubts and tries to go to the police, to no avail. This is a mystery/thriller type movie with a pretty big twist at the end. This film has been included in 'best of' horror movie lists and received praise from Stephen King. Not gory at all like most horror movies, but makes you think.





The Prestige



I actually thought this movie was going to be a crime mystery like The Usual Suspects, but I was so wrong. The film revolves around two aspiring magicians around the 1900's. They have a fierce rivalry resulting in the death of one of their wives. Determined to 1-up each other, they undertake series of risky antics to sabotage and trick the other. It stars Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale (with an English accent which just rubbed me the wrong way). It's a really good movie which I wasn't expecting. I've come to notice that movies with twist endings are always told as a retelling by one of the characters. The ending of this movie is awesome and you'll never see it coming. This is a film to watch for sure.





Inglourious Basterds



I originally avoided this movie in 2009 because the trailer made the movie look like another Hollywood war/comedy film which never works. I later heard that the trailer was very misleading and the film was actually pretty decent about a group of soldiers hunting Nazis during WW2. The film is actually the combination of the two concepts. I was a little disappointed the film didn't show more Nazi hunting and less typical war talk and formalities. The film comes across as rather pretentious with half of the subtitles actually in the foreign language spoken, as well as the incorrect spelled title. But what do you expect from a Tarantino film. The film really didn't live up to the positive reviews I heard and it felt like a 2.5 hour chore.









An 80's horror/thriller I heard good reviews about. The film is about an experimental drug giving people telekinetic abilities. They have the ability to control other people's minds, set things alight or even explode objects. At first the people who have this ability don't release or understand it, but soon they are on the run from the government. The infamous image below of the man with an exploding head is a scene in this movie. The movie is a little slow and very 80s. You'll need to be into B-grade horror flicks to enjoy this.





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I watched a few documentaries for a change.



Confessions of a Superhero



A documentary about the various people who dress up as superheros for tourists in Hollywood. You get to see how they make a living, how they ended up where they are and their OCD with superheros. Each character has a interesting story and you see how some of them actually live the life as their favourite superhero 24/7. It's uplifting and depressing at the same time. It's definitely interesting.





The Pixar Story



Basically how Pixar came to be and how they outgrew Disney. I learnt a lot from this documentary, particularly how close Toy Story was to being cancelled and that Steve Jobs actually funded the founders of Pixar back in the late 70's when no one else saw a future in computer animation. You also learn a lot about the conflict between Pixar and Disney and the drop of quality 2D films being released. After watching this I got around to finally seeing the Pixar films I'd missed.



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The Bridge



Kind of a weird off-the-wall documentary regarding the Golden Gate Bridge. The director convinced the council in letting him set up camera's around the bridge for observation purposes. Unknowingly, he was documenting people commiting suicide from the bridge. On average 25 people die this way a year, and 23 of these jumps were caught on film. The documentary looks into the life of a select few who jumped, trying to find out what lead up to it. This has such a confusing impact on you. It's a great piece of film making, but you're watching people die.







watching it now here http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=901_1226781871

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Cars 2



All Pixar films receive a Rotten Tomatoes score between 90-100%, which is amazing. The original Cars received 75% and this is by far the lowest with 35%. The key to Pixar movies is they write the story for adults, and you get the kids for free. Cars break this rule and writes the entire thing for kids, leaving everyone else bored. However the Cars series make truckloads of money due to the merchandise. Cars is just too cheesy where cars go to restaurants, have dinner dates and become spies; things real life cars don't do. This film is actually much different to the original in that it centres on the side-kick Mater. This is probably because he was the only entertaining character in the original Cars, but his character certainly isn't enough to carry an entire movie. The movie felt bland and predictable. It's definitely a kids' film.








I kept hearing good things about this, but from people who think anything animated is great, so I was sceptical. The story revolves around a robot with the duty of cleaning up the Earth in preparation for the return of humans. However humans left 700 years earlier and he's the last functioning robot. One day an automated space ship arrives with a robot to look for life. That's all I can really say without giving away the plot. It's a really great silent movie (minimal dialogue) which tells a unique story.








Another Pixar classic that starts off with a young boy idolising an explorer and wanting to be one when he grows up. Unfortunately he grows old with his like-minded wife and they never get to live out their dream. She's incapable of having children and dies before their eventual safari holiday. The once young boy is now an old man with no children or friends and urban development threatens to take his house. He does one last FU to the man and turns his house into a flying machine. Him and an unexpected passenger, a naive boy like himself when younger set off on an adventure. Great movie if you like Toy Story and Pixar stuff.



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I haven't really been able to see many movies recently thanks to Saints Row 3 taking up all my free time. So I decided to educate the girlfriend on 80's high school movies which I haven't seen for at least 10 years.


Ferris Bueller's Day Off



If you haven't seen this, it's a classic, widely referenced in pop culture. The entire movie takes place in a day where Ferris is skipping school with his buddy and girlfriend. The movie consists of pranks and clever tactics by the street smart Ferris to evade the principal of his school, determined to bust him for skipping. It's classic 80's teen comedy with the breakout roll of Matthew Broderick. It also has a cameo appearance of a young Charlie Sheen.





Fast Times at Ridgemont High



Sort of like an 80's American Pie, this movie follows the life of high school kids obsessed with sex and pranks. You have the typical stereotypes such as the school slut, the nerdy virgin, the wannabe player, the naive underage girl, the stoner surfer etc. It all comes together in one of the better 80's cheesy high school comedies of the time. I'm sure everyone has seen this, but if you haven't, it's a must.





Revenge of the Nerds



Back when it wasn't hip or cool to embrace the nerd culture, there really were nerds like the ones portrayed in this film. It's the classic jocks vs nerds battle at college with some pretty funny storylines. You can't help but cheer for the nerds as the underdogs in this. It's classic 80's comedy filmmaking with a real story. One of my favourite movies when I started high school.



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I got around to seeing the Death Trilogy from Gus Van Sant. The 3 movies are based on real life events where people died. They aren't so much a retelling, but a theme for the writer's interpretation. Just a warning that these movies are very art house and the film making style is of long tracking shots. Reviews are very bipolar, either winning awards or being booed in the cinema.






Starring only Matt Damon and Casey Affleck (Ben Affleck's brother), they go hiking only to get lost on the way back to their car. They wonder Rocky Mountains trying to get their bearings retracing their steps. Weirdly both characters are named Gerry, and they use the word Gerry as slang for stuffing something up. The movie has long single-take shots that go for at least 5 minutes and it's so tempting to fast forward the movie. I'm still undecided on the movie. It's obviously slow, but it's shot really well and you feel the hopelessness of the characters.








Based on the Columbine High School massacre, you're seeing the day unfold through various students at the school. The filming is very clever, where you will follow one student interacting with people, then later you'll go back in time and see the perspective of the other people who were interacting with the initial student. So you're trying to figure out in your head what time it is at the school and when the shootings are actually about to happen. This is by far my favourite of the trilogy and the one I would recommend to watch.





Last Days



This film is about the last days in the life of Kurt Cobain. Much like Gerry, there isn't much dialogue and the story is very slow. You see how Kurt is very much detached from reality and living with his friends who use him for charity. He's trying to avoid everyone including friends, his managers and fans. This movie felt like a chore to watch and is definitely not my style of movie. However it's been claimed as a masterpiece by some critics.



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The Inbetweeners Movie



For anyone who has seen the TV show, you know what to expect. It's a wrap up of the television series where the boys go on holidays after graduating high school. I want to keep this brief so I don't give away any of the jokes or scenes, but it's a bit predictable where the boys meet a group of girls who seem to be their equals. I like these high school movies when the boys conquer the sex issue about half way through the movie, allowing the rest of the movie to have some freedom and pranks. Either way, this is one of those classic comedies people will enjoy for years. You'll laugh all the way through.





Puberty Blues



One of my all time favourite Australian movies. Much like the 80's high school movies I reviewed earlier, this is an Australian take on the genre. It's classic Australia beach culture everyone can relate to. But instead of being all cheesy like most Australian comedies, this is a lot darker and has a real story to tell. Told through the eyes of a teenage girl, Debbie and her friend are in high school trying to find themselves but get into trouble with the wrong group of kids. This is one of those iconic movies everyone needs to see.








Heard a lot about this, but never bothered finding a copy. The main character with short term memory loss is trying to track down the killer of his wife. However he can't remember anything since the attack and gets vital information tattooed on his body. The story is told in reverse chronological order. So you start out seeing the end of the movie, but no knowledge of how you got there, then you see the scene which lead up to the previous scene, etc. This is to give the feeling of memory loss and not knowing what has happened or how you got there. The first time I saw this style of movie telling was Irreversible, which blew my mind and is one of my favourite movies. Even though this movie came out in 2000, two years before Irreversible, it made me wish I was watching that. Don't let that take anything away from this movie though. This was great and true mystery thriller.



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I heard good things about this movie, so checked it out. It's a horror sci-fi out of Canada with a tiny budget, so don't expect amazing effects. But you can expect a full on and compelling story. Much like in Saw, people wake up in a device not knowing how they got there. This came out well before Saw, so maybe the creators of Saw got some ideas from this movie as well as Mad Max. The characters find themselves in a cube and each wall contains a door to another cube, and so on. Some of these cubes contain booby traps and the characters try to figure out their location in relation to the cube like structure and how to safely navigate it. Each character also has a purpose, such as a prison escapist. This is a really interesting and smart movie shot on a wafer thin budget. If you like minimalistic effects and lots of thinking, you'll like this. There were also 2 sequels to explain what happened before and after.





Page One: Inside the New York Times



A documentary that came out this year about the demise of newspapers due to online news. You go inside the New York Times for a year and see how they run. Topics include whether or not they should publish Wiki Leaks information, how the iPad is changing the way people view news, online subscriptions and having to make 100 employees redundant. I found this really interesting as most documentaries are about topics which have already happened. We are very much in the middle of this issue and it's a good look inside the workings of the media. If you're interested in journalism you must see this.



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Winnebago Man



A documentary about the first viral video ever. In 1989 a compilation of outtakes were put on a VHS tape and circulated. The video is of Jack Rebney, a salesman for Winnebago with a short temper. He would absolutely lose it when stuffing up a take. It's quite comical to see a professional salesman go into a rage with a constant string of f-bombs. The documentary maker decides to track down Jack to see if he even knows how famous he was 20 years ago and today on Youtube. After almost giving up, he gets into contact with Jack and he doesn't seem fazed, as Jack is nothing like the person in the tape. Feeling like he's wasting his time, he returns home disappointed only to find out Jack was putting on a show for the cameras. He finds out Jack who is quite intellectual is upset he's a fan amongst idiots. This isn't a ground breaking documentary and at times the point of the whole thing seems a bit thin. But it has its funny parts and a good ending.





Puss in Boots



The movies I post up here are not the only movies I see. I only recommend the ones I think people will enjoy. This was one of those movies I knew would not make it here as it's essentially a kids' movie I had to see with my girlfriend. Surprisingly this was way better than expected. Unlike most kids' movies that follow the same fairy tale plot, this had a decent story with quite a few funny moments. This movie ties in with the Shrek series, however I don't know which one as they all seem the same to me. The plot is basically the Puss In Boots character trying to right a wrong which has banished him from his home town. Antonio Banderas and Zach Galifianakis do a great job with the voiceovers. This even has an 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I wouldn't go out and see this for the sake of it, but if you're forced into seeing it like I was, you'll enjoy it.





The Troll Hunter



A very off-the-wall mockumentary from Norway. Yes that means this is in subtitles, but don't let that deter you. It was released a few months ago and I think it's scheduled to be released in Australia in the next month or so. Much like The Blair Witch Project, you are watching found footage of students making a film. They are investigating mysterious bear deaths and come across a man who seems to always be where the bears are found. After following him secretly, they discovery he is part of a government organisation to control the Troll population, who have been leaving their designated borders recently. That's all I can say without giving away the story but this was something new and fresh. The only issue I have with this is at times the movie doesn't know what it is, horror or a mockumentary and you don't know whether you should be feeling scared or laugh. If you have the opportunity to see this, you should. After its release, Hollywood decided to put a remake into development due in 2014.



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Been loading up a few classic/cult horror movies I never saw when I was younger.



The Texas Chain Saw Massacre



l've seen the remake (2003 with Jessica Biel) a few times and thought I must see the original. As with most remakes, they don't capture the original feel and have been Hollwood-ised. This film was shot on a shoe-string budget so there is minimal gore. This movie has been rated as one of the best horror movies of all time so I was expecting a lot. However there was nothing ground breaking, it's all a pretty standard slasher film. But then I realised this was from 1974 and slasher films didn't exist. So in a way this film gets a lot of praise for pioneering the genre. It's an alright film and I could argue that the remake is probably better.





The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2



After the original film was released, it made $30,000,000. So there was plenty of revenue to fund the sequel and make it pretty decent. Oh how wrong I was to assume that. It seems that the entire budget went towards excessive props which added nothing to the movie. Where the original movie was raw and independent, this is campy and D-grade horror intentionally. This is almost a comedy with some of the story line where the main killer gets a girlfriend. If I saw this in the cinema I would have walked out. This has to be a contender for worst movie of the year.



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The Devil's Double




Saw this trailer while going through trailers on youtube and thought I'd watch it. Based on the true story and book that Latif Yahia wrote who was the double for one of Saddan Hussein's sons Uday Hussein. I think it was interesting to see a movie that showed how the Hussein family was during the Gulf War era but I guess I'm not sure how close the story is to the truth. Dominic Cooper played the role quite well given he needed to switch between 2 completely characters with one being pretty much a psycho.



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I'll put that on my list. I'm fascinated by all those crazy dictators.

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Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III



I didn't really want to watch the third instalment, but I already had a copy and had a bit of free time. It was refreshing to see this movie go back to its roots with real scare scenes and losing the comedy edge of the previous film. You should actually totally disregard number 2 as this film follows the first film with no tie in with the second. The first half of this movie was great, and even had the black dude from the original Dawn Of The Dead. But toward the end it got all predictable like most horror sequels. If you like the Texas Chainsaw movies; watch the original, skip the sequel and then watch this.





Strange Days



A cyber-punk film from James Cameron back in 1995. Like most sci-fi movies, the film is predicting the future with all its weird and wonderful technology. Forget iPods and smart mobile devices, in the future (1999), SQUIDs are all the rage. It's a device which fits over your head and sends a memory directory into your brain. So you don't just see and hear a video, but you feel it as if you were there. The characters in the film discover snuff SQUID recordings of people being raped and killed and the memory sold on the black market. The movie moves at a fast pace and you need to pay attention to make sense of it all. This was a box office bomb when it came out, but now has a cult following. I thought it was alright but nothing ground breaking. If you like The Matrix or Dark City, you'll like this.



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I've seen this movie mentioned, but never knew what it was about or investigated it. You follow the life of Amelie, a girl in her early 20's living in France who is a bit of social misfit due to her parents being very distant emotionally towards her when she was a child. It sounds a bit boring, but the movie is told at a very frantic pace in narration style. After a series of random events, Amelie decides to be a guardian angel for strangers she feels she can help. In the end it all comes full circle and helps her out. This is a feel good movie most people will like, but I feel this is more of a chicks' movie.








A documentary about a music group called Young@Heart. The angle of the group is they're all 70-90 year olds playing rock songs. It's pretty amazing to see these old people who are on their deathbed, rocking out in front of a sold out crowd. If you like musicals and shows like Glee, you'll really like this.



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Army of Darkness



Technically it's the Evil Dead 3, but this was meant to be a standalone film. If you haven't seen Evil Dead 1 and 2, you're missing out on classic old school horror films which really work. This film continues right after the previous film where Ash is sent back in time to the 1300s. The main difference in this film compared to the first two, is he's finally out of that cabin with a bit of a story line where he is trying to get home. This is a horror/comedy film, but it's done really well. You roll your eyes at some parts, but it's pulled off well. The film has an alternative ending, but neither is really that strong. Bit of weird film where you don't need to see the originals, but I recommend you do that first as they have a 100% and 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.








The other night I was browsing the TV guide and saw this pop up. The name sounded familiar, but had no idea what it was about other than it was an Australian movie. Released back in 2004 and filmed over a few years prior, it stars a young Abbie Cornish and Sam Worthington before they made it big. It tells the story of a high school girl trying to find herself in the world and runs off to rural NSW. Being rather promiscuous, she tries to meet someone who will help her out with a place to stay and a job. The pacing of this movie is great, you don't get a chance to catch your breath and you really feel the desperation of Heidi. I can't believe I didn't know about this film as it's a great example of an Australian movie to recommend to anyone. It also made a clean sweep of the AFI awards in 2004.



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Thought maybe one thread where you can post the last movie you watched, give it a review and rate it, discuss etc etc.


Last movie i watched was


Real Steel


Staring hugh jackman, basically boxing with robots, kinda predictable BUT i still really enjoyed watching it.


give it bout a 4 outta 5


good for those who enjoy actiony kinda films!

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currently watching assault on precinct 13 on tv.....its not too bad i suppose.


also saw puss in boots today....was a pretty good film!

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Margin Call




About a certain company and some of the actions that took place before the poo hit the fan. I'm working in finance and I think it was great to see they made it simple for people that didn't know much about financial markets and how they work but still kept people like me interested. I did think the ending was a little weak and would have liked to see a little more about the implications down the track but I guess that's all pretty well documented anyway.


Really liked it and I'm surprised that it didn't get much attention given the great cast!



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Saw this pop up on TV the other day and thought it was worth the watch. I vaguely remember the 1998 remake, so it was a good excuse to see the original. For someone my age, it's hard to grasp that movies existed in the 1960s, let alone one that had a compelling story. This is the original thriller/slasher film, and at the time it was pretty revolutionary. I don't think I'm spoiling much by talking about the plot seeing the movie is 52 years old. The whole split personality theme was pretty unique and unpredictable. A lot of these old movies don't hold up and are a pain to sit through, but this was enjoyable.








A documentary about hecklers at comedy shows. There are some pretty funny examples where hecklers have abused the comedian and some even funnier scenes where the comedians fought back. A lot of famous stand up comedians and TV personalities are interviewed about their heckling experiences. The film also discusses critics and their negative decline. Jamie Kennedy actually interviews some of the critics face to face and it's pretty funny to see that they're all losers living out of their parent's basements.



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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows



I saw this not by choice but thought this might be a movie I could be surprised by. Nope. This is one of those movies where you keep checking the time to see if you can go home. Seeing this is a sequel, barely anything made sense as nothing is explained. You know how movies start out with a few random characters talking in the background to set the scene and the mood, this movie felt like that the whole way through. Just waiting until the story kicks in and it never did, almost like they didn't want to give anything away for a 3rd movie. Even people who like this style of Hollywood drama disliked this.





Harold and Maude



A movie I've heard mentioned, but didn't really seek out a copy as there are just so many old movies talked about. I was really surprised and enjoyed the movie. It's a dark comedy which I really like if done right. The story centres around a boy in his early 20s bored out of his mind as an only child to his wealthy mother. He attempts to get his mother's attention by faking his death constantly. She feels it's time to settle down and get married so she introduces him to girls, but Harold scares them off also by faking his death. He spends his days attending other people's funerals where he meets Maude, an eccentric 79 year old lady who it totally carefree, kind of the polar opposite to Harold who is super serious. Even though this movie is from 1971, the comedy is gold. A movie everyone should see.



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