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hey im after a bit of info on my cars front suspension, i have greddy type s coil overs. my question is in the pictures below the drivers side has a little more camber than the passengers side due to me kissing a gutter :angry: i took it to a suspension place and they told me nothing is wrong with it. but it doesnt match up with the other side, after i took it there i replaced my steering rack for another reason, and i replaced my tie rods and tie rod ends.


any ideas on how to get my passenger wheel to match the drivers side? could it be knuckle/LCA? oh and the wheel seems to be in towards the door side a bit more then the other side but nothing more then 10mm. the passenger side has a little camber but looks like it sits out more at the top if that makes any sense.


i dont know if the pictures will do any justice.


drivers side:



passenger side:



drivers side top:



passenger side top:



sorry bout the pics, taken with my camera phone and didn't help coz my puppy was in the waylol


Any help would be great thanks,



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is there any adjustment up top of the strut?


most you can take the wheel off and the 2 bolts that hold coil over to knuckle are elongated so you can loosen these get the camber where you want it then tighten them up. tight.


check this out and get back to us

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yeah check your clevis bolts are still tight. and compare both sides there


like as if there is any witness marks where the bolts used to be

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