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Group buy of Z442 oil filters?

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I noticed there are ways of ordering bulk oil filters at a significant saving. Eg this one https://www.sparesbox.com.au/ryco-oil-filter-z442-box-of-24-z442-box24 which works out to $11.33 each. I believe there are genuine Nissan ones on AliBaba for slightly cheaper even, but the benefits really stack up when buying a large quantity like this.


Are there others in Canberra that'd be interested in splitting a bulk order of these? Say if we got 4 people buying 6 each, it'd be about $68 for 6 filters in the above deal.


Let me know if anybody is interested in this sort of thing. Particularly for the Z442 (Ryco code) filters for an S13 SR20DET, which I believe is also used for many Skylines. I'm open to other sources or getting the genuine Nissan filters from Alibaba or whatever as well.

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