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Budget racer surge tank

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Commencing surge tank research.


After some simple insurance for the banger race car. I have a walbro intank and want to add a surge that I can use in hillclimbs etc (cams compliant). Nothing fancy just cheap insurance.


Any advice of what works is appreciated.



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Ebay surge tank, Bosch 044 external pump and filter if not running E85.

6mm perspex box if sitting in boot.


If running E85 It's a bit trickier to get the right surge tank.

Pump wise you can run an 044 but they are only rated for 500 hours. Which is a fair bit of time in the car realistically.

Proflow do an 044 knockoff that is apparently E85 compatible.

I'd probably look at something like a deatschwerks or walbro inlines over the proflow though.


Just cost it all up beforehand with fittings etc. You might find you arent all that far off a taarks surge tank with in tank walbros.

I am at the same position as you but can't decide which way to go !

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