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Found 399 results

  1. Hi all, My name is Nathan, i'm glad to finally be posting within these forums, as i have been a long time reader. So i finally got a S15. I have loved this car ever since high school and am stoked to finally own one. It is a '01 Spec R in brilliant blue. It has a few modifications and some slight body work done. The engine mods are slight but do me fine for now, the previous owner has installed an after-market exhaust, FMIC, air pod filter. It also has a turbo timer and after-market cruise control. Was not sure the turbo timer was necessary as it still has the stock turbo?? I was looking for something not too modified as this is my everyday car, although its hard not to want to modify it as you get used to the car. You can see below the rear bar has been changed, and the two reflectors on the back as well as the keyhole have been removed. The back is de-badged leaving the Spec R on the side and the Silvia S on the front. Not sure if this is JDM or ADM, always thought JDM came with the S on the front?? Not sure whether im going to keep modifying or not, not sure what to do next, any ideas? I think rims are a must though... Anyway, glad to be onboard. I hope you enjoy the pics.
  2. Bit bored, thought i'd start a build thread for my new S15... Quick story, this is my old S15, I straight swapped it for an Evo 9 and have missed it since I did it. So I sold the Evo, and bought another S15. Here is a picture of my old S15, painted R33 Series 1 Midnight Purple, forged and sleeved motor, S15bb turbo, step 1 cams, power fc djetro, nismo pro 2 way, all adjustable arms and coilovers. Was such a fun car to slide. This is the Evo 9 I swapped for, bought it like this, was cool, big jim berry custom clutch, exhaust, fmic upgrade and tune... Went good! I got bored of the wheels, and put some 19x11's on it, came up okay, got bored and sold it... Anyways, to my new S15. Its a 1999 Jap Spec S15, Came with stock wheels, has exhaust, fmic, coilovers and thats all. Very basic, well kept... So I bought it, took it home and that night, I went and bought a pair of bride recliners and a set of Blitz 03's in 18x9 and 18x10.5.. How I bought it, sorry for the shitty pictures, was shitty weather to start putting a car together, pissing down rain! Put the seats in, SO comfortable, wish I put them in my old one... Put the rear set of wheels on, and called it a night cause the rain and it was midnight The next day, I woke up nice and early, lowered the coilovers as low as they would go, fitted smaller tires to the front wheels and chucked it together... Went to Queensland Raceway to watch a Morning Session of drifting, cannot wait to get back into it! Managed to score a photo from the day also... The front needs to come down about 5mm... But the coilover is as low as it can go, so tomorrow I will be taking out the helper spring! Cannot wait for it to be a little lower at the front. I plan on going Step 1 cams, Power FC D-Jetro, Fuel Pump, 2 Way, Racing Logic Coilovers and then start drifting again.
  3. Hi everybody, My names Adam, i love my imports and for almost 5 years now ive been waiting to buy myself a s15 and get started modding. My first car was a R33 gtst but was holding out for my s15 before i empty my bank account on mods. As of a few weeks ago i am now a proud owner of a 99' JDM pearl white s15. I've been a member for lil under a year now, but only ever did a lot of browsing. Im keen to learn more about silvia's and open to any suggestions and help with the car. heres a quick pic of the car untouched since i bought it.
  4. S15 Autech Market

    Hi guys, I did a couple of quick searches and couldn't find anything quite like this (it may have been a while ago if there is). Anyway, I'm just wondering peoples opinions on the current market of S15 Autech's. I am trying to sell mine as I have now got 2 cars and don't really have the room and could use the money elsewhere. Here is the current carsales add for my car >> link I also have it posted on here at a cheaper price >> link I have had it on the market for a few months now, and had a high price on the it to begin with as I wasn't quite ready to sell and wanted to start advertising. I think the price on it now is reasonable, and I am still a little negotiable, but I have had nothing but low ball offers with the best being about 17k, and them not showing anyway. Can you guys give me some feedback please. Am I asking too much? Thanks guys, Tim
  5. Hi, I have a 2001 Nissan 200sx S15 and yesterday when I turned the key to the 'ON' location without starting the car, there was a weird noise coming from the from the inside of the car. The noise is coming from the front dash of the car (around the middle area) near the air vents just above my CD player. Its a tick noise follow by a buzzing noise that is repetitive, I think approximately 4 or 5 ticks then a buzzing noise, and then repeats again. After starting the car or switching it off or on multiple times, it still seems to be there. The noise does not seem to go away, even while driving it is still there. I looked inside the bonnet and the noise is not coming from there, its only something inside behind the dash. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  6. This is a really simple thing to do, and probably doesn't warrant a guide, but some people find it cute mod for an S15 dash conversion or 5-speed upgrade. I realise that there's no 'R', but I doubt the Police will get you for that. Not to mention if you need the location of Reverse explained given the pattern, you're a bit too f**ked-up to be allowed behind the wheel anyway. Difficulty = 2 Where 10 is rebuilding an engine, and 0 is mooning pedestrians. Time Required = 15 minutes + paint and bondo drying time Ain't rocket science people. Tools Required Bondo Razor knife 400 grit wet & dry Primer and paint Process Step 1. Remove the gear boot plastic trim. Step 2. Sand the paint off the trim using 400 grit wet & dry. A lightly-rough surface is ideal. Step 3. Apply bondo to any dings or scratches. Cover the '6' 'R' and 'line' on the shift pattern with a skim of bondo. Skreed off the excess bondo for best results. Step 4. When dry, sand the bondo smooth, and clean up the edge of the 5th and reverse line with a razor knife. Step 5. Prime and paint with your choice of colour.
  7. When the alternator pulley removal process is raised, many people advise to wrap it in a rag or rubber belt, clamp it with vice grips, tighten the pulley belt, etc. If don't have a rattle gun and you can afford to remove it from the car, then there is a better way. The outer coil and the inner rotor of an alternator are separate pieces, with the shaft the pulley bolts onto being joined with the rotor. All you have to do is disassemble it and stick it in a bigass vice. Difficulty = 4 Where 10 is rebuilding an engine, and 0 is ripping a dry fart. Time Required = 15 minutes + removal + installation If painting the alternator, it will take a little longer. I painted mine a terracotta colour, as you do. Tools Required Two small allen keys or rods Bigass vice Philips #1 screwdriver 1/2" ratcket 12, 14, 24mm socket Process Step 1. Remove the alternator from the car. Refer to the Service Manual if you're unsure of the process. Step 2. Remove the outer four retention bolts, and gently tap the alternator to separate the rotor from the coil. Step 3. Secure the fixed magnet of the rotor in a bigass vice with serrated plates. Use the least amount of force required to secure it, as too much can cause cracks. Step 4. Remove the pulley with a socket driver, install the new one and torque to suit. With this method you have the option of using a torque wrench if desired. Step 5. Select the coil housing and remove the rubber plug at the back. Step 6. Flip the coil cover over and locate the brushes in the bottom. Depress the brushes using a small allen key (or similar), and hold in that position. Insert another allen key through the exposed hole on the back, and adjust the brushes until the allen key on the back slots through them (the brushes have a hole in them for this purpose). Step 7. Put the alternator back together (taking care to align the mount tabs correctly) and bolt everything down. Be sure to gradually tighten all bolts equally as you go, then remove the allen key from the back once finished. Insert the rubber plug as best you can. Step 8. Reinstall the alternator and back in the glory of your lighter, funkier pulley.
  8. Where is a good place to service my s15 in City or Northern Adelaide areas?
  9. This is possibly one of the stranger DIYs you could do, but it has potential. In NSW (Australia), there is a brand of breath mints called 'Eclipse', which come in a metal case. I assume these are sold elsewhere in the country, and perhaps other countries too. The case comes in silver, cobalt blue, dark blue and green. It just so happens that the case is a similar size to the often unused switch hole in the S15 center console. With a little modification, it can be snugly inserted into the existing hole in the console. Painted the same colour as the console trim, I'm sure it wouldn't look much out of place. My console came from an ADM 200sx. Difficulty = 1 Where 10 is rebuilding an engine, and 0 is picking your nose. Time Required = 15 minutes Take your time, as you won't get a second-shot to correct mistakes. If painting and following the optional steps, it will take a little longer. Tools Required A small file and/or a razor knife. I only had a pocket knife at hand, which shows just how basic this mod is. Take care not to cut your hand if applying force with a knife. Usage The obvious use for the case is to store breath mints. Alternatives include: Coins, fuses, candy, sultanas Drill some small holes in the top and hold air freshener material Remove the lid and hold cigarettes, tissues, receipts, etc If you had a really long straw, you could rig up a hands-free cocaine snorting system (drugs are bad mmkay) Process Step 1. Remove the alignment tab with a knife or file. Step 2. File the front and rear edges of the hole until they're almost gone. The sides facing the doors need not be touched. Test-fit the box as you work, to ensure a snug fit. Step 3. Test fit the mint box and insert it as far as needed. If you take your time, you can make it a loose or rock-solid fit. Optional Step 4: If you desire a loose fit for ease of removal, then file the hole a little larger and mark the carpet below with a pen. Remove the center console. Glue some velcro (wire-loop side only) to the under side of a small block of wood, then position it on the carpet where marked. Glue some foam rubber in place to adjust the height of the bump-stop to suit, and to make some walls to hold the case in place. If I choose to do this, I'll add some pics.
  10. I'm getting 430km from a full tank with my s15spec s turbo, I spend around $75 "FULL TANK" using BP ultimate 98octane, normally driving around suburban areas, whereas others i know with r33, spec r etc. get 500km+
  11. Hello NS. im curious as to what everyone prefers.. personally i like the dmax style ones.. but i dont know if id actually go buy some cuz stock is fine. ive added what appear to be the most popular styles.. let me know if ive missed any. found these pics off google images btw. Stock. Dmax Yashio Altezza Blaaaack
  12. Got caught in some of the worst storms on christmas day, car ended up stalling after battling through heavy rain & hail. Had the car towed back home, waited for a tow truck for 6 hours. Finally got the car home safely after the tow truck arrived early morning 12am. Left the engine to dry for a day and tried to kick it over today but it won't start. I noticed the air filter was drenched in water, which i think has has happened through the cold air feed, so i replaced it with a new filter. Have tried to start the car since, but have had no luck. I can't see any other signs of water in the engine. Oil seems clean as well. Have tried to jump start the engine but it doesn't seem to help, the engine dies after a couple of seconds. Anyone have any ideas of what the problem may be and why the engine won't start? What should i check?? Thanks
  13. Hey all does anyone have a GTi or know a friend that does? What are they like? Thinking of going to the dark side... S15 has full suspension, tuned etc but sick of cop attention.
  14. Hey guys, Had my S15 sitting in my garage in pieces for about 3 months n now i'm about to go for my Black licence so i can take it on the street. It all back together not but i wanted to see what you guys reccomend in regards to what insurance company to go for. I've been doing a lil research and not too sure whats the cheaper option e.g. what company and whether i insure it in another persons name and be the 10% driver. All help and advice is welcome. P.S. its it NSW oh yea and it does have several mods e.g. wheels extractors coilovers etc etc
  15. Hey there, I was wondering if anyone can shed some light with putting an S15 dash and gauge cluster into a 180sx. So far I know there is complications with getting the gauges working properly, any way to combat that, or is there nothing I can do to resolve it?
  16. how to complete my S15

    hey all just looking to get a second opnion. recently bought my 1999 spec r 200sx and thus far i have done the following mods: sports suspension 18" multi spoke wheels (similar to BBS style) with fairly decent dish HKS blow-off exrtactors full nismo exhaust front to back aftermarket rear lights. There are a few things bugging me about the car i.e. 2x the speaker dont work and i need to replace the VVTI cam gears and clutch soon. What im trying to go for is JDm style s i am thinking of getting some aftermarket coilovers to lower the car a bit more then a rear camber kit. Nothing too crasy at all just to put it on edge with the wheel lip and stretched tyres. i'd also fix the stereo, VVTi gears clutch and look at getting a tune. Any suggestions on what you think looks good? i'm in love with s15 with rear camber and i'd really prefer that At the end of the day i'm a young bloke where this is going to be my one expenditure so i want it to be appealing both performance wise and in stance.
  17. Could someone please help me identify what N/A SR20 engine i have and what it came out of. Ive been told by some some it is an AUTECH from S15 others from an S14. It does not have the AUTECH ECU and extractors but i know for a fact that it does have variable valve timing. Im just unsure because ive got so many opinions. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance. Engine number: 231200W
  18. hey guys running a quick clearance special before christmas have some excess stock of S15 AUS SPEC TEIN SUPER STREET COILOVERS btw, aus spec means aus spec damper kits, not only for aus spec s15... $1700 + free postage 2 year warranty and fully serviceable in australia !!!!!!!! give us a call, email, or PM to order !!
  19. GKTECH Billet Aluminium Handbrake Drift Button @ $16 The GKTECH Billet Aluminum Handbrake Drift Button slips over the top of your standard handbrake button and eliminates the need to press the button in order to use the handbrake lever. The drift button also provides a larger surface area for more precise use while drifting. Made in Australia of high quality billet aluminum. - Available in either Silver or Black. - Fits S13 Silvia, 180sx and R32 Skylines - For Race use only. FAQ's What does this drift button actually do? There is a spring in your handbrake which keeps your handbrake button from staying in. When drifting and using the handbrake you wouldn’t want the handbrake button to pop back out so if you remove the spring. You install the drift button so that you can then pull the button when you need to keep your handbrake in the locked position. How do I install this drift button? Very easily, please refer to our installation guide. Will this drift button fit my car? Please refer to the confirmed vehicle list in the item description. We do not sell any items that aren’t listed on our website and if we haven’t confirmed fitment on your car, then we don’t know if it will fit or not. Please do not ask. Will I be able to drift like Luke Fink once I install this drift button? Probably not, that guy is a freak! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HOW TO ORDER: Click the link here and add the item to your cart: Black drift buttons = http://gktech.com.au...sp?id=S13X-DBBK Silver drift buttons = http://gktech.com.au...sp?id=S13X-DBSL cheers, Greg Kruse - GKTECH www.gktech.com.au
  20. GKTECH Stainless steel 7 layer SR20 exhaust manifold gaskets @ $26 This multi layer stainless steel exhaust manifold gasket is a direct replacement of the standard unit and is an upgrade from your general carbon composite manifold gaskets which are prone to blowing out. - Race tested and a proven performer - Replacement for Nissan part 14036-75F00 - Fits all SR20 applications $26 introductory price - HUNDREDS IN STOCK NOW ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HOW TO ORDER: Click the link here and add the item to your cart: http://www.gktech.co...uctID=SR20-gskt cheers, Greg Kruse - GKTECH www.gktech.com.au
  21. Noob from Ireland

    Sup! Been on here a few times looking for info and ideas, so I thought it was about time I joined up (Avatar pulled from Facebook, sorry ) Been daily driving my S15 for over a year now, still love every minute of it. Not sure if the previous owner is a member of this forum or not... Few details and pics: She's a Spec S, N/A S15. Handling & Stance: Lowered (not half low enough yet though) on CS2's Front and rear strut braces Rear ARB, have a front one I still need to fit Rear toe and camber arms Big brake upgrade Engine HKS inductoshroom Apexi cat-back with HKS hyper silent back box. (Had to swap the Apexi box due to the police not appreciating the noise) I'll drop in an SR20DET or something bigger eventually, but she's enough fun for the moment Exterior De-spoilered, de-badged, de-rear-wiper'd! Trial Tryforce kit (looks better in the flesh than in photos but I may change the front bumper) Had bronze 17" Work Emotion CrKai's when I bought it, has flat black 18" Rota GTR's and GTR-D's now. Clear over red tail lights Tinted rear windows Interior Standard interior apart from when I stickerbomb'd the centre console and made the handbrake a fly-off one. Wanna get seats/steering wheel I'll add more details of plans etc when I'm not supposed to be working (I also take shitloads of photos in my spare time - http://www.flickr.co...otos/conorluddy) Nice to meet you
  22. Hello NS. Got probably a noob question. I know theres another nistune thread at the moment but i have a different question and dont really wanna hijack his thread. Had my s15 for half a year now, im considering getting a nistune fitted and tuned just to make sure the engines running nicely and also hopefully getting a lil more power out of it. but yeah i dont know if its really worth it on my really basic ass mods.. currently got, pod, greddy fmic, full 3' exhaust with split dump, heatwrapped stainless steel exhaust manifold.. blitz id3 boost control. its been dynoed at 178rwkw at 0.8 bar. could i expect much of a power gain with those mods on a nistune? would it be worth the 900 or so just to know that the engine is running well.. as in not lean or whatever..? uni holidays are coming up and im tossing up whether to save up for some nismo s-tune shocks n springs, or the nistune.. any info / opinions would be appreciated. cheers =D
  23. whats do you guys think is the best bov sound for a s15? currently fluttering or anyone would know what this bov would be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoWuia7Gnas??? cheers
  24. hey guys, im wanted to buy an s15 spec r and swap the engine to non-turbo for my p's. ive thought a little into it but ive come to see what everyone else thinks. im not wanting to hear that i shouldnt or anything like that just what i need to do and if others have done it and how it went ive chosen to get a spec r as it has the goodies in it such as a sun roof and thinking that if i put a non-turbo sr20de in it the price should go up a little if i want to sell it down the path but i doubt it. and the turbos are cheaper than non-turbo. i have the place and equipment to swap them easily without hassles so it wont be hard to do any work. now i havnt found someone to swap engines with yet nor bought an s15 but this is what im set on doing. ive kinda had a look at what i need to do but as i sed i wonna hear wat everyone else has to say. basically im under the inpression the engines are basically bolt out and bolt straight in. also that i need to change the ECU. im not to sure on what else ATM but if i think of anything ill add it in.. ive had people tell me other things and what does everyone rekon? i was told that the gear box was needing to be changed?? - i want a 6sp manual from the sr20DET and sr20DE. ive also herd that the exhaust needed to be changed?? any type of feedback would muchly be appreciated. let me know if i was wrong about anything. hoping i can learn off you guys