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  1. Local CARS for sale

    Price on the Jag?
  2. The impound

    Mick is the owner / manager. He has done quite a lot of work on a few different S1x's, big turbos, suspension replacements, engine replacements etc. Knows his shit.
  3. The impound

    Had my guards done there, did a good job at a good price. http://www.techworkz.com.au/index.php is the best for most mechanical work.
  4. Weekly meets

    ANU security will tell you to leave, it may be publicly accessible but its owned by the ANU. It would be best to pick another spot.
  5. Local CARS for sale

    Is it free? I'm not seeing a price.
  6. Local PARTS for sale

    Parts are pickup in Woden, Will swappy swappy for bride seats. Set of 4 JDM Volks Ultra C Trispokes. 5x100 in 17x8 +34 and 17x9 +38. All rims have a bit of gutter scrape. $490. HKS Radiator and Oil cap, suit Subaru. $60 JDM lucky stars, 17x7 +35 in 5x100. With Federal 595 tyres, very rare and hard to find, Brand new never been on a car, only a pair. $400. Genuine R40 Kics Neo Chrome (Burnt Titanium!) Wheel nuts in M12x1.25. Full set of them, was going to put them onto my Subaru but never got around to it. $150. Stock Subaru SVX 16x7s, 5x114.3. Have 225/50 Nexen tyres. $100
  7. Price : $175 Condition : New Kics neo chrome nuts, brand new burnt titanium in M12x1.25. I bought these new awhile ago and am no longer going to use them.
  8. Local PARTS for sale

    SAFC Neo - $370 Apexi EL2 Vaccum Gauge - $40
  9. Local PARTS for sale

    Up for sale, a set of kics neo chrome nuts. I was going to use these on my Subaru and never got around to it, they are brand new and in the packet. They are M12x1.25. Looking for $175.
  10. Local CARS for sale

    I think he stole his camera from the set of Pitch Black.
  11. Canberra projects

    awww yiss
  12. Local CARS for sale

    Saw it today on hindmarsh and was wondering if it was for sale, might give you a buzz tomorrow.
  13. Local PARTS for sale

    If my S13 was 5 stud I'd buy them, got red ones on my subie.

    After one or two Bride Brix seats (series one or two)!
  15. Malware

    Its one of the adverts in rotation thats hosting the malware atm, depends if you get it or not when you load the page.