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  1. S15 Brake Booster Options

    Yeah I had a look at the booster eliminator, but my space isn't that tight that I need to go too drastic at this point. I plan to make this car reasonably nice to drive, so a booster would definitely be preferable. As I said, I don't need to reduce the brake booster size by a whole lot, just enough. I'll keep it in the back of my mind though as a last resort
  2. Hey so I have a little project involving an old toyota celica, and it's currently sitting on some S15 suspension and brakes. I have a BM50 and booster from my silvia wreck but the booster is just too fat to fit in the little space I have. I only need a little bit more clearance (maybe 1 or 2 inches) to be able to get it in there and was wondering if anyone knows what my options are? I understand that the auto S15 may have a smaller booster but I need to know if it'll be compatible with my BMC and if the mounting pattern is likely to be the same to the firewall. I guess what I'm asking is: Does anyone know what boosters will fit a BM50, and what their (approximate) diameters are? I get pedal feel is going to be a bit different but this is a scratch built car with a mismatch of brakes front to rear anyway so there's not going to be anything to compare to... Cheers
  3. S15 front LBJ size?

    Nah a sleeve to make the taper of a smaller one match the bore of the s15 knuckles
  4. S15 front LBJ size?

    oh awesome Do you happen to know the actual dimensions of them though? Need to make up a sleeve to fit my knuckles..
  5. Hey as it says in the description I'm after the measurements of the s15 front lower ball joints.. Very surprised I can't find them anywhere, and have no reliable way to measure mine :/ Any help would be massively appreciated Cheers
  6. R33 Gtst Full Rear Brake Assembly - $350

    Price : $350 Condition : Good BUMP
  7. Isc Adjustable Camber Plates For S15 - $100

    Price : $100 Condition : New BUMP
  8. R33 Gtst Full Rear Brake Assembly - $350

    Price : $350 Condition : Good BUMP
  9. R33 Gtst Full Rear Brake Assembly - $350

    Price : $350 Condition : Good BUMP
  10. Price : $100 Condition : New Selling the adjustable camber plates that came with the isc coilovers for my project car. Unused, just taking up space. I'm happy to post out if need be.. Text or PM if you're interested
  11. S15 strut interchangeability

    Sorry, should have clarified.. They're going on my ta22.. Strut towers are too narrow. Thinking I might just have to go with coilovers for height reasons anyway, and just get them engineered.
  12. Hey yeah so this might be a strange question but are there any struts that will bolt up to s15 knuckles that have a smaller diameter spring on them? I am leaving coilovers as a last resort and would prefer something more stock... Cheers
  13. D22 navara zero spark

    Hey as the title says my 1998 d22 has lost all its spark. It was driving fine with no hiccoughs whatsoever, but when I came back to it after leaving it parked all day, it wouldn't fire. Put fuel straight down the carby and nothing. Checked with a screwdriver in the lead and nothing. I know and understand old school ignition systems but the system in my nav has me confused. Where should I be looking for the cause?
  14. ^what he said sorry if i wasn't specific enough, I don't know very much about diffs..
  15. Hey yeah so as the title suggests I've got a pintara housing and an EA falcon LSD (The EA apparently runs the same borg warner diff as the pintara) and yes, I've got axles to suit the new 28 spline etc etc. Everything seems to be going together ok but the only problem I'm facing is that as soon as I try to install the shims that I got with the LSD, the whole thing locks up and I can't turn the pinion gear by hand (and that's before even bolting it up tight). I have now snapped one of the falcon shims trying to get the lot out, and figured before I bite the bullet and pay out the ass to get it set up by a specialist I might check on here to see if anyone has done it before/knows what the sizes are so I can just order some more and drop them in. Cheers