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  1. 1990 Subaru Legacy - $4,500

    Make : SUBARU LEGACY Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 200000 Price : $4,500 Condition : Used Selling a legacy gt with a 1998 gtb engine swap chassis has 200000kms engine has 150000kms Engine: 98 gtb twin turbo engine converted to a single turbo td05 turbo 3" cat back exhaust wrx chipped ecu running 16 psi new bosch hec177 coils packs new leads and plugs gc8 wrx radiator front mount intercooler drivetrain: gtb close ratio gearbox sti rear diff 4.3 ratio version 6 sti shifter linkages suspension and brakes: Tien HR coilover front and rear front and rear strut braces 2000 wrx front brakes interior: sti gear knob wrx front seats cd player Has been driven as a daily for the past 2 months, PULLS hard when turbo comes on. needs a tune, cold start idle issue, drive fine otherwise. Needs bushes done Needs brakes done Otherwise car is in great condition, body has a couple scratches, on the plastic front lip and rear lip, has a broken tail light, will some off the price when i find out how much it is to replace. I have no money to fix the issues it has, as im a poor uni student. The other reason i am selling is i am going to canada in feburary next year and need money to start booking flights etc... Looking for $4500 slightly neg, or swaps with cash MY way NEED TO SELL QUCIK number is 04 300 five one two 66 curtis
  2. 1992 Nissan 180sx - $5,500

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 1500000 Price : $5,500 Condition : Used 180sx for sale $5500 or swaps for something of interest (no bikes, cant ride) or parting out. No falcons or commos Can no longer afford to maintain it. Uni student etc. Just got a quote on repairing the front right coilover and is costing me way too much. (also cant get the coilover back, so bring some springs, or i will get second hand coils/springs for the meantime 1992 180sx Import Black 80000 on the engine sr20det Blacktop from a Type X 150000 on the chassis Engine: t25 turbo greddy FMIC Apexi pod filter Jecs fuel pressure regualtor? Stock 5 speed stock everything else Exhaust is 3" split dump all the way through Suspension: tein HE drift coilovers ONLY 3 AT THE MOMENT i need to replace the front right or bring your own? hah isc camber arms isc toe arms cusco castor rods Interior: Bride Brix bucket seat its a bit torn up but still comfy Floor stripped interior removed Momo steering wheel Exterior: 25mm front guards front bar of some sort side skirts, not currently fitted rear 'jdm' wing ducktail looking thing needs paint Poo 18" wheels need new tyres on the rear Stock SR brakes Shimmed diff, really tight. I have had the car for 3 years now i think, daily driven up until 6 months ago, as i was going to track it, ran out of money etc. Need it gone as i have no time or money for it. It can be registered, still have plates and whatnot. Spare front guards. Still have the rear seats and most of the interior parts if you want to put it back together. Have a battery for it also, fully charged (stays on a charger almost all the time) Engine ran fine last time i turned it over. Would make a good track car or project car if you want. 04300 five one two six 6 Curtis
  3. RB25det problems

    i have a r33 with a problem its idles rough if you slowly put the foot down it runs ok until you hit full bost then it splutters and if you really just stomp on it it just splutters as soon as its on boost has new coilpack, spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter and cleaned the afm with crc maf cleaner and it still does it it got greddy plemium power fc zorst fmic z32 afm etc
  4. Recent car thefts - please read

    wouldn't trust anything you say
  5. skyline - silvia setup

    putting a s13 front end in a datsun. hubs coilovers etc. so i just bought some r32 calipers to put on it. What i need to know is what is the right discs to run ????? i'm told that a non turbo r33 4 door came out 4 stud so would they work nee help from someone that knows
  6. 180sx Fibreglass bonnet SA - $370

    Price : $370 Condition : Used got a fibreglass bonnet for sale, put the stock one back on. It has cracks in the paint NOT in the fibreglass, vented, comes with bonnet pins, just missing 1 bolt for the bonnet where it attaches to the car worked with 3 for me :/ paint is also a bit faded. asking $370 ono also have some stock lights, no lower garnish, and kingspring front springs located in blackwood msg me 0430051266 or pm on here
  7. rack conversion

    after some help I'm building a datsun 200b and doing a few mods but have run into a problem can anyone help i am putting a r31 power steering rack into it. I have mounted it to the datsun cross member using the r31 rack mounts it has the standard r31 inner and outer tie rods but now its in the car the tie rods are way to long now what i want to know is what thread is a s13 inner tie rod what thread is a s13 outer tie rod what thread is a r31 inner tie rod what thread is a r31 outer tie rod what tie rod combo would bolt into the r31 rack even if i had cut more thread on a inner tie rod to work and the car will be getting engineered so no crazy stuff
  8. t25 to t28 upgrade?

    Im guessing it need other mods to accommodate it though? Or will it do pretty fine just as a bolt on, and then down the line add fuel pump, injectors etc.?
  9. t25 to t28 upgrade?

    yea if i was going to get one i would get the jap spec one, thanks for your help
  10. Is it worth upgrading from a t25 and getting a 2nd hand t28?? (sorry if this has already been posted had a look and couldnt find anything) (engine is blacktop non vct) Or should i just save up more and get injectors, fuel pump, exhaust manifold, intake and better turbo? looking at spending 2k+ next year on a turbo setup at some stage :/ Any advice would be helpful thanks curtis
  11. Varex mufflers

    I've got one on my 180, haven't been pulled over once yet. Anytime i see cops i just press a button and it shuts up, cruise past and switch it back
  12. New SA memeber, with 180 ;)

    Yea my mate used to work at bob janes on south road so he can already hook me up down there, and i know 2 other guys that work there and drift . For sure, probs be sometime near the end of the year maybe in tafe holidays see what happens.
  13. New SA memeber, with 180 ;)

    cheers mate yea i know its a lot of questions but im pretty clueless haha. Um yea i was thinking of shimming it for now and as soon as i get the coils and castor rods i would start saving for tyres and try to organise a private day and just have fun.
  14. Hey NS guys, always on the site thought should make an account so i could get advice and stuff . I am Curtis 19 SA Adelaide around blackwood area. First car was mazda 626 turbo auto, Got a 180sx about 5-6 months ago quite fun hoping to track it asap, it is currently my daily though. (first manual ) Studying cert III networking and administration at tafe start on july 25th Also just got out of hospital today, had a massive hernia operated on, feel heaps groggy Paid 7k for it Engine: Has a blacktop non vct t25g running .9bar (is that 10psi?) Greddy FMIC Apexi pod filter couple bits of adjustible suspension not 100% sure what is has 32gtr front sway bar whiteline rear sway bar straight through 3 inch from turbo unsure of make varex exhaust (adjustable shit, will get rid of once its on the track) short shifter body: has vertex front bar and vertex rear bar sitting in the shed 25mm front guards vented fibreglass bonnet >.< (hope i dont hit tire stacks cause ill lose my whole front end haha) type x tail lights apache wheels 18' unsure of offset and width maybe 7.5 or 8 (came with the car they look ok want to get 17's for drifts any ideas?) interior: blitz boost gauge has different door and centre console trim (gold and black). nismo gear knob all else is stock Will it have enough power for drifts? unsure of kw's im think 130kws? Getting coilovers, was thinking 2nd hand jap ones? And NEW lsd, kaaz, nismo, tomei?? when i get my tax back Will also be getting strut braces soonish And castor rods Also will be upgrading to a better turbo next year unsure of what to get, parents are going to japan (next year) so i was going to make them get one for me (would it be cheaper over there?). What other upgrades will i need for a better turbo? Does it depend on what i get? Will i need new injectors, fuel pump and such? Also how much would i be looking at spending? I will probs have about $2000, maybe $2500 depending on whether i get a new job or not. Somehow haven't attracted the attention of the po-po on my P2's so that might help, cars not to loud either . Anyway some advice on the above would be absolutely fantastic as I'm not the most clued on cars I know some stuff but meh not a lot . Thanks curtis. P.s will get some pics up when im at my dads