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  1. S15 broken into at work

    That won't stop the wankers from getting in.. I found a big flaw in the security system of the s15, I wont say incase ppl read it but I'm sure uz know it aswell
  2. HARDSTYLE thread

    Siiick! Damnit I threw the poster on the ground after I got it... Too ummm "drunk" to carry it. Was freezing on the way home and all I had was a singlet on lol!
  3. HARDSTYLE thread

    God damnit! I hope it in syd again, if not guess I'm going to Melbourne. Not that great I go there twice a year for BMW training, another problem will be "getting drunk" *cough cough* in a city were I don't know anyone...
  4. Are those on the auctions buy now or bid? I'm not Japanese don't understand it
  5. HARDSTYLE thread

    Ok fill I seem to be full of knowledge about Defqon my mate said that by them saying "we'll see u next year" he ment there back in aus not Sydney he said that was the last Sydney show... That it will be in Melbourne next year? I thought they cancelled it in melbourne due to all the OD'ing of ghb
  6. EBay bro there around $300
  7. NSW Spotted Thread

    Bet it was candii lol
  8. lol! aymen.... TeamS15 so much want on those ay
  9. things that annoy you

    OMG! read my mind! Lol. Aaannnnddd! Getting stuck behind 3 slow ass drivers on a highway!!! Oh and cats wtf is with those things anyway.. When u want them there not there when u don't want them there wrapping around ur leg! I'm not a cat parson, sorry for those of u who are..
  10. What do you look like?

    steve ur a dirty LAD! ps me chilling with the sickest *milkshake* iv ever met on a train
  11. New here! ^__^

    So do what kd does n spam threads with stupid shit
  12. Lol is that the same one as the first u showed us? Because vinyl is more durable and mine is going on my front lip so needs to stretch well
  13. Lol ^^^ who's this? And pman iv tried soapy water and it doesn't work. It doesn't dry properly
  14. New here! ^__^

    Bahahahahaha! Means he's whipped
  15. Speaking of this vinyl once I get this made up anyone here got the skills to apply it with heat gun ect. ? In the sydney area btw
  16. No hicas lock bars for s15 Greg? And how long will the s15 rear camber arms be on sale for?
  17. Come on loz! Lol I wanna see the new one so I can get doaskid to make it up for me
  18. New here! ^__^

    I'd give them atleast an hour to be on the safe side it says on the can how long it takes. And I love yoshi too iv got him hanging from the tow hook at the back. U can find out about cruises on here.
  19. HARDSTYLE thread

    There talking about gabber/hakken dancing, heaps of ppl who arnt lads dance that way lol u either shuffle or gabber/hakken. Which is wat I do lol can't shuffle so I hakken
  20. HARDSTYLE thread

    You sir are not a true hardstyler i live for the music! And can't wait till next year
  21. Yes s14 stockies have the recessed part cause I have s14 stockies on my s15, 30mm will fit with flat back rims as my mate had em with flat back rims.
  22. It all depends on the rim if it has cut outs on the back of the rim to allow space for the spacers not hit the rim, mate of mine wanted spacers but his rims were flat at the back so they wouldn't fit. But normally rims have the cut outs.
  23. HARDSTYLE thread

    I know don't make me cry. But on the other hand.. Can't wait till next year!
  24. HARDSTYLE thread

    Yes I know lol that's the iPhone for u mind u the system is intense and I was reasonable close haha. Loved it defiantly going next year!