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  1. growin up in the 90s

    Sif no one has mentioned "Biker mice from mars"!! That's show was epic!
  2. SLY-350

    loving those rims man! Would look good with black center too.
  3. growin up in the 90s

    I cryed when someone killed my digimon with a cheat to win Hahaha I love this thread! Cheeze tv!
  4. growin up in the 90s

    OMG this while thred brings back some mad memories! id post some pics but still cant figure out how to post pics hahaha silly noob
  5. iv got this big vibration through my whole car at 4 grand u can hear it at idle and driving. im a mechanic myself but no time to actually look at it, taken it to a few places and there all stumped, but iv found somthing online about the crank bearings being worn from more then stock boost being run though it, has anyone els ever had this problem? when i looked it up it said u can buy an after market harmonic balancer to stop your crank walking. but once again not going to fork out $600+ if im wrong Any ideas?
  6. Big Vibration at 4000rpm

    Def not the tail shaft it coming from the engine it goes away after 4000rpm that's the only place it vibrates before and after it's fine.
  7. reco S15 headlights?

    Wow much appreciated mate $75 a headlight is dirty cheap and I'll save money on labour cause iv already taken my headlights out and try n do it my self hahaha. Thanx alot man I'll let u know how it goes. Once again appreciate it.
  8. Another Noobie just joind -_-

    welcome mate! if ur looking to find an s14 just look under classifieds and cars for sale im sure ull find one happy searching
  9. same as me nissansilvia is a no go lol through hard tuned it fines
  10. im new

    crap didnt realise u were from VIC hahaha all i saw was drift teks n i went for it.. hmm thats going to be hard
  11. Sale Time

    Interested in the front mount n pipe kit. Is pick up or deliver preferred? And where are u based?
  12. im new

    Just pm'd you let me know diintzke
  13. Sweet meet up on forshore Botany bay sounds good I'm in. Forsure
  14. Big Vibration at 4000rpm

    so i take it no one has had this problem?
  15. Yea I'll be in depends on where the meet is revesby bunnings warehouse is a good meet big carpark. Iv had a few meets there but as I said depends on where ppl want to meet.
  16. Uv made the right choice mate, I used to own a dc2 yea they sound nice with vtec and all but trust me u want power get the sr20 I own a s15 spec r and have never looked back at my integra. But as saying that make sure to look around and don't just pick up the first silvia u see. Make sure it's the one u want.
  17. Hey all check my new S15 :)

    nothing beats the white pearl or a jap import s15 sorry boyz
  18. im new

    make a donation as in make my profile again n pay lol? hmmm dunno if i can wait as long as 100 posts
  19. im new

    hmmm it says i can access this part of the site and an error has occured. sorry to be a clueless n00b but can anyone tell me why i cant get to that section.
  20. im new

    Thanx guys much appreciated.
  21. which wheels look best on mine

    First one for sure bro.