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  1. HARDSTYLE thread

    WHOS GOING GODSPEEEEEEED!! f**king angerfist will be there! I know they are hardcore but come on. Prophet will be there too!! Fill u going?
  2. HARDSTYLE thread

    What is this knock out u speak of!? When and where!?
  3. HARDSTYLE thread

  4. HARDSTYLE thread

    2 questions when is qlimax in aus and where is ur motherland lol!?
  5. Ok so recently my s15 has been boosting weird I still have standard side mount cooler and fuel pump. Only mods are 3" cat back exhaust and boost controller. Now I used to boost about 12psi fine, now for the past couple of months no matter was I set my boost to it will hit the specified boost but then drops down then goes back up and it's constantly going up and down. Now iv had a look for vacuum leaks but haven't found any, so I'm wondering if anyone has come Across this problem before? Was thinking it could be my controller it's self or maybe an Air flow problem. Any suggestions?
  6. Boost fluctuating?

    Iv set it now lol problem was I forgot to take the plastic cover off the unuesed hole lol! Thats why it wasn't holding boost... Couldn't believe it.
  7. Boost fluctuating?

    Hmmm how much u want the the actuator? Might look into it further see if it is my actuator I hope not cause tha lt will be bs lol
  8. Boost fluctuating?

    See that was my other thought... Maybe my actuator is sticking or somthing. Where did u get ur 10psi actuator?
  9. Boost fluctuating?

    Well if u think about it, it seems quite simple.... Turn ebc off works fine, have ebc on it fluctuates (with the old ebc) surely that seems simple enough right? I replaced all the vac lines new filters everything, And no need to be rude mate, this is why I stopped coming here ppl with there smart ass comment when someone is simply asking for help.
  10. Boost fluctuating?

    So today iv fitted my new greddy profec II and I'm still getting a little fluctuation... No where near as bad as the evc but still slightly, not as fast as the evc. But it will hit boost then kinda back down to stock, hold stock for a bit then pump back up to boost... Anyone know much about the greddy? Read the instructions but they don't exactly make sense lol
  11. HARDSTYLE thread

    So who went bass control? f**king so cut I missed out was dying to go... Stories do tell please
  12. Boost fluctuating?

    I know T boosts are alot cheaper and easier but I'm a little bit fancy I don't like the fact I have to pop my bonnet when I wanna change my boost lol. I'll have a think about it.
  13. Boost fluctuating?

    Yea well that's wat im worries about it's an old ebc so I'm not sure if they will still stock parts.. Iv emailed hks Australia. But I'll call a few places tomorrow. All I can do is hope for the best. If not guess I'll up grade to the Eboost or greddy profec B
  14. Boost fluctuating?

    Hmm I might do that actually. I was just going to buy a new ebc.. But I take it the solenoid will be alot cheaper lol. I pulled it apart earlier n it all seems fine but no way to tell if it's not working correctly is there lol
  15. Boost fluctuating?

    Well see that's the thing... I haven't touched it since I set it up and it worked fine for the past 2 years..
  16. Boost fluctuating?

    No I mean when I set my boost controller to the lowest which is .5 bar which is pretty much stock anyway, it still hits .5 but then drops down then back up to .5 constantly, when I turn the controller off it boosts stock fine.. There for runing just off the stock one and even with the controller off it hits 10psi if I hold it long enough lol
  17. Boost fluctuating?

    Well as iv said I turned it off and it boosts fine on stock boost, if i set the controller to stock boost it still f**ks up, plus it was working perfectly till a few weeks ago.
  18. Boost fluctuating?

    Ok now questions is.. Do I need a genuine hks solenoid or any will do? If so does anyone have an idea where I can locate one? Iv been looking on the net but can't source anything.
  19. Boost fluctuating?

    Yea I ain't going fake... Can't f**k around with fuel delivery if it's fake. CONCLUSION! solenoid in my ebc is F'ed turned it off and it ran fine on the stock one. Thanx for the help guys
  20. Boost fluctuating?

    Lol I know bro hahaha. Dw iv turned my boost down to stock atm till I can fix my problem and get my fuel pump. Know where I can get a walbro?
  21. Boost fluctuating?

    I'll try doing that see what happens lol hopefully it's just a solenoid or a leak some where but iv checked all my lines 100 times Well I plan on a pump but I'm getting my full exhaust first that way my engine won't chock lol but yea pump is next then fmic
  22. Boost fluctuating?

    Well to be honest I was only running 12psi cause I don't have fuel pump, fmic, or a full exhaust. Once I got that I was gonna run 14. But any way I'll pull my controller apart n see if it's the solenoid.
  23. Boost fluctuating?

    Lol I hope not... That cost be a fair bit only had it 2 years lol
  24. Boost fluctuating?

    But also because it's a solenoid controller if it was the problem would I be able to just replace the solenoid?
  25. Boost fluctuating?

    Nah iv got a hks evc 3