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  1. New Rx7 2010

    why would they destroy the renowned beauty of the rx7.... the sleek curves, the pop-up headlights, the entire flow of the car....... it brings a tear to my eye.
  2. RX7.8 --> You're opinion.

    thats utterly disgraceful! to ruin 2 perfectly good cars which looked nice from the start, to construct an abomination is absolutely ridiculous! it doesnt look good at all.... i wouldve rather kept both the rx7 and the rx8 rather than cut them up n make em look like crap on a stick!
  3. The Auction Bargain Bin

    hey chef.... just wondering if its possible to get a decent rx-7 fd3s imported for $17000? also i found this : http://page12.auctio...tion/p208537758 can you please tell me how to get that car if i wanted it? is there a catch with the yahoo auctions or something? thanks, your a legend ~Tony
  4. hi, i was wondering if its possible to buy a nissan skyline r32 with an rb20de engine (or an r33 with a rb25), from japan, then get it converted into a halfcut and have it imported to australia? would it be cheaper to get the engine locally? how much do you think it would set me back? i say halfcut because i need the wiring loom, ecu, and engine.... so i figured a half cut would be the way to go.... although i dont know much about importing and pricing (first time trying to fix a completely screwed r32) thanks in advance people ~Tony