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  1. SA RIDES: Your Ride - Post up a pic

    the missus car.. 4sale too..
  2. need a r32 GTR/GTS-4 rear standard shock asap if possible
  3. Duel fuel tuning

    we do tons of 4wds at work man.. turbotune usually have my gq shorty on 35's out front..
  4. engine transplants (adelaide only)

    my bad.. sorry mate
  5. GU Patrol Towing Issues

    nothing wrong with zd30's if you know what ur doing.. on paper they have more power and torque than td42. just need to do a egr block off plate ($30 and easy) and install a daws valve (they have a vnt turbo which is vacumme controlled and controlled by computer. the daws valve acts as a bleeder valve and stabalizes boost) we do tons of them at work.. they blow up because the egr re-circulates hot exhaust gas back in to #4 inlet runner and at light throttle the boost spikes ALOT!! and combined with a dirty afm, the egt's can see over 700deg on light throttle which in turn melts a hole in #4 piston..
  6. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    what do u think they are doing wrong?
  7. engine transplants (adelaide only)

    i put one in my pajero...
  8. hey mate, there is a pic on the gumtree add, it just has smaller wheels on it now, 31x10.5x15's, they can both be rego'd but have just run out in the last month, the shorty is a 2.6L manual, 3" body lift, custom front bar, has s13 seats in it, lil bit rough around the edges as it has been used for 4wding like the blue one, it needs a new starter motor (pretty sure a sigma one fits along with a bunch of others try u pull-it) new windscreen. can have them both for $3250. lol just want them out the drive way!!!
  9. Where do you service your 4x4 in Adelaide ?

    http://www.hotfrog.com.au/Companies/Turbo-Tune new managment for the last year or so.. and specialise in more 4x4 stuff now
  10. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

  11. for sale again.. $3500 ALSO INCLUDED IN THE PRICE IS A SHORT WHEEL BASE PAJERO, RED, 2.6L, MANUAL, 3" BODY LIFT, NEW WINDSCREEN, COMES WITH 31X0.5X15 WHEELS (NOT THE BIG ONES IN PICTURE SORRY!!) CUSTOM FRONT BAR, check the gumtree listing... both need to go asap!!
  12. thinkig of putting my patrol shorty on gas

    would be interested to see how much it costs too... just bought a 4.2 gq shorty.. $50 premium got me 150K's..
  13. NOW $4500!! need to sell asap
  14. email address is samantha.jones19091@hotmail.com this is off ebay but hope it helps sum one.. Hello there mark and thanks for your interest, The car is in perfect working condition, with no scratches, no rust or damage.It was always garaged and never been smoked in.The interior is very clean and the title is clear, no liens or loans.The price is $7,000 with shipping/handling included and it's not negotiable.The car is registered in Australia on my name and address but currently I am located in Rome, Italy because I just finished the divorce with my husband and i have moved here to my parents home.In order to make this a successful deal we will use eBay. I would like to know from the begining if you are really interested in purchase, so i can stop negotiating with potential buyers. If you have any further question please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you