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  1. do it your self, all you need is a heat gun, rubber mallet and a pipe hav fun
  2. RC Ken Block Impreza

    looks good:thumb: reminds me ive gotta paint the shell i got a year ago haha
  3. NHL

    go red wings
  4. Dead rising 2

    yeah but it get old quick, wish the coop wasnt online, if you want the game im sure itll be $50 in a couple of months:thumbsup:
  5. Sydney rx7 rebuild workshops?

    have a look on ausrotory, heeps of info on this kind of thing over there
  6. birds birds birds :D

    haha, that's the first thing i thought of, u beat me to it
  7. Dead rising 2

    dont bother with it, missions are boring as f**k suppose it would be ok as a rental, the only fun bit of the game is finding the various ways to kill zombies. plus everything runs on a clock, so not much playability in single player. Not worth $90
  8. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    go safety car:whistle: hoping Vettel wipes out Alonso
  9. Movies so bad their good...

    haha i bought this on dvd for 5 bucks, music is awesome lol
  10. Protein powder options

    ON is the best tasting ive had, though its a bit pricey, just buy cheaper unflavored protein and save your money for food
  11. 215/45/17 Federal RPM now available!

    do u guys stock any federal 595s, im looking for ethier 195/45/15 or 195/50/15 if so price for 4 to SA
  12. The AFL 2010 Season Thread

    104-68 Collingwood win, i put some money on wood -16.5
  13. stolen maroon 33?

    agreed, he deserves to be shot
  14. Dead rising 2

    got it, killing zombies is fun and heeps of weapons, story is pretty boring