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  1. help me find a pic of a car

    thanks matee, any of the front? really wanna do this minus the crap paint and chopped roof, not many s13.4s getting around
  2. supp trying to find some pics fo that matt black s13.4 wiht the roof chopped off and spray painted shit all over it, save me looking through the hundreds od pics on here ,. thanks in advanced
  3. mazda 121 running gear f**ked

    can any one help out?
  4. hey so my gfs got a mazda metro and i had it parked in a car park, hand brake up, had in in reverse and i forgot to take the handbrake off and i tried to drive back wards, it was on a bit of a hill and i thought it wasnt going anywhere due to that, so i gave it a bit more, then just heard this big crack and it sounded like the axle/cv joint broke cos it was just like a turning grind noise even tho it was back in park, i havnt tried to drive it but i popped the hood and when you put it in drive you can see the axle spiinging the wheel just dosnt move, need to get it fixxed asappp any ideas what it could be? thanks
  5. BOV noob question

    lol OT - Yeah it looks like it has everything..and id wait till you get your cooler 1. to see if you really want a bov ( ZUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUT so much cooler ) 2. how the whole application will go together.
  6. mazspeed 121 body kit

    hey im looking to get a mazspeed kit for my girls 121 metro, iv found pictures of them but have no idea who supples them, hoping i wont have to pull one from japland , any help would be dopee
  7. Stagea Stolen Tonight-magill

    sit onthe side of the road in a car,where they have been spotted a few times, they drive past, follow. done, even if you have to wait all day,
  8. Thoughts on 04 Rodeo LX 3ltr turbo diesel?

    go for a ford ranger .3.0 td
  9. What to do?

    Condition? How hard is the swap? Would I need intercooler etc? New piping?
  10. What to do?

    yeah mate well im in forest lake, so thats fairly west side, i have a engine crane at my place for the next three weeks or so so if your keen its up to you when you wanna do it, i can get it when ever, yeah well a ca18de will just be bolt in and drive off, while a det will be a bit more stuffin around, pm me a date and a price, im not too fussy, and we can sort somthin out
  11. un-marked / ndercover cop cars

    LOL i got pulled over in my R33 by the police in a isuzu truck with horse float couldn't outrun him wonder if it had a horse in it ? seen a dark blue falcon ute a canopy dark tints pulled a guy over "windsor rd nsw" but the best was the SWAT team in my street white hiace van and ladder on the roof wait was it you? yeah about a week ago, last friday, coming past labrador exit on the m1 ha, yeah i notcied about 3 .4 horses in the back ,biggest load of shit ay haha, next thing we will see is mack trucks
  12. Stagea Stolen Tonight-magill

    f**kin *milkshakes*, good luck mate
  13. What to do?

    For real? Well mate you name a price and I'll be happy to help you out man. Let me know what you think! Also, any help in finding an engine would be awesome! well its realy up to you, if you dont want anything crazy plus you wanna keep it nonturbo just get a ca for a couple hundred, a day or two and it should be in and running
  14. lazy sapol

    should of told them it was a s13 with a blow off valve
  15. What to do?

    I could probs do it but don't have the tools or the room. If I could or someone in Brisbane offered to do it for cheap then hells yeah that is the first option I would take., how much are you willing to pay? id me more then happy to pull it out and put in a new one, i have shed/tools. pm me if you like