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    I'm not an organ donor. Don't really mind either way, but after watching Monty Python's Meaning of Life when I was very young, it may have swayed me not to donate... *NWS* Hahaha
  2. Latest MSN update failed me.

    Well your contacts haven't been deleted, MSN is just having troubles finding your contacts on their server or something like that. I had this problem. There are a few suggestions floating around on the net like deleting old files etc. I did all this, it didn't help. A day or two later I logged in and I had all my contacts again. Ta da!
  3. Seriously this world is screwed

    Capital punishment.
  4. Dear Firebugs

    Capital punishment.
  5. On the same wave length. Although I'm not sure if it would stop complete psychos. But shit, if we had the death penalty surely it would make people think twice about their actions (rape or throwing children off bridges). Maybe I'm a bit bias since I've just got back from Singapore and their crime rate is so low, it seems great (but then again the government is quite strict and is highly controlling). They have the cane, severe jail sentences and capital punishment.
  6. I just think of it as, if thats an accidental discharge, that could happen to ANY ONE OF US. f**k that. String the cop up.
  7. going to Adelaide for a few days

    stay in perth haha
  8. Online Fantasy Sports

    Mmm see I'd go soccer or basketball, but I'm about 5 years out of the soccer things, and I'm a 1990-1995 NBA follower lol. Mmm maybe a MotoGP one or WSB perhaps. And they start up soonish too...
  9. Online Fantasy Sports

    Hey, can someone please explain how these fantasy sports things work? I'm interested in joining a free online one, maybe basketball, soccer or even something like MotoGP (possibly something I can check at work if I wanted?)...I have no idea how they work except that you pick a team/players for a team, and the website follows the stats for you, helping you make decisions for your team. So basically like a 'manager' game? Do you have to join before or at the start of a season (so when soccer starts, you join then) or is it possible to join part way through? Also, I have no idea on who the current basketball or soccer stars or up-and-comers are. Will this affect my scoring chances a lot?
  10. hmm i think they need to teach money and finance basics at school.
  11. Your New Years Consumption

    i had a quiet one. so now going to make up for it with beer, night cold and flu tablets, and natural herb relaxtion pills. ooooo yeah
  12. Happy New Year!

    OMFG where is the spoiler alert on this thread?!
  13. Wireless broadband internet

    I'll say again, had no dramas with my 3 usb wireless. Works fine. But you cannot compare a line based connection to wireless, speed wise line will kill wireless. Had ADSL2+extreme...haha it hurt coming down to wireless. But Since my phone line is damaged, wireless is my only option. And since I don't game anymore, works a charm. Plenty of porn streaming through my connection haha.