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  1. @Johnnilicte Yeh i tried posting there but i got 1 reply and that was it, the reply was similar to urs where he thinks it cud be charcoal cannisters then proceeds to say but he doesnt know and there cud be other blocked lines all over the place to and its normal so it didnt really give me any idea where to go other then just take off the intakes when i got more time and trace it back coz theres just too much clutter to do it without taking that off atm. @R32GTRS Yeah thats prob going to be the plan when im free, remove the intakes so i got more room to see where the lines going, basic things i should be fine with. Will be learning as quick as possibly with the amount of common hiccups that ive read that comes with the r32 gtr's, just need to invest in more tools haha Thanks for input guys =)
  2. yeah i can hear it when i lift off the throttle which lead me to believe its being blocked off and the air is going back through the turbo. I was told by another forum member that it could also be the lines for the charcoal canister but he was also not 100% sure, i guess ill trace back the lines and see where it leads me, thanks =)
  3. Hi, so i am recently a new owner of an r32 gtr, my first gtr and the car ive wanted for so long. Anyways to get with it, i did alot of research on the characteristics of the rb etc etc, and found out that my stalling issues on decel are most likely caused by a blocked bov or vented aftermarket bov. In my case its the former, and after driving to a mates (40mins drive there, and 40min drive back with no issues oddly enough.. ) to borrow his tools to remove the bumper and inspect the bov, it turns out it wasnt blocked at the bov, so what i shudve done first was probably look in the bay near the turbo/intake side for the recirc lines incase it was blocked off there. Looking at the turbo side of the engine bay next to the intake, ive found 3 hoses, 2 seems cut and 1 seems to be disconnected from somewhere but one end is definitely connected to the intake. However im not 100% sure if these are, or meant to be the original recirculating lines for the car, so i was hoping maybe som1 here would be able to verify for me? Still new to RB and forced induction so im very noob with this and hopefully will pick up a thing or 2 eventually. Ive attached 2 images of the lines so hoping som1 would be able to clarify whether this is my recirculating lines, so i could fix my stalling issues, I appreciate any input, thanks =)
  4. 180sx on red P's

    i drove a 180sx on red Ps for about 6 months then realised the drive to uni was too long to risk driving a turbo car on Ps so sold it, guess you can just not put P plates on, grow a stubble and drive responsibly they really wouldnt pull you over unless you have really shit luck =) haha
  5. P-Plate Turbo to N/A questions.

    1) yes and no? honestly like MAT_G has said it depends on the cops in your area and pretty much what ever other cop that may pull you over when your not in the area. Ive known some people that have just took off the turbo, let the car run like crap but cops have let them off but ive heard of ppl still copping it even though they took out the turbo in the car. 2) Yes you can get it engineered and blueslipped however, i believe p platers cant drive cars that have been engineered for engine mods anyways and removing turbo still falls under that category SO whether you get one or not technically your not allowed to drive it, if you really wanna do it dnt bother with the engineers cert its a waste of time and just take ur chances with the cops pretty much. 3) No clue, like i said it varies from cop to cop whoever pull you over, some can be very anal about it some might not even care as long as your car doesnt stick out like a sore thumb and your not driving like a hoon. RTA will just not bother explaining everything to you and say no so they can go abouts their day. 4) DW if people are peeved off they prob wont bother posting, and if people are bothered theyll share their knowledge with you =P
  6. So lately ive decided to grab an autech s15 to finish off the 1 and a half years of green Ps i have left, im 20 and saved up enough money etc, went to get a few quotes from different insurance companies etc, still prefer just cars, some insurance companies dont even insure the silvia at all >.> Either way ive managed to get some quotes, 3rd party fire and theft, all under $1000 but the excess seems well... excessive? Ill use just cars as an example because its abit cheaper then some others, NRMA.. oh wait i think NRMA was the only one that had over 1k quote for 3rd party, but cheapest excess. Back to it, 600 for 3rd party property dmg + 140 for fire and theft, excess 600+1000 vehicle charge????+450 being a male under 21 or under so total comes up to $2150. I never really looked into insurance and such alot so never really had an idea why they do this or that but its 6am atm, and im just looking at these prices thinking alright, so if the annual charge is cheap the excess is somewhat overboard, if not cheap annually than the excess is just abit cheaper... so what if i happen to nudge some guys old corolla or civic and scratch his paint or crack his rear bumper etc, i have to pay $2150 to my insurance to get that covered???.... seems a tad excessive doesnt it? So my question is, howmuch do you pay for third party fire and theft or full if thats what you have for your s15, or any other silvia and what would you prefer out of paying a cheaper annual fee with higher excess or paying a more expensive annual fee with lower excess? (from different insurance companies that is) I guess you could be unlucky, choose to go cheaper but then have those stupid little accidents that wouldnt even cost half of the excess to fix, but then again could be opposite etc, so what are the publics preferences here on insurance and excesses?
  7. hahaha i remember =P i lived in fairfield but parents used to take me there every weekend for grocery shopping etc, still remember getting into drama there when i was younger but now its all just little kids running around their acting all that, those "new" generation there got nothing on the old guys back then BUT i am grateful that its not as bad as before LOL iuno how fairfly common to see empty gun casings in fairfield walking along the streets coz i live their but i do agree theres lots of that shit there, and no matter what happens i believe home is always gonna be home, regardless where you grew up i reckon part of you will miss it if you leave. Ive seen my fair share of stuff there though.
  8. Ginza is a very shifty place to be looking for imports at, i went there with a mate before to have a look around at the skylines and supras for the sake of it you know =P the indian bloke gets off the phone after some racist remarks about fobs these days, then takes his sweet ass time getting the keys out to test out the cars and see the condition inside etc, gave him a few obvious questions about the skyline and he fed me a load of bull which i found out to be false after looking under the hood and turning the car on for a quick rev, kept it to myself though wasnt bothered arguing with this nut, overpriced the supra with sun damage all over the roof and said hell fix it if i buy it >.> Asked him howmuch he would take in my 180sx at the time, it was a very clean example btw with low ks and long rego, he offered me jack all for it (kinda figured) and then said hes selling a newer type x for 7.5k and no1s bothered to buy it... yeh figured with what he knew about cars im not surprised people would stay clear of ginza, ALSO xtrememotorsports next door, doesnt seem that good either, friend bought an ep3r there, he knows almost nothing about cars mind you, they sold him a nice rip off of an ep3r for 18k, average 50ks on the clock for the import, however it had missing centrecaps, grill was missing, badges were missing, wrong shiftboot and cut out holes in the back plastic trim on the side for speakers... Overall the importers at parra road.. not worth taking a look at really, yeh i enjoy driving past or stopping by at night having a look at the nice cars but i wouldnt trust buying from any of them, especially edwardlees, haha i asked to have a look at some cars he goes help yourself and walks off... i guess thats why lots of there cars have shitty interior, missing shiftboots and knobs... heh what can you say >.>
  9. cruise padstow area

    no idea if that was an organised one but got home today and my mate said he spotted one of our other mates driving around in his s13 with a few s15s along with him so iuno, reason why i went on here just now is to see if ther ewas any cruises organised haha =)
  10. i head up to penrith for uni so ive seen those circumstances where coppas try to egg people on at the lights to race but they never actually go over the speed limit theyll take off abit wait for your car to go zooming past then pop the siren and pull you in. They dont always wear normal clothing when they do that though, friends dad was almost suckered into racing off at the lights in his r33 until he looked over and realised they were cops so yeh, guess the moral is regardless of what cars the cops wanna drive and how sneaky they wanna be, as long as you drive responsibly on the road and keep the speeding etc to the track then you have nothing to worry about and you can safely say to people you aint no hoon =P
  11. nice torque figure for a stock car with a pod lol =P
  12. New here! ^__^

    hahaz doubt they wud think youd join ns.com to sell a honda, its like yeh ill buy an s15 and join ns.com so ill be part of that community then secretly plot to sell hondas =P. You actually got banned? how long? haha, doesnt seem like something to get banned for but yeh i got no say in it =)
  13. New here! ^__^

    id say dont bother trying to sell a honda here, i tried... every1 left me for dead =P ended up swapping it out instead =) and make sure all the posts are on the right topics... spent awhile posting and chatting on "lifestyle" and enquiring on "classifieds" and realised when i got to 100 it didnt count >.>
  14. help me swap cars

    +1 to this, and seriously your on your Ps going through all that to turn it into a manual car but if you get pulled over by the cops and they run the car through the rta and found out it was originally auto and now manual you MIGHT get into some kinda of crap with them if you dont have an engineers certificate, but say what i mentioned was unimportant, a 1k manual conversion on a 5k car like falcon said is a waste of money and time. You have to go around looking for parts etc, if your cars regoable, its prob less hassle for you to just go get it regoed then clean it up. But then again its ur choice
  15. help me swap cars

    Id rather the onevia, i like the r32 but unless its a gtr i usually deem them not worth modding even if it has an na rb25, Interiors abit older then your onevia aswell and itll be automatic, if you want to convert it to manual its an annoying hassle so id say stick with the onevia, more unique aswell