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  1. Need diff

    Your in Launnie yea? How much you want? Will come with cash tonight.
  2. Need diff

    Chasing a diff for my S13. It's a 6 bolt setup. Interested in either LSD or one pegger, just not welded. Have full roadworthy on weekend so weldy is no good to me.
  3. Na drift nuts want me too but rather save for prac day on the 9th if I can make it. Ill be out there with Pete and some of the other boys though
  4. So anyone keen for cruising out to powercruise?
  5. Tas Chat Thread V1.0

    Yea Facebook and car theives are to blame I think. Skylines Australia still plods along alright. Anyone bothered to check boost cruising recently? That was also dead last time I checked. Haha I think just about anyone that is in that line of expertise practices on a regular basis. I know of another group in the north.
  6. found a burnt out 180sx

    Yea I know of a ke70, a S1 S14, and a hilux stolen in Launnie this last week. What a joke hey.
  7. Yea several people have said that but at same time been told that it would have gone bang aswell as it wouldn't particularly go bang. Just heading up to meet someone now who is giving it a compression test and turbo test.
  8. Tasmania Imports! Lets get together!

    Sorted out front fender man. I have passenger side one laying around.
  9. Update for me is I just cooked the stagea in this ridiculous heat. Went to overtake a car and next thing I know there is a heap of white smoke pouring out behind me! Pulled over and let it cool down. It had spat the dipstick and oil was everywhere. Topped up oil again and tried to start it but idling extremely bad and starts smoking as it sits there idling
  10. good place to tune turbo'd car ?

    Confidyne in Ulverstone I think it's located.
  11. Tasmania Imports! Lets get together!

    If we going to have boys from the south joining I say meadow news (north) and Brighton forty ground (south) cruise to Campbell town. Can stop there or we all cruise together to Swansea or something.
  12. Tasmania Imports! Lets get together!

    Yea man, I'm in every Friday night with the group as I started it up. My phone gets raped if I don't make an appearance haha. Yea the crew are always down for a cruise. They had one a few weeks ago to devonport bluff for a BBQ.
  13. Well let me throw a spanner in the works for you all. Mine does the exact same. Mine was a sr20de auto which has just had a manual conversion I too reach about 160km/h in 5th and it drops out power for 3-4 secs as mentioned above. So mine can't be a AFM.
  14. I see you have the Uras kit for 180sx but can you also put together Uras type s kits for onevia's?