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  1. Are you looking for a gym buddy?

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  2. THE CAVE: Adelaide

    Geez been a long time since I have logged in here... Nice work Fuzz It's been about 7 months since I left the parks, you wouldn't even recognise me now haha. Lost 35kg and am now 72kg ripped! You training with Julian? -Scott
  3. New Iphone 4

    You have to be kidding... The iPhone 4 battery is incredible! If you play games, use internet, leave 3G on etc of course it's going to drain the battery I can get 4 days out of it if I just leave it be with 3G off and use it as a phone. Hammering it I still get 2 days... I really don't know what you people are expecting from a phone lol Best thing to do is drain it until it turns off then do a full charge for 4 hours Everyone I know with a 3GS have to charge it everynight anyway. I think the battery is great! All comes down to how you use your phone
  4. New Iphone 4

    Not sure... I was gonna chop mine up but in the end could get one, they have been hard to get in Adelaide. Mine can hold 500 contacts, not sure how that compares to normal one. Just stick with micro man, will take you a while to enter contacts (unless you have iphone already and transfer from itunes) but atleast it's legit LOL
  5. New Iphone 4

    Well... I was lucky enough to have a friend who owns a phone shop, so I snapped up a 16gb on Friday 30th here in Adelaide. Most shops here only had up to 6 available and sold out shortly after doors opened. My Optus prepaid was going to run out that night so it worked out well. I signed up to the 2 year $59 cap with Optus. Free bumper case too. Ok, well being my first touch screen phone and well... semi decent phone for a long time LOL I have to say I love it! I have a current 8gb Nano ipod, so familiar with itunes, annoying at first but once you get it all set up it's fine. The phone is crystal clear and so fast! Especially when you compare it side by side to a 3gs, you don't wanna touch an old iphone again lol This is my 4th day on full charge and I currently have 25% battery left, With mild use (sms, bit of fb, quick call or two) and leaving on overnight it should see the 96 hour mark. That being said, I don't hammer the phone anywhere near as much as I know some of you would lol and I have left 3G off unless I need it. I love how easy it is to use more than anything, very happy with it. Most importantly, using the 'death grip'I have zero reception/signal problems what so ever!!! I don't know anyone else with one here yet, so wouldn't mind trying the Facetime. Seen the advert's on tv a lot for it this week. I am confident you won't be disappointed with the iphone 4 -Scott-
  6. Blu ray dvds

    I just bought a 55" Samsung Series 6 LCD Madagascar 2 looks amazing! You will mostly notice it on animated movies. Animated Bluerays are usually $40+ whereas normal movies are much cheaper
  7. Bench issue

    Mate, I understand what you're saying. In December I hit a 160kg bench @ 98kg and 140kgx5. Benching would definately be my strongest lift followed by a 180kg squat. Your delts do get hit hard, I only do one kind of pressing in a session. Either Bench or Military, not both. I personally have found that by just doing one it will become much stronger over time. Maybe try a split routine for a change to focus on individual lifts more? Doesn't hurt to mix things up. Usually hit a good 7-8 sets of flat then do some flies and dips, but leave it at that. I mainly feel it the next day. Either way, I have a very big chest, so much so that with my back and shoulders, it makes my arms look much smaller than they are lol I have been backing off the heavy weights since Feb and been doing more cardio/sports... Getting much weaker haha but feel sooo much better! Goodluck with it.
  8. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

    I watched it again the other night, loved the bit where Will Farrel opened his parachute LOL
  9. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition.

    He is my twin brother... He gets pissed off too easily haha so changes the rules to suit him. We had 7 of us Hardcore free for all Rust the other night, anything goes, there was 1 kill between 1st and 2nd in a 20 min match lol
  10. Can you love birds please keep your pillow talk to msn thanks
  11. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition.

    Been playing a lot of private matches, mainly knife/throwing knife only on Rust It helps a lot during normal online playing, had some pretty random knife throwing kills too lol Played Highrise last night, a mate got to the 'Easter Egg' balcony right at the start with tactical insertion, Completely owned us haha
  12. How to improve bench

    Thanks brother Yeah I know Hieu, he is part of the furniture haha I think this is his 8th year there. Can't get the bastard to squat though...
  13. MX vs. ATV Reflex

    You still playing this shit? LOL Demo sucked... You're on your own Richo Get your ass back on MW2!
  14. How to improve bench

    Thanks! Yep! I see Big Fuzzy there now n then.
  15. How to improve bench

    I have found 5x5 to work the best, but you'll need to do it twice a week. Most importantly, do it properly! All the way down, bar touching the chest. I started the year off with 115kg In the last 4 months I have gone from 140kg and smashed out 160kg a few nights ago! That being said, I have been doing a lot of squats too, going from 110kg to now 180kg These have helped my posture and strength in general. Keep at it, but most of all make sure your form is good and you don't neglect the other lifts.