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  1. Battery dying.

    I would be leaving the meters on there for longer to check that something doesn't spike after a longer connection. 50mA won't drain a battery in a week unless it is a tiny thing. Also what brand of battery? This. 15 seconds isn't enough. When I do current draw tests I leave it for at least half hour or more. You won't ever get to 0.00 Amps Anything above 0.050 would be considered excessive current draw and a continuous drain would be present if it hasn't dropped close to 0.00 after 30+ mins
  2. What place does dashboard flocking etc etc?

    http://www.dashoriginal.com.au/ http://www.willshire.com.au/ If that fails, you could possibly send your dash to Dash Doctor, or Doctor Dash in Melbourne, Coburg.

    This made my day in Japan!
  4. "Dirteen" - Daily SR manual.

    ^Yep there is about that many tutorials.. On the KA24 engine/loom. Unfortunatly nothing for SR/CA. Had to make my own diagram. Thanks! Must be a blury photo! Thread contact is full. Looking at extended studs either way!

  6. "Dirteen" - Daily SR manual.

    Not much of an update. -16x8-0 dynamics on. Finished the cluster surround and fit that in. Waiting on coilovers and some other shit.
  7. 18x11 +20 Rears?

    www.rimtuck.com Have a look on there.
  8. 180sx Headlights - good, bad and ugly.

    Oh, Oh, right.. Well ok. He didn't specifically state light output..
  9. 180sx Headlights - good, bad and ugly.

    Just some of the ones I really love!
  10. hardtuned hoodies

    Why would it matter anyways? They're a quality hoodie. Had my previous style hoodie since release date and it's still going strong. No rips, no tears, colors have only just started to fade and mind you I wear and wash it all the time.
  11. things that annoy you

    Probably been said but "Fanboys" Really, really irritates me.
  12. "Dirteen" - Daily SR manual.

    Here's the engine bay. i didn't paint it. Bought the car like this. Still getting used to it.
  13. "Dirteen" - Daily SR manual.

    With the style I'm going for it may suit. Looks funky/weird at the moment. I'll decide after it's complete. I recently did a cluster swap, used an NX1600 digital cluster and re wired the cluster loom. There was no diagrams or tutorials online and the couple I did find were for the american version. Completely different. Spent 6 hours on it including trimming the inside of the dash and wiring. Pretty f**king happy. Here's a pic.
  14. I've always given them the month and year I registered it in my name. Oh and on the topic of getting out of the vehicle, I always get out. There's an old trick that police will feel superior looking down at you and getting out of the car standing up gives you a better chance of leaving with nothing. Another good trick is to pull into a side street off a busy road or into a car park. I was asked why I didn't immediatly stop and kept driving into a car park which I replied, So you aren't standing in traffic where you could get injured. Checks license and off I went. Common courtesy goes a long way in the law.

    As stated. WTB. Cupholders/arm rest for S13. Black or Brown, don't matter. MUST be all intact. NO rips. NO broken tabs. Same as pic attached.