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  1. Got your email, more arrived in stock yesterday, will reply this afternoon!
  2. Pretty sure it is a microphone sensor for an aftermarket alarm. It will trigger the alarm when someone tries to break the windows. To test it tap on the glass near the sensor with a coin whilst you sit inside with the alarm armed.
  3. Skateboard Thread?

    Anyone remember Time Skateboards?
  4. Nardi Wheels

    We will soon be stocking genuine Nardi and Personal wheels alongside our range of genuine MOMO products (we only ever sell genuine products)...the verification code system will apply. PM for further info including pricing.
  5. Just to clarify (thought I made it clear enough already): Caster Rods won't fit. Toe Rods won't fit. Traction Rods will fit. Camber Arms will fit.
  6. Pity the hoon?

    Your first problem is that you are reading the Daily Telegraph. What did you expect to read in there, what with such quality journalists as Miranda Devine, Andrew Bolt, and Piers Akerman gracing their pages? Interesting things I gleaned from reading that opinion article: -It was the Supreme Court of South Australia that ruled the seizure law unconstitutional - makes no mention of this nor the background to the case -'One car club' - which car club, source? -Uses one statistic from Victoria, somehow links to 'broader criminality' of 'people who drive like nongs'??! -Then goes on to state 'many of these drivers are driving while suspended or disqualified' - source? I'm not surprised that this is fit for print in the tabloid trash that is the Daily Telegraph. Do yourself a favour and don't buy it, don't read it, and don't waste your time writing in to the moronic journalists they employ.
  7. Not with SPL Pro Suspension Parts, the brand we sell. They are the half moon shape and fit all S13/S14/S15. So to clarify if they are SPL Gurglar then my initial reply is 100% accurate.
  8. Are you referring to aftermarket arms? Caster rods are different. Camber arms and traction rods are the same. Toe rods are different.
  9. r33 / r34 toe arms

    If there is any technical info or specs that I can help you with let me know. We have the SPL Toe Rods for S14/S15 in stock in Sydney, ready to go. We also have another huge shipment arriving on Monday. Pete @ JDM Obsession
  10. S15 Autech Authenticity

    Pretty sure they come up as Autechs in Nissan FAST. Send me a PM with the JDM VIN if you want me to check, or download Nissan FAST yourself.
  11. Defected 200sx S14, please help :(

    OP: a lot of people won't lend out their stock parts, simply because sometimes they never get them back. I know a fair few people (myself included) that have lent parts to forum members and been burnt. You are better off buying the factory parts and keeping them in case you get defected again.
  12. RONE SHIRYO's Shinigami Silvia [updated 17/07]

    Keeping in mind I am almost on the same level of craziness as you, why would you do some of this stuff? - Sand back surface rust on rear discs Just drive the damn thing, should fix the issue real quickly if it is just surface rust. - Strip remainder of interior Why? - Dry ice interior / remove sound deadening Why? Is this going to be a full time track car? Once you remove it you can never really put it back in, and it is not a huge weight saving unless you are building a time attack monster. - Prep and paint dash support bar Why? It's under the dash? I've been following your build since the start and these things don't seem to fit in well. Unless you've changed the whole plan, I thought the idea was to build an immaculate NA car with a whole bunch of quality parts. In my opinion removing the interior and sound deadening doesn't help you achieve anything other than making you want to kill yourself when you drive it on the street.
  13. S15 SR20DE Manual Conversion - CA18

    You're making things a harder for a negligible saving in money. Just buy the proper box first time around.
  14. power steering rack bushes s13

    We have SuperPro ones in stock ready for express dispatch. PM for further info or to order.
  15. help with lsd?

    Autechs came fitted with factory helical LSD.