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  1. Car is almost ready to go through regency now, I just thought i would give regency a call to check that the last few things actually need to be done, and if they would check them I phoned, and ran through the following list of things not working or not fixed on the car: Rear window sprayer not working (ok'd) Low height (320mm legal), all four corners are just on 320mm, do they allow much allownce either side? Small amount of forward/back seat wobble After market pedals (still have rubber on them) No spare wheel Does this make sense that they would pass a car with all the problems still listed here, as they said it was fine. If they then fail, can I hold them to what they said on the phone?
  2. Degrease services

    Are there any cleaners, workshops or places in Adelaide that I can take my car to, where they will do a good degrease/steam clean to the engine bay and car underbody, before taking it to regency?
  3. I am having a really hard time knowing who to trust, which mechanics to trust and where to go to get my starlet GT registered in SA. Better tell the full story so things make sense. Found the car in QLD, for sale, for $4500. Starlet GT, 1989 EP71 Jap import. Has had a garage engine swap to a ep82 engine, however that is a legal swap according to regency. Got an RAA check done, turned out there was no air filter, intercooler piping was too low, rear main seal leak and exhaust manifold was cracked, and heating not connected. Fair enough, I talked the car down to $3500 with these details. Got a bank loan for $3500 and got it trucked back to SA for another $500. Then the problems started! After speaking to a mate at motor reg, he reccomended, as his guess was, that it was an import, and wouldn't have an australian compliance plate, that it would need to fail an ID check for comp plate, then go in for an excemption for comp plate. I had no idea what a comp plate looked like, so took it in for an ID check with out taking off boost controller, thinking that they would stop the search there and send me off for a full road worthy for excemption of comp plate. Turns out it did have a comp plate, but they defected the car at ID check for heating not connected and the boost controller. So, I spent a good long three days in the shed, fixing the rear main seal leak, new clutch, fixed exhaust manifold with new one, took off boost controller. Then ran out of time and skill, so started hunting for a good starlet mechanic. Got referred to a mechanic in Sailsbury, goes by the name of Mason, business is called The Tuners Edge. He had a good look through the car, and found these problems that, he claimed, would stop it from passing regency. He claims that after this is fixed, it should get through no problemo! Here is his list: Front brake lines are held to strut with zip ties Intercooler piping too low, no air filter Loose wires behind dash and in engine bay surface rust on firewall and boot hatch heating not connected play in ball joints cracked boot on steering rack and one CV joint front floor pan where feet sit is dented up an inch and a half. No charcoal canister overflow bottle for radiator is loose air temp sensor in intake manifold is wrong type, and won't plug in He has quoted me $2500 to get these things fixed and good to new. I am then hoping like f**k that this car gets through regency, as I am strapped for cash, and my current pulsar is shitting itself. Has anyone had any experience with getting old cars through regency, are they cracking down on 20+ year old cars? Any tips, inspectors to ask for for the booking, anything like this? Anyone had experience with this mechanic, or knows or is happy to check car afterwards? What would you do?
  4. What is regency's feeling on vacume hoses and various pipes blocked with bolts in the engine bay? What about rear de-mister? Seat rail wobble? If fog lights are fitted, do they need to work? How do they go about testing braking pressure?
  5. After redoing the entire piping setup on my Starlet GT, as the piping that came with it is an absolute mess. Is there a shop in adelaide, or online store where I could order a selection of 2" 90', 180' and straight sections of soft and hard pipe, as well as a 2" to 1.5" converter?
  6. Am importing a Starlet GT EP71 from Brisbane, and will have to go through the whole regency, registration, stamp duty hassle. Hopefully worth it, im a sucker for these 80's hot hatches! Must say im a little more than nervous about getting it through Regency to get it registered in SA. Here is a pic of the engine bay, can anyone see anything that is SCREAMING DEFECT!!! Things I know about the car so far: Drivers side door lock doesn't unlock or lock via the key in the hole. Clutch pedal occasionally looses pressure, due to an air leak in slave cylinder...cylinder will need a rebuild, but for now. The clutch pedal works again after pumping. Rear main seal leak. Suspect there will be an apparent oil patch underneath the car, can I degrease this to get it through, before finding the time to get the leak patched up, or are the more thorough than that?
  7. You know You're a rotary drive when

    When you pull up at the traffic lights, and the girl in the car next to you, panics, winds down her window and shouts at you that your on fire! (TRUE STORY) When you install a rear vision camera setup in your car, with the camera not pointing behind, but at the exhaust, simply to watch the flames when you back off (Done this) When you pull up at the lights and there is a 3 foot flame pouring out of your exhaust on idle (I richen it on purpose sometimes) Love Rotors on LPG!
  8. Motorkhana Dates 2010

    Really chuffed with todays action, loads of great driving, the rain added that extra element of fun, and it was great to see some new faces. All over everyone behaved apart from one 180SX that I think everyone knows about Just wondering when I could expect to see the tallied up results from the day?
  9. Motorkhana Dates 2010

    Got a good video of me doing a quick first J-turn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzVvo8D5ixg
  10. Motorkhana Dates 2010

    Fantastic fun today, got the feeling that there is a lot to learn to drive a fwd quickly in this discipline but still, the swift went hard, very hard! See you at the next one
  11. cruise meet and drink!

    If its this Saturday, I am very keen - free, and want to come along. PM Sent!
  12. Motorkhana Dates 2010

    Is there a driver per car limit for these?
  13. Motorkhana Dates 2010

    Its a cable to rear disk. Chatted to a couple of other swift owners that do motorkhana, they run about 32 in the front and 40-45 in the rears, remembering they are only 14" To lock up the back you need to be throwing the car in a corner, taking some of the weight off the back wheels, then they do it just fine...apparently Do brake pads lock easier when they are hot or cold?
  14. Motorkhana Dates 2010

    Also, do you need a drivers lisence to compete? Got a friend with a 480bhp commo that wants to come along, has no license though