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  1. 1/4 Mile Times

    i run 7s on forzA
  2. Lets count to 100,000!

    ABQ pays $275K in stun gun incident
  3. yeah you have the key. take the car, take it to the track flog it drive it back and remove plates.
  4. Performance car parts

    yeah and only 175 000.00 their is some funny shit on that site thou
  5. hay mate do u stock or can u get 18x10 with 0 offset in the xd9s need x2
  6. REDUCE offset

    u cant machine the pcd/hub face 10mm the wheel nuts will not hold the wheel on
  7. Quick / Short joke thread

    This Indian family just moved in next door and the kids challenged me to a water fight . So I'm just inside waiting for the kettle to boil
  8. how to insult an entire room full of kents

    O SNAP. she doesnt give a f%(k what she says
  9. Women

    lol i tryed that didnt go down the way i thought
  10. Super13 - IDA Wakefield Slide Videos Page 28

    hay mate nice work where did u get the EATON MP2300 kit from aus/usa and cost
  11. f*%k that shit. thats some crap right there
  12. Police utes, why?

    they just ring up tow trucks to tow bikes hd mine and a mates bike inpounded and they rang for 2 two trucks fn di*k heads so dont no why they would want a ute
  13. got camber?

    old but still crazy