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  1. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 103800 Price : $17,500 Condition : Used SOLD! Please Delete
  2. n/a TALK <<

    Overpriced... I want to sell mine but would probably ask 19-20 absolute max. He's asking a price from 4 years ago IMO.
  3. Martial Arts

    Depending on what you're after the mma gyms can be a good introduction to ma, you can generally try a few different things depending on the gym & if the program/trainer is good you can pursue it from there. Aside from that you can opt for a specialist gym that only offers one or limited styles if you know what you're after. All depends on why you're doing it. I do mma more for conditioning & to mix things up a bit. Bjj is what I love and hope to compete in next year but little things I learn in mma such as basic wrestling and judo have helped my grappling game alot. I haven't done much muay Thai/kickboxing but it's an insane workout, being more used to the endurance of grappling it was a shock to my system even with the mma & conditioning I already do. I like the versatility that my gym & I would assume most mma gyms offer. They key IMO is to not just go to the closest gym to you, try a few. What are the trainers like? What are the students like? Are their classes well supervised? Do you have trainers assessing your technique? You need these things IMO to enjoy/progress at the gym. The gym I've been at for almost two years now is great, everyone is friendly & willing to help eachother the coaches are experienced & tell you what you're doing right/wrong it a goo atmosphere, he'll I'd be there now if I wasnt sick One good way to avoid getting stuck at a gym as mentioned above with bad trainers is make use of the first lesson free system a lot of gyms are using. It won't take long to sus it out.
  4. MMA chat

    Was reading that Anderson silva only has about 4 fight left in him & his manager said they don't want sonnen. That's soft IMO, if he beats sonnen again he'd go out on a big "f**k you", not that that'd stop sonnen talking lol. I really hope they don't give him predictable fights (if he really is retiring in 4 fights), it'd be a massive waste. His fights look good in highlight reels but they're not exciting anymore IMO, the fight in rio was horrible. At first I really didn't like Edgar (pretty much because he beat bj haha) but once again he came back and beat Maynard after getting drilled for the first round. I have to agree though that Maynard didn't seem to learn anything from the last fight. Diaz v penn may be a 5 round non title main event. I hope so, they'd make a great fight IMO..
  5. iphone 5

    Don't know if it's been covered yet but the iPhone 4 cases fit the 4s l, just the vibrate/loud button is slightly offset so the older cases cover part of it. Doesn't get in the way or anything but thought it was odd that they'd move it across a little, being pretty much the only difference. Picked mine up yesterday after upgrading from a 3GS, it's nice not having that underwater sound when I call people now haha, that drove me insane.
  6. S15 for drifting

    It's the first time I'd done anything like that. It's definitely harder than they make it look haha but over the course of the day things start to click, I just couldn't get the second corner later in the day, everytime I concentrated on being more aggressive with te first corner I'd catch that little bit too late, all timing & confidence I guess. I wanna go back and do another one for sure though. Yeah learnt alot & got a decent amount of runs, was jut a whole new thing to learn so I wasn't expecting to be awesome but hell it was even fun spinning out haha.
  7. The tomato & chilli ones are still good but BBQ & pizza have looked like someone has licked each one in the box.
  8. S15 for drifting

    The drift school was also good to get a bit of a feel for a few different cars too. I found the s14 to have more bite & be less forgiving than the r32s which had a smoother power delivery but had to be pushed a bit more. The 180 was somewhere in the middle although I guess that could all change with what kind of mods you'd have too. Having never driven any of those cars before it was pretty noticeable. You're a lucky man stig Mick!
  9. S15 for drifting

    I went to project d last week & it was great, I sucked but it was fun all the same haha.
  10. My S15 Build- Shut the twin gates

    Car looks mint man, love the colour.
  11. S15 for drifting

    Oh man after going to a drift school day I've been contemplating the exact same thing way I see it though is if you're getting upset over a scratch you need a pig for it. Same boat man lol.
  12. n/a TALK <<

    Try www.rimtuck.com and see if they have any in their database. Yeah thought it was the one you were talking about, looks pretty sick. Anything like that you're gonna be bait though so it's really up to you. I'm not too cluey on offsets & what fits & what does though. Search the offset thread, people throw up what they're running there (size/offset/camber/tyres or whatever they needed) should give you a better insight into what fits/looks good. Those sizes I think you'd be running some camber & guard work.
  13. n/a TALK <<

    Search the s15 pics thread iirc there's a slammed pewter s15 on meisters. That or search google images, they're on the first page if you're after some more shots of it. Seen meisters on s15s irl all depends on offsets & width with how standout they are. I'm assuming you were looking at hellaflush?
  14. MMA chat

    Can't wait to see him face off with Evans, that guy is on another level & at 24 years old it's pretty crazy how good he is.
  15. I've seen them pop up on eBay every now and then if that helps.