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  1. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    A 2.5" lift on a 2DR is equal to a 4" lift on a 4dr. So thats what I'm planning on doing when the funds allow
  2. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    Love the JK mate. I got a blue 2DR JK myself. Looks stock apart from the front bar and spotties/UHF? Rubicon aswell
  3. Best swb 4x4?

    The 2.8td wranglers are pretty good economy wise but not the best with reliablitiy. What people are finding is that because the US doesnt have the diesel that aftermarket parts are not as developed and there seems to be a lack of available standard parts if you break something (most times has to be shipped from europe) Depends on what type of roof rack you talking about. If something like thule roof racks on the hard top, it would carry about 150kg without any problems but if you want something more you'd need a full system which is about $1,000. I can only vouch for my 2dr (1800kg rated) and it tows alright. I still prefer my old VE sv6 ute I had to tow. Sorry for the long essay
  4. Best swb 4x4?

    Get a wrangler I rekon.....

    Looks awesome and heaps of fun.
  6. Best swb 4x4?

    Yeh most TJ's I've read about get about 12L-18L per 100km depending on actual driving conditions. I love the Wranglers. If I wanted a more play only car I'd be tempted to get a TJ
  7. Best swb 4x4?

    I get anywhere from 10L to 15L per 100kms. Stop start traffic is the worst. Along the highway is pretty good for a 2ton brick. Mine is petrol V6 and also all TJ's came out in petrol and average about what I get.
  8. Best swb 4x4?

    I'd say get a TJ Wrangler. I own a JK Wrangler but everyone raves about the TJ's. They can go anywhere offroad with some small mods and plenty of parts available
  9. 4x4 Pics and vids

    I'd be able to show you some places in SE QLD Theres a reason why I drive a SWB Jeep
  10. 4x4 Pics and vids

    I'm loving your tent trailer build up. It looks sweet!!
  11. Some 4x4 Pics

    Whitsunday's? What type of licence would you need to compete? And safety mods?
  12. 12v Air compressors

    I bought a TJM one for $200. Was abit more then I was going to pay but its normally $225. Going to fraser island for 4 days so looking forward to testing it out abit.
  13. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    Loving the TJ action I'm heading to Fraser in a week or so. Can't wait to do some playing in the sand.
  14. Battery problem

    Deep cycle? They wont have enough cranking amps to start the car. Checking wires and alternator is a good start. It might even be a faulty battery?
  15. what do we think of the new FJ Cruzer?

    I've just come back from the US and they love them over there. They are everywhere. I dont think they will be as popular here