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  1. Roo Wills/Stay Classy Photography

    Cheers mate. Heres some recent film work of mine.
  2. Roo Wills/Stay Classy Photography

    Thanks guys! Ahh those shots were taken with my Sigma 10-20 at 10mm.
  3. Roo Wills/Stay Classy Photography

    Couple of shots from an event last weekend.
  4. Roo Wills/Stay Classy Photography

    Haha good spotting! Siddr20 - I was in Surfers for 10 days and took alot of photos from the balcony, it wasn't till I got home that I realized I had 4 photos showing different times of day/night. So that's why a couple of the photos are on a slightly different angle. Thanks for the kind words!
  5. Hey guys, Roo Wills here from New Zealand. There are some great photographers on here! Here is some of my work, I will update this thread as I go. You may have seen some of my shots on the recent Hardtuned.net t-shirts too. Check out my blog, http://www.stayclassy.co.nz if you'd like to see more. Cheers! And some non-car stuff:
  6. Well just wipped the turbo off and the ex side is bone dry and has zero play left to right or in and out. Any other suggestions? Heres more pics: Valve stem seals? Piston rings?
  7. Hmm it could be a big coincidence Rocker covers leaking into coilpack area coasing oil do go into bore when i pulled the plugs out and the turbo is whats causing the smoking
  8. Well just pulled the plugs out and they are all covered in oil, like dripping. Will get pics up soon. Could it be the rocker cover leaking down past the plugs onto the top of the piston? Or piston rings? Or valve stem seals? Theres oil everywhere haha Could an oil leak from the rocker covers slip past the spark plugs and into the combistion chamber and make it smoke? Or is it more likely valve stem seals? or it it my turbo thats smoking and its a coincidence that my rocker covers leak? Heres the pics
  9. No, i dont. Would a catch can really solve the problem?
  10. Yeap but theres no oil sitting in my aintake pipe or in the intake side of the turbo. Yeah i think its gotta be the turbo My car is new zealand new, full service history from nissan. Two lady owners before me. Kms are as legit as they come.
  11. Righto When ive been idling, sitting in traffic etc my car starts smoking alot, it gets worse and worse but when driving its fine. Under load and boost theres no smoke. Its def a white smoke and smells like burning oil, even when my car is turned off after idling for a while, smoke slowly flows out of the exhaust. Ive just pulled the ic piping off from around the turbo and taken some pics. What do y'all think? Turbo? The turbo is almost 16 years old now. Cars done 130 thou kms. Turbo has very slight shaft play left and right, none in and out. Ive checked the oil level and its normal.
  12. nzroo's 200sx NEW PICS pg1

    Got new coilovers and a few other bits and peices
  13. nzroo's 200sx NEW PICS pg1

    This is how she is now with 17x9's all round and a TOMEI 2 way lsd Oh and of course a boost gauge