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  1. steelies

    decent offset 8 inch wide steelies in 5 stud... wherrrreeee can i get these.
  2. vip wheels

    otomoto are the type of sites im after. however it looks like these guys only sell up to 18inch. really need 19, 20 to fill that guard up
  3. vip wheels

    yer mate got myself a clean peal white ls430, been thinking meisters as well been through boost, gumtree and ebay twice a day for a week now lol thanks ill check them out cheers mate ill have a look
  4. vip wheels

    Hey guys just bought a lexus and am after some 20" vip style wheels for it. Just wondering what shops sell these 2nd hand around here (goldcoast/brisbane), do any places keep them in stock or just order them from japan. Cant find any for sale on any forums, ebay, gumtree
  5. S15 Rear end moving

    go to pedders for one of those $14 suspension checks. I had the same issue in my r32 and they told me what was worn out and what wasn't, fixed the things they said and it was good to go.
  6. MCM Finale - Budget Street Cred

    so freakin kew!!!!
  7. How do you control your boost

    $20 new bleed valve will do the trick for what your after
  8. iPad install into dash (Mighty Car Mods)

    cool... farking cool
  9. s13 problem maybe

    the gearbox is probs worn out and 1st and 2nd gear have meshed together so there nearly the same ratio
  10. nissan v8 supercar revealed

    FIRST PICS: The new era of V8 Supercars has begun with the first Nissan Altima V8 Supercar unveiled this morning in Melbourne. In a groundbreaking day for the sport, the Kelly-Racing backed Nissan Altima will shatter 20 years of Holden and Ford dominance when the team runs four factory-backed cars in the 2013 V8 Supercars series. Kelly Racing co-owner and driver Rick Kelly described this morning's announcement as a "game changer". "This is the first time in 20 years that Nissan is back in this category,'' Kelly said. "Factory support is the key to teams winning Bathurst and V8 Supercar championships. There's nothing more exciting for a drive than to unveil a car with a brand new chassis that takes it to a new level.'' He promised it would result in the "re-emerging of a rivalry" in the sport. It is a V8 Supercar in every way, but without the red lion or blue oval badge. Source: Supplied Powered by a 32-valve, quad-cam Nissan VK56DE engine, the Nissan Altima will not be the only new car on the grid next year with an Erebus-Mercedes car to be run out of the Stone Brothers garage. The Altima will be built to the new Car of the Future regulations laid down by V8 Supercars for the 2013 season, and will also feature the series' first production-based motor since the arrival of Project Blueprint in 2003. The powerplant set to be used in the V8 Supercar Nissan Altima will be, at its core, the same engine that will power the new Nissan Patrol due to go on sale in Australia early next year, as well as powering various vehicles in the American market. The Nissan Altima, dubbed the "red devil'' by its makers, will makes its debut in the Clipsal 500 around the streets of Adelaide in February. Kelly Racing co-owner and overseer of the team’s Nissan Altima project Todd Kelly said the place has been buzzing since they began their bold plan to put a Nissan Altima on the 2013 V8 Supercars grid. "It has taken 23,000 hours to design and build the car. This is the car I always wanted to build,'' he said. "In my slightly biased opinion, this is the most impressive V8 Supercar ever produced,'' Kelly said. "It doesn't matter where you look on this car, you are looking at the highest level of design and detail. "Bring on 2013.'' Source: Supplied V8 Supercars chief executive David Malone said the series will never be the same. "This marks the beginning of a new era for V8 Supercars,'' Malone said at the unveiling. "It's very exciting for our sport, fans, teams and drivers. "New manufacturers joining the series will mean heightened competition and new technology racing on circuits around Australia and the world. "2013 is a revolutionary year for V8 Supercars and the unveiling of the Nissan Altima is just the beginning." And the manufacturer will undertake two innovative online broadcasts to ensure that fans can be a part of the historic occasion and share Nissan Motorsport’s journey to the grid. Nissan will host an online conference with Todd Kelly, with the Altima V8 Supercar on show, from the team’s headquarters in Braeside, in Melbourne's south-east at 5pm today. Kelly will provide an in-depth explanation of the Altima race car at the video conference and offer fans the chance to ask questions about Nissan’s new venture into motor sport. http://www.news.com.au/sport/motor-sport/nissans-new-v8-supercar-revealed/story-fne8930l-1226506434402
  11. S13 Engine Conversion

    id go the s14 engine with vct personally.
  12. We will need the USA one day when China gets sick of paying us so much for our resources they decide to overrun us with sheer numbers. lol whaaat?
  13. the chaser at its best BS. Sexual preference is definitely a choice. Having said that.. I have nothing against gays. Who gives a f**k about marriage these days anyway? Let the government in on their love. so stooopid ^^^ also this: chaser at its best on gay marriage
  14. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    Everything I've heard and read about this car is about how much fun you can have in it at relatively slow speeds. How the car makes you feel rather than lap times. Anyone who has rode motocross would know exactly the point of this car. Ringing the neck out of a little 125cc 2 stroke can be amazingly fun, even if you do get blown away by guys on big 450cc bikes. For people to get the same driving experience in higher performance cars, they're going to have to go a lot quicker, burn more rubber, burn more fuel, and run more risk. And also a massive point everyone is missing with this car who is comparing them to modded silvias etc - this is a brand new car that comes with a warranty, you can limiter bash it, wring its neck out for quite literally years, and not have to worry about it breaking.