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  1. private day, drift practice or comp. is anything in the works? keen as to see what the bowl feels like.
  2. Legal ride height..

    SOUTH AUSTRALIA 27.8 SA - DEPARTMENT FOR TRANSPORT, ENERGY AND INFRASTRUCTURE. Vehicle Standards/Modifications/Engineering PO Box 2526 REGENCY PARK SA 5942 Phone: 1300 882 248 Internet: www.transport.sa.gov.au E-mail: Department for Transport, Energy & Infrastructure
  3. nelson locksmiths have done a few cars for me when i had no keys.
  4. s14 into 180sx

    it will bolt in but thats it.
  5. NASCAR ON CH 10

    he did a nice burnout at the end.
  6. 15psi max. but will drop down to 10psi higer in the revs.
  7. Rebuilt or replace engine?

    rebuild. then you know its fresh
  8. what car. i have had a few troubles with my 180/s13's

    thats fair power for a 2l.

    happy birthday!
  11. Cafe primo, shit food :P

    went there tonight. wont go there again. tight asss.

    give it a good smack and your sweet.
  13. there worth doing. cant wait till i do mine.
  14. Exedy vs. ORC

    i have had good experiance with os giken's. have a look at them.
  15. S15 engine into 180sx.

    not worth it mate.
  16. Brake Master Cylinder

    i got full 33 brakes on my 180 and standard srbrake master. pedal is fine. got braided lines also.
  17. good question, i was thinking of doing this to my motorbike.
  18. Fuel Filler Neck

    i might do this. sick of the smell
  19. ahah. i like there reasons.
  20. 17's front 18's rear. !! thats how to do it.
  21. XR5 vs S15

    s15 with ease.