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  1. RIP Jason Rowley

    I found out this morning So sad, he will be missed It was a pleasure to work with him at D.A rounds
  2. I heard the news yesterday afternoon, I was devastated! I first met Alan and Luke Jacobs at Tasmania, after the 2008 Round 1. They approached me in the pub, and I sat and chatted to both for ages. Alan told me of his intentions to help Luke progress into the Drift Australia Series in the future, I remember the look on Alans face as I told him the D.A crew and especially myself would be delighted to have them on board as I had noticed Luke throughout the weekend and saw his potential as an excellent driver at the top level. After speaking with Luke, his personality really shined and I said to Alan and Luke that it would be a pleasure to deal with the pair and I thought he really had what it takes!! I just remember Alan starring at me and it was almost as if he had a tear in his eye as he looked over to Luke, he was SO proud! I spoke with Alan for a couple of weeks after and he was so keen to get Luke into D.A and to see him shine. He was such a proud father and really loved his son. Alan reguarly called me and I always enjoyed talking to him. Every time he called me, he always had such nice things to say and I could always have a good chat with him. Luke was such a nice guy, I remember talking to him at the rest of the rounds and he was just so lovely to talk to, and you could see just in his face how motivated he was to make his dad proud! I feel honoured to have met both Alan and Luke and they will be sorely missed by all of us!
  3. FINAL ROUND Footage

    You can now see all the footage from the FINAL ROUND of the Toyo Tires Drift Australia Series http://www.driftaustralia.com.au/forum/top...p?TOPIC_ID=1023
  4. You can now purchase any of the Round DVDs from the 2008 Toyo Tires Drift Australia Series and check out this year’s wildest sideways action. Individual Round DVDs - $25 (inc p&h) Series Set (All 5 Rounds) - $100 (inc p&h) (* All DVDs include the 1 hour Inside Speed/ Fox Sports Show and the ½ hour Channel 9 Show) For more info or to purchase any DVDs (credit card payment over phone) contact; Amy Boatwright (02)9750 8857 0417 688 866 amy@driftaustralia.com.au
  5. 2008 Toyo Tires Drift Australia Series Video Compilation 2008 Champion - Leighton Fine 2008 Runner Up - Luke Fink 2008 3rd Place - Beau Yates ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2008 Toyo Tires Drift Australia Series - Round 4, Eastern Creek International Raceway Show Opener Drift Techniques Story Judging Story Drift Performance Products Adam Trewhella interview Linden Reynolds interview Top 32 highlights Top 16 Fine def Bolger Trewhella def Wiehrl Reynolds def Jacobs Elhaouli def Whyte Yates def Arendsen May def T. Monkhouse Fink def Greenwood Appleton def Brown Top 8 Fine def Trewhella Elhaouli def Reynolds Yates def May Fink def Appleton Top 4 Fine def Elhaouli Fink def Yates Battle for third Yates def Elhaouli Final Fine def Fink ------- 2008 Toyo Tires Drift Australia Series - Round 3, Mallala Motor Sport Park Show Opener Tech Story - Drive Trains Famous Car Insurance Tom Monkhouse interview Clint Brown interview Top 32 highlights Top 16 Yates def DeJager Podlewski def Austin T.Monkhouse def Bolger Appleton def Fine Elhaouli def Dunstan Arendsen def Colerio Top 8 Yates def Podlewski T.Monkhouse def May Fink def Arendsen Appleton def Elhaouli Top 4 Yates def T.Monkhouse Fink def Appleton Battle for third Appleton def T.Monkhouse Final Fink def Yates 2008 Toyo Tires Drift Australia Series - Round 2, Queensland Raceway Show Opener Tech Story - Tyres Eugene Arendsen interview Matt Mingay interview Darren Appleton interview Jason Greenwood interview Top 32 highlights Top 16 Fine def DeJager Yates def Arendsen Appleton def Pickering Bolger def Fink Elhaouli def Mingay May def J Monkhouse Weissel def Coleiro Kenneally def Vahoumis Top 8 Fine defeats Yates Bolger defeats Appleton Kenneally defeats Weissel May defeats Elhaouli Top 4 Fine defeats Bolger Kenneally defeats May Battle for third Bolger defeats May Final Fine defeats Kenneally 2008 Toyo Tires Drift Australia Series - Round 1, Symmons Plains Raceway, TAS Show Opener / Season Introduction (Channel NINE Show) Drift Australia Drivers at D1GP World All-Stars (SBS Show) Off-season Review (SBS Show) Leighton Fine Story (SBS Show) Technical feature - Suspension (Channel NINE Show) Top 32 highlights (SBS Show) Eliminations (Channel NINE Show) Top 16 Chris DeJager defeats Beau Yates Tom Monkhouse defeats Matt Mingay Paul Austin defeats Nathan Weissel Luke Fink defeats Adam May Leighton Fine defeats Trav Dunstan Danny Vahoumis defeats Fernando Wiehrl Christian Pickering defeats Robbie Bolger Adam Trewhella defeats Jack Monkhouse Top 8 Chris DeJager defeats Tom Monkhouse Luke Fink defeats Paul Austin Leighton Fine defeats Danny Vahoumis Christian Pickering defeats Adam Trewhella Top 4 Luke Fink defeats Chris DeJager Leighton Fine defeats Christian Pickering Battle for third Christian Pickering defeats Chris DeJager Final Leighton Fine defeats Luke Fink Some random promo videos from 2008. Enjoy! 2007 promo videos 2007 Toyo Drift Australia Series video compilation Robbie Bolger - 2007 Toyo Drift Australia Series Champion Christian Pickering - 2007 Toyo Drift Australia Series - Runner up Fernando Wiehrl - 2007 Toyo Drift Australia Series - 3rd place Darren Appleton - 2007 Toyo Drift Australia Series - 4th place Adam Trewhella - 2007 Toyo Drift Australia Series - 5th place Beau Yates - 2007 Toyo Drift Australia Series - 6th place 2006 promo videos 2006 Toyo Drift Australia Series video compilation Beau Yates - 2006 Toyo Drift Australia Series winner Leighton Fine - 2006 Toyo Drift Australia Series - runner-up Robbie Bolger - 2006 Toyo Drift Australia Series - 3rd place Linden Reynolds - 2006 Super Drift Series winner
  6. Toyo Tires Drift Australia Series 1 Robbie Bolger 4 Leigh Pidwell 5 Khudar Elhaouli 6 Luke Fink 7 Nathan Weissel 8 Fernando Wiehrl 9 Adam Trewhella 10 Tom Monkhouse 11 Dan Mackie 12 Darren Appleton 13 Chris DeJager 14 Paul Austin 15 Matt Mingay 16 Linden Reynolds 17 Luke Jacobs 18 Leighton Fine 19 James Mardle 20 Jason Greenwood 21 Michael Tyler 22 Beau Yates 23 Christian Pickering 24 Adam May 25 Eugene Arendsen 26 Trent Whyte 28 Clinton Brown 29 Danny Vahoumis 30 Travis Dunstan 31 Jack Monkhouse 32 Alex Sciacca Toyo Tires Super Drift Series 33 Cliff Clayson 34 Chris Meadows 35 Omar Ali 36 David Browne 37 Matt Porter 38 Luke Murphey 39 Josh Coote 40 Ryan Cummings 41 James Abbott 42 J J Screpis 43 Alex Kantarovski 44 Brian Campbell 45 Ben Monkhouse 46 Daniel Krstic 47 Stewart Furze 48 Jeremy Gilbert 49 Brendon Keenan 50 Andrew Roney 51 Sam Pass 52 Anthony Bilic 53 Adam Dermody 54 Sam Tabbouch 55 Mario Grifa 56 David Dermody 57 William Thompson 58 Matthew Salim 59 Cameron Edwards 60 Lee Loglin 61 Stephen Pembury 62 Jarrad Chester 63 Rohan Merchant 64 Luke Broadbent
  7. International opportunity for DA stars

    This is the preliminary invitation list for the event:- 1. Hubinette 2. Foust 3. Yoshihara 4. Millen 5. Forsberg 6. Takatori 7. Tuerck 8. McNamara 9. Grunewald 10. Nishida 11. Miki 12. Gittin, Jr. 13. Verdier 14. Gushi 15. Mohan 16. Hayashida 17. D1 New Zealand 2008 Champion 18. Drift Mania Canadian Championship 2008 Champion 19. Drift Australia 2008 Champion 20. Drift Australia 2008 Runner-up 21. European Drifting Championship 2008 Champion 22. Tengku Djan 2008 Podium 23. Mike Whiddet 2008 Podium 24. Pro Drift Winner 2008 Champion 25. Pro Drift Runner-up 2008 Runner-up 26. Fredric Aasbo 27. D1GP Past Champion 28. D1GP Past Champion 29. D1GP Past Champion 30. D1GP Past Champion 31. D1GP Past Champion 32. D1GP 2008 Champion
  8. Drift Australia Round 5

    For the last two years the championship has been decided in the last battle of the last round and this year it is shaping up to be another nail-biter so it is hard to imagine who would be silly enough to put their hand up to be a judge. It seems we've found one though Adam Newton has been brought back into the judging team for the final round to join Sam Conway and Kristian (The Iron Chef) Appelt. Well done Adam!
  9. The 2008 Australian Drift Champion will be crowned at Sydney’s Oran Park Raceway next weekend, 20-21 September, in the final round of the Toyo Tires Drift Australia Series. While 30 drivers will tackle the historic Sydney circuit, all eyes will be on the three fighting for the championship; Leighton Fine, Luke Fink and Beau Yates. After three wins from four rounds, Fine holds a 70-point lead over Fink, with 2006 Australian Drift Champion Yates the outsider, a further 159 in arrears. Fine (Commercial Truck Sales Nissan 180SX) was in a similar position in 2006, entering the season finale with a 126-point advantage, only to suffer an engine failure in practice. Unable to source a replacement, he jumped aboard a rival’s spare car, but was knocked out in the Top 16 round of battles and fell just short of the crown. “Losing the championship at the last round in 2006 was incredibly disappointing,” Fine said. “Hopefully this year will be different, we’ve had a fantastic season to get us to this point and we’re going to Oran Park determined to wrap up the title. “A lot can happen over the weekend, so we’re not going to get ahead of ourselves - we know what we are capable of, so we’ll just take it one battle at a time.” If Fine finishes first or second - or third after qualifying inside the Top Six - next weekend, he will become the 2008 Australian Drift Champion regardless of Fink’s results. For his part, Fink (Holford Motors Nissan Silvia) is set to continue with the same aggressive style which has taken him to a win and two second-place finishes. “It’s good to be second in the championship, but we’re after first place,” Fink said. “Giving it everything all year is what’s put us in this position; we’re going to do the same next weekend. “We’ve worked hard all year and scored some great results, winning the championship would a great reward for the guys.” With 500 points on offer, third-placed Yates (Toyota Racing Developments AE86 Sprinter) is 229 behind Fine and an outside chance of snaring the title if Fine and Fink are eliminated in the opening round of battles. “The pressure is on Leighton and Luke, really,” he said. “We’ve got nothing to lose, so we’re going to get out there and try to win the event and see how everything else works out.” The 2008 Toyo Tires Super Drift Series champion will also be crowned next weekend at Oran Park. Josh Coote currently leads the feeder class, by a commanding 276 points, over South Australians Stewart Furze and Ben Monkhouse. The two full days of action will also include expression sessions, team drifting, the Racing Logic Extreme Entry competition, stunt bike demos and the Hardtuned.net Show ‘n’ Shine. Tickets are $20 on Saturday and $30 on Sunday, with a $40 weekend pass also available, while kids under 12 are free all weekend. For more information about the Toyo Tires Drift Australia Series, head to www.driftaustralia.com.au. Toyo Tires Drift Australia Series Standings 1. Leighton Fine (SA, Commercial Truck Sales Nissan 180SX) - 1836 2. Luke Fink (VIC, Holford Motors Nissan Silvia) - 1766 - 2266 3. Beau Yates (NSW, Toyota Racing Developments Toyota AE86 Sprinter) - 1607 4. Adam May (SA, WheelWorx Nissan Skyline) - 1424 5. Khudar Elhaouli (VIC, JDS Auto Imports Nissan Silvia) - 1401 6. Christian Pickering (SA, Senwill Civil Nissan Silvia) - 1395 7. Robbie Bolger (QLD, VIP Petfoods Holden Monaro) - 1395 8. Tom Monkhouse (SA, Japanese Motorsport Nissan Silvia) - 1382
  10. The Drift State

    South Australia looks set to take out the Drift Australia ‘State of Origin’ title for the third consecutive year as the series heads into the final round at Oran Park Raceway on September 20 & 21. South Australia leads Victoria by just 163 points, followed by Queensland in third place then New South Wales and Western Australia. State of Origin positions are calculated by adding the championship points scored at each round for the two top drivers from each state. Leighton Fine has contributed 44% of the teams points tally. Others that have contributed to the SA points tally are Christian Pickering, Tom Monkhouse, Adam May, Linden Reynolds and Simon Podlewski. Drift Australia State of Origin points table after 4 rounds:- South Australia 3443 points Victoria 3280 points Queensland 3027 points New South Wales 2791 points Western Australia 2593 points
  11. ROUND 5 - Oran Park

    Entries close this Friday (5th September) for Round 5 of the Toyo Tires Drift Australia Series at Oran Park Raceway on the 20th & 21st of September. For Entry Forms and Supp Regs please click HERE If you have any questions, contact amy@driftaustralia.com.au or call (02)9750 8857 or 0417 688 866
  12. For Entry Forms and Supp Regs for the FINAL ROUND of the Toyo Tires Drift Australia Series at Oran Park Raceway on the 20th & 21st of September please click HERE If you have any questions, contact amy@driftaustralia.com.au or call (02)9750 8857 or 0417 688 866
  13. Matt Boatwright tragically killed 11/7/08

    Thank you all for your thoughts. R.I.P Little Brother! We all miss you so much!
  14. Round 5 - Oran Park

    For Entry Forms and Supp Regs for the FINAL ROUND of the Toyo Tires Drift Australia Series at Oran Park Raceway on the 20th & 21st of September please click HERE If you have any questions, contact amy@driftaustralia.com.au or call (02)9750 8857 or 0417 688 866