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  1. Samsung Galaxy S 4

    Does the phone feel like it's cheaply made to anyone else? Compared to say the HTC one?
  2. HTC One, best looking phone ever made? Reposted

    It's the HTC iPhone
  3. things that annoy you

    Just reply with I want whatever you are offering and my purchase price
  4. Tas Chat Thread V1.0

    Yeah freddy was before track drift I think ? Personally I had never heard of them before drift days at Baskerville
  5. The Android thread

    Hey, fellow android fans and users ! I need advice I had an s3 for maybe a fortnight and the screen got damaged from me sleeping on the couch with it in my pocket....... Now it's going to cost roughly $300 to fix the screen which sucks balls ! But and here lies my dilemma for an extra $50 I can upgrade and get a note 2. I will be getting either my phone fixed or a note by the end of the week what should I choose ? Cheers, mookie
  6. Tas Chat Thread V1.0

    I remember the hungry jacks we'd nights and getting proper hammered at the mayf. Those will always be my greatest memories of ns. Com
  7. Que stereotypical staffys owner response. I chose the breed because they are fun, have energy and are super loyal. Also not hard to train at all. I could understand the whole anti pitbull argument too a lot of people get them as status symbols.
  8. What headphone do you use?

    http://www.monstercable.com/headphones/dna/ My sister gave me a pair of these for Christmas and I'm really impressed with them they are super comfortable and they sound amazing. Also they cut out outside noise better than all of the headphones at work. Highly recommend them
  9. To properly assimilate do immigrants need to adopt the racist attitude ? It sort of seems so
  10. corona conversion

    I had a 1jzgte st141 corona i would do it again given the chance most fun car ever !
  11. I think it should be legal but not for recreational use only medical use. Watch the drugs inc doco and form an opinion for yourself but i have seen first hand the massive improvement in through quality of live that marijuana can provide.
  12. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Max no sleeves is onto a winner there
  13. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Haha i know the guy at the end what awesome burnouts quick somebody call gup we have a powercruise vip crew !!!
  14. f**k yes I think a lot of gay couples will respect the privilege a whole lot more. On a side note they also should be allowed to adopt