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  1. ACA did story on street drifting in australia

    Cant wait to hear him state his case sorry, my foot slipped off the clutch
  2. What next ?

    Hey all. I'm a little stuck with regards to my next mod for my 91' 180sx red top. I have 3" zaust. Pod. Fmic. Fuel reg. Boost controller.cusco coils.front rear struts and 17" rims. And a 1k budget. A few mates said I should go for mods to make it more reliable. I.e alloy radiator. Oil cooler etc. Other mates say ecu. Turbo. I want the car to be a track/drift car what are your thoughts??
  3. t04B

    hey all...i was given a t04B turbo for free n going 2 put it on my 180...jst wondering if anyone has done it and how is it with the t04B.
  4. selling the 180

    ill give u $ 100 jks.... chuck up some pics so we can see the entire car...n see wat condition then car looks like.(interior exterior engine all that stuff)
  5. just wondering..what pressure does a sr20 180sx usually run??
  6. hey all..i finally got a guage for my sard fuel reg for my 180sx kinda looks like this 1 but mine is red http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_YJFXezG0Lps/R19c...20/IMG_2463.JPG i was wondering how do you install em n set em cheers
  7. hey all...just a quickie..what price range would two r32gtr t28's in good condition be worth?? cheers
  8. hey all..Im gettin a few pps n hitting up willowbank next saturday (the 28th) if u keen... does any1 know what time they start??
  9. bushfire cruise

    Hey all..does any1 know the link or where i can find pics of the bushfire charity cruise that happened 2day?? thx..ill post some up when i dl em 2 my pc cheers
  10. hey all...just got coilovers n was wondering whats the legal ride height in qld..mine atm is 160mm.. thx all...will post pics soon 2
  11. Hey all..i pulled this part off my car n i wanna find out what it is...it had one pipe going 2 my dump pipe..and 2 other hoses taht are just blocked off..n i wanna see if i really need it or not i got some numbers off it but cant find what it actually is...the 1st number is 1481264y00 and the 2nd is 19987-111 any ideas on where i can find part numbers n stuff off da net..tried google..but couldnt come up wit anythin
  12. funny pics

    hey all..got these pics off my bro.. hope u like em
  13. the storm

    the fail is cus my car got a bit messed up
  14. holy crap..biggest storm ever experienced in my life...only just got power back on since sunday at bout 4 when it went out...n the only thing that was damaged at our house was my car the wind blew so strong it pushed our gates open the wrong way and smached the back pasanger panel on my 180 and messed up my side mirror n left dents and paint marks from the fence all over the pasanger side epic fail
  15. FMIC Installation

    hey man..i gota 91 model sr20 180sx..withe the front re-bar..i cut mine tofit so i still got it bit it fits with the cooler...i also had to modify the bumper at the bottom to suit my 600x300x76 cooler...i cut a hole where my battery is..i wanna put my battery in the boot..so it makes it easier to do the pipe work...i have mine mounted but not hooked up atm cus the piping kit i got (from bay wit da cooler) needs 2 be modified to fit properly...i got some pics of when we did it..how it helped...let me know ey