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  1. 98 chief. I live in Tassie and e85 is still a pain to acquire for street cars.
  2. 242 is good on 555's !!! ^^^ I went ... SR20 unopened Redtop, greddy easy cams 262 deg 11.5mm lift (bit too big but sounded tough!), sard 850s, td05h-18g billet wheel, PFC, Z32 251kw on 20psi. Unreal turbo, bit annoyed I never put stock cams in to see how response was but with those aggressive cams it came on hard at 3800 and turned the tyres.
  3. I know right, the topic makes no sense, every s14 i've been in/drifted has never surged ever, even down to the fuel light. Yet I seem to have purchased one that surges hard Its a mild bus, 2871r, hks step 1s, 740s, pfc, makes 230rwkw, seems normal, nothing that would stress a good pump in the tank. I've made 250+ with an intank pump only in an s13. any sharp corner with any amount of fuel in the car seems to cut out, splutter then kick back into life. i've pulled the 040 it had out and replaced it and sat it lower and still it surges =/ anyone else ever had an issue like this??
  4. Howdy As topic states just wondering where the 2860 starts to fall over on an sr. Recently made 225 on 17 psi with 262 11.5mm cams (bit big but were too cheap to knock back) but falls off a bit top end back to 15psi, not sure if this is due to boost tee (my ebc solenoid died on dyno so still running a turbosmart tee) or I'm just leaning on this turbo too much. Had a look through the turbo comp chart but didn't find any useable info on when it starts to run out of puff. Ideally I'd love 240 to keep the tyres turning that little bit harder on the track Thanks for your help
  5. Howdy Apologies first up for what seems like a noob question, I've done all the research I could I recently bought a pfc, serial number pfc sr2014 020 1337 Looking up the serial number shows it suits 91-93 MT redtop sr (sr2014) I have a 91 sr, Manual, running a 62 ecu Old mate reckons the ecu was fine but considering my factory ecu runs fine and yet plugging this thing in it doesn't even power up the hand controller am I right in thinking something is cactus with the PFC itself? Or am I that dumb i've misconstrued the info i've gathered. Lastly if it is the pfc thats popped, where is the best place to send them to get repaired? Thanks for your time!!
  6. Tas Chat Thread V1.0

    This thread died when the GVC went into hibernation...
  7. 17x9 +10 Meisters - $1,000

    Price : $1,000 Condition : Used As the topic says selling my 17 x 9 +10 meisters in 5x114.3 stud pattern Recently painted the centres black but haven't gotten around to shimming up the lips yet. In pretty reasonable condition Will post if you organise it and at your expense Message 0448859118 Will also sell with near new 215/45 RSR fronts and 215/45 ATR rears for $1500
  8. As title suggests, I'm interested to know. I've got a s13 Sr20det with emanage, z32 and t28. Looking into pfc and nistune but wondering how bad these things really are? Anyone had any luck at all ?
  9. Howdy!! As topic suggests, I just bought an s13 that's had a 180sx front end wopped on it. Every now and then, usually when giving it a pizzling at night, it pops the fuse to the headlight relay and the pop ups come back down, yet the lights stay on This sucks cos lights are pretty handy for seeing where your going! Please help! I'm not to bad with wiring but this has me kinda stumped
  10. Price : $1,800 Condition : Used as stated, selling my 18 x 9 +6 and 18 x 10 +12 SSR Vienna's in reasonable condition, not show wheels by any means though! come with 225/40/18 Pirelli Corse P-Zeros on the front and 235/40/18 Achillies ATR on the rears contact by sms - 04488 59 148
  11. Is round 3 going to happen?

    get simon house a sponsored drive and a few others might just pop out of the woodwork!
  12. FS: 20v ae86

    howdy! someone buy my bus selling up cos i can't really afford to keep paying entry fees cam licences etc link here!! http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/showthread.php/20906-FS-white-20v-AE86-bus-of-bus-ness-TAS?p=296966#post296966 please contact on 0448859148 i'm not on here often so if you pm it'll take a while for me to get back
  13. i'm entering, paying on the day as i won't get a chance to get it in before do i have to tick a box that says 'i'm a virgin, this is my first time, please be gentle' ????
  14. ROUND 3

    you can't drive a house tho pumpkin, so when someone builds a better one you can't sit in your house better than they do, just gotta accept that they have more cash than you! having spent the past year turning a public venue into a house i can tell you it's the most boring f*cking thing you can do with your money