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  1. nj's S15

    them rims are dam tough
  2. whats the go with permits these days, if i wonted to bring my track car out? i herd they give fines to defectable cars on permit now?
  3. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    looking good man, when u birning it in to us for the respray?
  4. Toyota GX81 CRESTA

    thats soo tuff, nice exuahst aswell!
  5. mail man was good to me today. My car is going to my homies down at Pitlane for some needed attention. Front mont being fitted, along with bleedvaulve for some extra boost till i get my boost controler. Front coilover needs a new ring and my rear bearing being replaced also. cheers for all the comments
  6. cheers man yeah i just love white cars! thanks steve cant wait to get out to the track more now! yeah i liked the wide body aswell, but the rims sit so much more flush with them off, so untill i get better offset rims ill leave them off.
  7. im not sure where the remap was done mate sorry was done before i bought the car. You have 2 fcs? are they rolling shells?
  8. oh yeah future plans, i wanna do the works with it, bridgeport, bigger turbo everything really lol but just working slowley with my budget just gonna have fun in ti how it is and save some cash up.
  9. Udate, this weekend i painted the rotor white! it was a last minute choice to go with it. Happy with the choice aswell coz i love white cars, i removed the rear wide body becuase my wheels site way better to the stock guard, and i like the liped guard personally anyway. Thans to andrew for the help. i cfb fixing the guards to lazy might fixed them soon.

    alright cheers, yeah just let me no when they come in coz the rotor is looking very bare lol
  11. Just a small update on the rotor. Due to having my stupid ute defected and puting so much money to get the thing off defect i have not had much progress on the rx7. I took it out the a couple of drifts days this year just to get the feel for it, a very hard car to drift! Should be entering most drift days next year which is making me want to get it ready evan quicker for next year. In the next few weeks i should have a few things fixed up. Car will look fresh in a few weeks, fixing the bad ass rear quater damage and giving the whole car a new paint job. Im not sure on what colour i am doing it yet but im siwing more towards staying black but gloss black. Any suggestions on colour? would be great help!! New front mount should be here soon which means i will be able to fit that and the cf bonnet siiting out back. Car will sit lower all round when i get my front coliovers fixed. I snaped a few shots of how the car is sitting today, nothing special shes still work in progress. Will keep updates on the progress as it goes.

    mad bloke cliffy! cant wait for it to be out on the track def have to get our rotor cruise organised soon! also get me sum knightsports stickers to chuck on my rotor man
  13. my na s13

    very nice taste, but only on the end result lol
  14. G1 round 3

    just got back, pretty crap turnout. seriously mallala need to get some shelter on the stands coz it was discusting in the sun today!!
  15. Mallanats

    sounds like its gonna be a good event