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  1. Pit Passing

    Yeah mate i had a threaded bar coming up from the IC pipe hole, with a hook on it. And a bracket coming from the driver side fender over to the hook. Locking in the battery.
  2. Body Work

    Hey all. Just wondering if anyone can recomend a good place SoR for doing body work and paint? Lookin at getting a bodykit for the 180 and some paint work done.
  3. Yeah i did the same thing a while back, only problem was earlier this year i got a defect and while taking it over the pits they noticed it. ended up having to cut and weld a flange into the cat and re-install it.
  4. Type X front lip fittment

    Haha off track moments. Ok so its 2 screws each side near the front "pods" zip tie under the front corners 2 screws on the front underside of the intake. If its worked for you for 3 years im game . Cheers dude.
  5. Hey everyone. Just wondering if anyone has installed a type x front lip onto their front bars. Im in the process of doing this now, just after advice on where you attached it to the bumper and if you secured it with screws/bolts or simply epoxied it on. Its not a genuine- nissan lip, its a copy from TOPSTAGE so there are no holes or brackets on it. Any help would be sweet, cheers -Liam
  6. Hey, just noticed a set of type x stockies have gone missing from my place. if any sets come up for sale in W.A or seen on questionable cars, please let me know cheers -Liam
  7. standard air box vs pod

    Yeah its ironic really, because where i live in W.A is where the worst of the fires were. I literaly drove through burning ash and smoke while my neighbours house was going up, parked on his driveway with the engine running went into his house looking for him and left again with his dog, all with the pod filter on, all on a hot day with masses of ash and shit flying around burning shit and still my car diddnt ignite.
  8. was it the 70amp one on the drivers side fuse box? (in engine bay)
  9. 'clunk' in first gear - S15?

    As does my Exedy CB, i think its just normal, like the hard to get into reverse thing as well...
  10. standard air box vs pod

    Haha, yeah ive been "yellow stickerd" for the pod filter as well, they recon fuel can seep back through it off throttle and cause fire. Its not illegal over here in W.A either its just something they say is illegal and use it to make profit. After my second pit-pass from this ive decided to go back to the stock airbox with a kn pannel filter. Im still using a larger apexi power intake pipe, with a plumbed back bov. Ive just customised the box to fit. Power wise im feeling nothing, but my mechanic recons in day to day driving its more economical and if its gunna get the law off my back i guess its win win. Im considering running a cold air intake as well, from the front bumper up to the snorkle of the airbox. Ive heard thats the best way to go.
  11. Pit Passing

    They could do, but generally they just check what was on the list from last time. Haven't been over in a few years but *stares out in the backyard*. edit: whoops just saw the timeframe, how'd it go did you get it off? Yeah passed the second time, no issue. I had to do the second visit due to an ABS fault and a missing Cat temp sensor. A quick trip to the mechanic and a new sensor bung got me through. The anoying thing was, the original reasons the cop had stickerd me for were in fact not illegal at all. save for the battery being 'unsecure" after he had used both hands to pry it loose. It doesnt do them any favours when they pick on people just to fill their books. Either way, badge number was reported to the CAC, sure he wont get fired or anything, but it will go in his file. If he gets a few more aginst him and he comes up for review on promotion he may be knocked back because of excessive miss conduct. After this, his wife might leave him, for lack of $ But yeah, As far as first sticker impressions go, it wasnt as BAD as some stories ive heard.
  12. Pit Passing

    Hey, Got a yellow sticker 2 weeks ago for a pod filter and loose battery, wont get into details. I took it over the pits last Friday and it failed due to 2 new issues. ABS warning light and a temp sensor for the CAT was left disconected. I have sorted the ABS and re-connected the sensor for the CAT, im now booked in for another pit visist tomorrow. Just wondering if they can defect me again for other things after this visit or will they just be looking to see that ive sorted their original problems. The car is far from stock, yet no modifications have been done between pit visit 1 and this one. Also all modifiations are legal.
  13. Hesitation

    i am assuming that you can get the car in gear and that the car does not move when you let go of the clutch? can get car in gear. off clutch back on throttle it sorta miss fires, hesitates then comes back normal. change gear again and same issue.
  14. hey recently started having a problem with my car. sometimes, seemingly randomly the car hesitates to take off from a stopped position. No matter how cold or hot the car is this issue continues untill i turn the car off and back on again and suddenly its all good. any ideas what mite be going on? its a sr20det - 180sx, powerf fc ecu. Im not sure why it would only happen randomly? I mean, i can drive it for a whole week, no issue then out of the blue it just starts to happen, i shut it off, start it back up and its all good again. very confusing.
  15. 180sx front lip SR

    type x front lip here