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  1. Polish's S13 SR20D/VE BUILD

    REVIVAL! Just remembered about this thread.... Almost forgot how much I went through with this car! Big lol at how I used to write when I was younger and at the workshops fighting in my build thread. For everyone's info, the car is still alive and running strong! It has even done a few drift days and hasn't missed a beat. It was painted about a year ago by PRIMAL garage (photo below, don't mind the knock on the front right, got hit in a parking lot!) and my brother currently drives it interstate. Can't believe I've owned it for 8 years now... I'd love to get the car back to Victoria and get another tuning shop to give it a re-tune now that all the bugs have been fixed - would be interesting it see what it makes now (hopefully more haha) Old action shot before it was painted
  2. Mrs. Parmas just up little bourke from China Bar - great parmas and local brew! http://www.mrsparmas.com.au/
  3. Breaking Bad

    brilliant youtube vid!
  4. Breaking Bad

    can't wait for next week's episode! going to see how walt plays out giving the methylene to those other guys...if he does lol

    seeing it makes me want to get my silvia back to it's former glory!

    maroon/red onevia, white wheels, soooooo low, primal sticker on it's rear quarter going onto the princess fwy from kororoit creek road earlier tonight fkn mint!
  7. The Wire

    yeah what happen with bodie was sad
  8. The Wire

    Was wondering if anyone had gotten into the wire? Definately my favourite show and would recommend it to everyone! Was quite sad when I finished watching the show haha favourite character had to be Omar! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0306414/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wire
  9. Breaking Bad

    amazing show! love the character development of jesse and walt from season 1 > 4! can't wait for season 5
  10. SR20DE '91 S13 Silvia, First car.

    upgraded to a Peugeot haha just driving it as a daily bro... saving cash for a house etc here's my build thread if anyone's interested: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=361988&st=0 I feel like such a noob reading back on it lol car's had a big history... last post in the thread was about 2 years ago!! in the mean time I just daily'd it everywhere, bought a set of 17 x 9" +27 CST's cheap, went winton (car can slide!!) and got defected recently hence it's current state... sweet P plater car! once we paint it, wind down the coilovers, put the CST's back on and fix it up some more it'll be shweet!

    I got defected at a booze bus over Christmas after they breathalyzed me highway patrol came and reamed me.. spotted a 300C with the plates CHURRR.. made me laugh haha Oh, no way man, it was me in the 'S14A' S14a I saw your S15, it's white with nice offset? Black rims? I just thought it was a random drug test... Wtf, did they defect you at the booze bus?! I must admin i was shitting bricks as soon as i saw your S15, but then i though "no way they'd dick me at the booze bus"...
  12. during highschool in my group of mates there were 4 daniels who all had nicknames too.... daniel (breadman), daniel (deni), daniel (mario) and me... being the only Polish one i was nicknamed 'Polish'.. and it kinda stuck haha and the underscore at the end just because!
  13. What would you import

    That Top Gear episode had me in tears!!
  14. VicDrift Practice Day

    It was also my first day at Winton! had so much fun! was in group C and the car ran with no dramas the whole day so i couldn't be happier only used 1 set of tyres haha I made a new avatar too Big thanks to Vicdrift for organizing the day and the 2 guys at the startline! props for the flow and for being out in the cold the whole day! lol