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  1. Track S series

    As per that photo spec is Engine - this is the engine that was in the car before he decided to strip it and go full race car, new engine being built for racing now. Forged Pistons & Rods GT3076R Injector Dynamics 2000cc injectors GReddy Sump GTi-R Head GTi-R Quad throttle Body with custom Plenum Tomei Cams Sunline One Piece Titanium Cat Back Exhaust PWR Intercooler Cheetah E85 Race Fuel Tuned by Unigroup Engineering it made just over 350kw atw Driveline Holinger 6 Speed Sequntial OS Giken Twin Plate Kaaz Rear Diff Suspension Bilstein Custom Coilovers Ikeya Formula Catalogue Brakes Alcon 4 Pot Calipers front & rear Bodywork Vertex Reach Widebody Kit Voltex Rear Wing Custom Carbon Front Splitter Custon Carbon Rear Diffuser Fibreglass Doors with Lexan Windows Fibreglass Boot Fibreglass Bonnet Carbon Replacement Headlight Covers Interior Full Cams Cage Cobra Race Seat he was just running around on 4 year old street tyres for the shakedown just to make sure everything works and find any mechanical issues. This is the first time its been driven apart from the tune so just wanted to make sure all was good, will be back out to start seeing what kind of times it can do and start getting the setup right very soon.
  2. Track S series

    First test day for our customer in his S15 last week.
  3. how many screens do you game with?

    Yea I figured that, but I have noticed that some site dont come up on there even if they have it on their online store.
  4. how many screens do you game with?

    Glad to hear you guys are liking the Benq, I am going to get myself 3 of them next month for new build im doing. Any tips on where to get them cheap?
  5. Some of my Fabrication Pics

    Elias's new radiator looks mint Mitch as always top work!
  6. Homefront

    I'm playing online daily with no problems? loving it on PC btw.
  7. how many screens do you game with?

    I am building a new gaming comp at the moment, im going to use 3 of the benq 120hz monitors for the setup.
  8. Racing Cockpit Thread

    tomorrow sweet, bit more angle on the pedals tho please!
  9. Racing Cockpit Thread

    so when are you dropping mine off kemp?
  10. Crysis 2

    I loved the first one until you get into the Ship, wasn't a fan of that park, but running around the jungle was great. I wasn't sure if I would be keen on the Urban setup but it was better than I expected, kind of reminded me a little bit of FEAR2. I think overall this is a much better game than the first. Keen to get on the MP and see what its like, but it might have to wait another few days as I have to finish AC2.... then we get NFSS2 Unleashed on Thursday... Lucky the missus has a whole lot of Uni work to catch up on next weekend!!!
  11. Crysis 2

    I finished the SP last night, loving the game haven't hit up the MP yet will prob give that a go tomorrow, Graphics and Sound is awesome and the SP was actually longer than I expected to be honest. My PC runs the game pretty well considering im only running a 8800GT, I thought it might struggle when I turned the settings up but has been fine even at super high res.
  12. Crysis 2

    I grabbed a copy last night. I only played for about half hour maybe not even that long, Seems good so far bit early to say really, they have changed it to set buttons for suit actions which at the moment I am not a fan of as I had it set to my extra mouse buttons in the original which was easy for changes on the fly and not as many keys to remember. Graphics are awesome and sound seems pretty good to.
  13. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    you talking about Brotherhood or AC2? I have not yet had to deliver a single letter?
  14. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    I have only had a short chance to play it over the weekend, think I shut it down last night at the end of sequence 4, im enjoying it so far, haven't tried out the multiplayer yet. I swear I own half of Rome tho.....
  15. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    out on PC yesterday is what EB told me anyway.