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  1. Sleeping disorders/problems.

    I find that I need to have at least a couple of hours chill out before going to bed. By this I mean, whatever you do for relaxation. TV, books, internet forums etc. Try to avoid deep meaningful conversations, and doing anything physical in this time, as these often re-energise you, which isn't what you need immediately before bed. If you feel stressed about a problem you are facing, then write it down before you go to bed and depending on what you wrote, you can either throw it away straight away or keep it till you wake up. By writing it down, you are releasing it from your immediate thoughts. You can almost feel the relief once you start writing. Also stop worrying about whether you get enough sleep or not. As long as the body is rested, it doesn't matter if you get 2 hours sleep a day or 10 hours. It is quite normal to have days where you just can't sleep for whatever reason, and as long as you don't stress about it, you will feel fine the next day. If your body clock has adjusted, then take it as a sign that life has changed for you. Find activities that you can do during the hours that you would have normally slept. Perhaps take up a night shift job if you are desperate. There is an ever increasing number of people that claim that they are "nocturnal". While it may not be the lifestyle you are looking for at this stage, you may grow to like sleeping during the day, and staying awake at night. Whatever the case, you have the ability within you to get over this challenge. I Wish you well in your quest for good sleep.
  2. Anzac day long weekend

    Hi-power Racing dyno day tomorrow @ Slacks creek. Still some spots available by the looks of things. http://www.boostcruising.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=543654
  3. So Where To Go From Here..

    your point? Older cars, that may not have been looked after by every owner often need more money spent on maintenance (and when you are talking an s13
  4. So Where To Go From Here..

    S13s are going on 20 years old now, and you wonder why your dad won't let you buy one.
  5. ninemsn "Ugliest Cars ever built"

    I'd take that MX5. You don't need to look good when you are up to your door handles in mud.
  6. WORK / JOBS

    I am a laser printer, working on high speed cut sheet and roll feed machines. If you get a bill in the mail or a bank statement, then it is likely to have come from us or one of our rival companies. I generally like the work, but it certainly isn't my dream job. The one thing that irks me a little, is the workplace agreement where everone is on the same wage. I prefer a system which allows pay to be based upon what sort of worker you are. There are some great people that work there, and very few that give any sort of problem (for me anyway), so it is a generally pleasant environment.
  7. Facebook. I could update my status to "Someone get me off this damn island".
  8. My Big problem!

    This. Was following one today, and it looked like the driver could have fitted another person on top of his shoulders and there would still be room.
  9. 24 grand to spend, what car?

    http://autospeed.com/cms/title_Mitsubishi-Colt-Ralliart/A_108017/article.html 1.5 litres of turbocharged goodness.
  10. 24 grand to spend, what car?

    You could get a near new, or demo Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart for that.
  11. What Is Your Favorite Rims Of All Time

    SSR Type C RS
  12. Hotmail email hacked, spam bot of sorts

    Had something similar a month or two ago. The email sent out was just some dodgy link (with letters and numbers) you couldn't even click on. I found out that it even sent the message to tech support of my ISP, because they were in my address book from a previous problem. Wasn't showing in sent items in my hotmail account though.
  13. Found this Aristo on yahoo auctions here: http://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/129354682 Not sure on specs.
  14. People believe 100kmh is too fast.

    I see the poll on the linked page, has more than 90% of people opposing a reduction in speed limits in rural areas. So much for the Monash research.
  15. Breakfast @ Lakeside

    Had a lot of fun out there. Definately want to get back out there now. Look forward to seeing the pics.