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  1. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    don't you include the weight of the trailer as well? anyways the Prado should tow it with no problems. does it come with the electronics? if so what sounder/gps is it coming with? again, nice rig mate. should be expecting some ripper reports from you in a couple of months time.
  2. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    very nice Kairazy. I was looking into doing the same thing but I have other priorities before becoming a boat owner. what is the beam? not sure about SA but in NSW it has to be under 2.5m (from memory) otherwise you will need a wide load sign when towing it to the ramp. judging by the size of the boat it would probably be ~2 ton wet, what are you towing it with?
  3. Battlefield 3

    you can probably get ebay prices or sometimes even better prices at some online stores, plus you don't get burnt dodgy traders and usually don't have problems with warranty try pccasegear umart msy all the usual online geekstores.
  4. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    thanks Josh, I think we'll (i'm unofficially a silent partner) start off small and see how we go... hopefully when things settle down i'll be able to make my way down and try to organise a Nissansilvia snapper charter...
  5. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    What is the jigging scene like in SA? is there a market down there for it? A friend is taking over the distribution rights for a company that specialises in jigging rods and terminal tackle, so i'm just putting some feelers out to see what the other states are doing. I noticed Ray and Annes have Jigging master gear for sale, are there any other stores that sell jigging/popping gear?
  6. Samsung Galaxy S II

    a friend closed the tailgate of my ute on my phone and cracked the screen. its going to cost me $240 to get it fixed from fixmymobile.com.au in Brisbane. Anyone know where i can get it fixed in Sydney?
  7. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    ugh. just realised where Arno bay is... don't think i'll be driving there from Sydney
  8. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    when would be the best time for snapper? a mate and my self are pretty keen to head down, if i organise a charter would you guys be interested ?
  9. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    nice work DR Josh. i've been meaning to go to SA to catch some decent snapper. have you guys been on any charters that chases snapper? any feedback/recommendation would be good.
  10. The Heavy Music Thread

    wtf. Lamb of God and In Flames are only playing in Canberra and Brisbane. FMD edit: http://www.oztix.com.au/OzTix/GigGuide/tabid/744/Default.aspx?en=lamb%20of%20god&vn=&st=&dt=0
  11. Battlefield 3

    Combat stats Kills 266 Deaths 263 K/D Ratio 1.011 Headshots 66 Longest headshot 454.53m Longest pistol HS 301.16m according to the stats my pistol hs is 301m woah...
  12. Battlefield 3

    Longest HS for me is 454m using MK11 with standard scope (x8 I think) 10hours @ lvl9 which is pretty hopeless. I need to stop playing recon and get some serious points happening.
  13. Battlefield 3

    how many game hours has every clocked up?
  14. Battlefield 3

    yea i had a few rounds of sp, had the same thing where they go through the wall and knife me. In singleplayer played on ultra settings it was good. jumped into multi player then the computer died... well not die but ~10fps is near dead. i'm playing this on 580gtx @ 2560x1440 but the cpu is Q6600 @ 3.2ghz
  15. Battlefield 3

    do this. it works for me fine that worked, thank you.