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  1. Is that the big damper weight off the bottom of the shock? If it is, dont stress Steph
  2. Introduce Yourself

    Name: Steph Where I live: Hobart Tas What I do for a living: I work as a heavy vehicle mechanic, looking for a change tho What I drive: 265kw Australian delivered S15 Spec R, 05 Kawasaki ZX10 sports bike Mods/future plans: Finish my Z33 gearbox conversion, forged rebuild, cage???? Dream Car: R34 GTR Interests: cars, riding, the usual Contact: pm me
  3. And by he, they mean she Try standing it in a small tall container of fluid that covers ALL the ports, and pumping the pistons down with a screwdriver,If you can't get it to pressurize after bleeding like that, I would disassemble and start again.
  4. Crack the line out of the master cylinder, most of the time you need to bleed the master, before it will pump fluid to the wheels
  5. DO NOT START YOUR CAR!!!!!!!!!!!! The extra load caused by the power stroke can cause a seizure/ bearing grab, even if the crank etc were lubed. Try sucking on the turbo feed as suggested, or remove plugs to get some extra cranking speed.
  6. Hi, I am probably going o be moving to QLD from Tassie in the next few months, and am just working out what to do with the silv, and how hard it would be to get QLD plates. It is an ADM S15 with engineered Brembo upgrade, suspension arms/coilovers, and exhaust. But it also has highmount 3082, cooler, enclosed pod, oil cooler etc. Am I likely to be able to find someone who will give me a roadworthy? I am going to try and get the rest engineered in tassie, I am hoping that might help. Thanks Steph
  7. s15 engine bay tags

    My ADM only has the 2 factory plates, one tucked up next to the brake booster, and one on the rad support. Looks legit.
  8. Water pump? Just a thought, I have never pulled an SR waterpump out, but have seen 1 failed water pump bearing in a truck engine.
  9. thrust bearing

    S15 is push type. Search is your friend
  10. Does your OS Giken flywheel have basket or finger/post setup for the clutch/steel plates? If its fingers/posts, mod a standard flywheel to suit, that is what I am currently doing on my ORC 559 twinplate for z33 conversion. Almost ready to go in
  11. You need the S14 kit, the flywheel heights are different, the clutches are the same. I am chasing up an s13/14 ORC twinplate flywheel atm for my Z55 conversion in the s15
  12. I have the kit that is advertised on zilvia.com (http://zilvia.net/f/drivetrain/370705-z33-sr20-adapters-back-limited-quantities.html), I bought it unused off a member here. Essare, could you measure the inside of the disc surface (were it is cut away for bolts), and also the diameter on the back of where the ringgear sits Thanks
  13. Z33 = 350Z. I should have the adapter kit here next week. I dont want to go for the z32/r33 conversion, as it in an S15, so I will need a diff ratio change, and by the time I do that the costs will be pretty much the same. I have managed to get hold of a stock S13 flywheel, and it looks like I should be able to get the basket fingers mounted.
  14. Hi, I am just wondering if anyone has a s13/14 flywheel I can measure up out of car, preferably a lightweight aftermarket? I am doing a Z33 box conversion on my S15, and want to keep using my twinplate clutch, I just need to mod an earlier non dualmass flywheel to suit, and dont want to buy and then have to return if wrong. Thanks Steph Mods please dont delete, this isnt a WTB
  15. just undo the pressure plate bolts a few turns at a time, working opposite sides of the plate And yes, the OS twinplates are sprung, I am doing the same myself, but with a Z33 6 speed conversion. Steph