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  1. can always have a makeshift course.. be flexible..
  2. too bad you guys couldn't do it like what we did back home in malaysia.. my friends just hosted a gymkhana challenge between malaysia and thailand.. Links are as below..
  3. Whats the monkey doing with that frog

    that is one desperate monkey!
  4. november drift matsuri (in japan)

    plenty of time to go to uni and get a japanese girlfriend!! Lol..just joking!!
  5. Think about it and let me know..

    hhmm.. I am asian and how come i don't see myself getting any "white" meat? Lol..just joking!! I have a gf for 6 years and I am just plain bored at work..anyway good discussion!! By the way, most asian ppl tend to keep their "bush" because it is more natural..and not many asians are happy to go under the knife for cosmetic purposes..maybe koreans but this might need confirming as well..
  6. Fs: 08 Yamaha R1

    reason for sale? i think u should keep it if possible..
  7. Think about it and let me know..

    i thought mail order brides are illegal now..or is it still listed under the grey area section? i am not sure man..anyone can confirm this?
  8. Think about it and let me know..

    dude..i am just too bored at work..
  9. I'm bored outta my arse at work today and i came up with a few questions and theories.. 1)Ever thought why MOST Asian girls(that grew up in Asia) are a bit flat? My answer to that is that most asian countries don't have fresh milk and they grow up by drinking powdered milk from NZ or something. And most western ppl feed their babies with fresh milk..So in the end it all comes down to the diet since young!! (Note: If you want your daughter to have a great rack then feed her more fresh milk!!) 2)Why is it that most western guys can get away with asian girls and not the other way around?? I don't see any asian guys with western girls..and i have come up with a few theories.. - cock size? - residency status? - money and status back home?? You guys tell me and let me know what u guys think..
  10. Malaysian Drifters

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyrfhhTc3lo Just an insight on malaysian drifting scene with the God of Drift from Japan visiting!! there is a female drifter in it too!!
  11. Turbo Charging a Type R

    Fob When you turbo Hondas you lose reliablity, you can get that back, but its a hardcore drain on the old wallet. Some will say just get a turbo car like a skyline, WRX etc. But turbo charged cars like hondas etc have a huge sleeper element that appeals to some people. So even though its can cost alot, the sleeper element can justify most of the cost. Just as long as you dont have some massive front mount like lookingforboost try low pressure turbo, they will provide better pickups and wouldn't sacrifice the beauty of the vtec at high revs..but that's just my thought..
  12. 87 civic

    make sure that you strenghten your chassis too.. seen a first gen civic with b16a in it and the car couldn't handle it..the chassis broke!!
  13. **3sGTE AE86** Hand Designed, Engineered & Built

    man..i wish i could be at the passanger side when you're driving it full trottle..
  14. Why can't we get ?s into Australia?

    what about HOnda Ek9 Type Rs?? they are fun and economical..
  15. u can try out the apartments at theater mews or the apartments in that area..