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  1. Yea I dunno maybe it could. As long as the manual spiggot bush is still fitted so the input shaft is centres and neither bush sits out further than the flywheel which is very unlikely then I couldn't see how it could cause any kind of issue. Never know though I guess.
  2. Can I ask why ya say that gaz? Just interested to know! I've seen a heap done where the auto spiggot bush has been left there and the manual one just fitted as well as it slides into the centre.. The auto one doesn't sit out any further than the flywheel so won't foul on anything, input shaft just goes through the middle of it and into the manual one as it should.
  3. Can use the standard auto ecu, manual box will just need reverse lights and speed sensor wired up. Need manual bellhousing bolts because auto is different. Other than that you've pretty much got everything!
  4. I will take the a pillar trims! Just sent you an inbox!!
  5. manual conversion

    Yep as above. Very easy.
  6. manual conversion

    No. Standard computer will run the car fine. Obviously just needs to be wired to suit the conversion though.
  7. Sr20det cam installation, doesn't turn over

    I'm guessing timing is out! Maybe 180deg or something like that!
  8. My s15 does exactly the same thing and the tuner told me he thought it was a vacuum leak in the brake booster
  9. Have a 4:1 2way out of s13 and want to know if I can fit it to my s15. Obviously the housing is diffirent but can I just use the diff centre and then keep the s15 housing/crown wheel and pinion gear?
  10. Will s14 propshaft fit in a s13

    Yep correct ^^^ s13/14 box are the same so just keep the s13 tailshaft that's currently in the car! You can't use the s14 one as it mounts are completly different! And definitely can't use an auto s13 one as the yolk is a different size altogether!
  11. Will s14 propshaft fit in a s13

    No s13 and s14 are completly diffirent tail shaft.
  12. Reverse light is actually a diffirent colour too! Adm is clear, jdm are light pink!
  13. s14 engine into s15

    Nup wouldn't worry about it. I had no issues at all. They are basically the same motor. Mine is registered with the s14 engine number, had a roadworthy done etc and didn't even get questioned
  14. s14 engine into s15

    My s15 motor popped, put an s14 motor in it then went for a roadworthy inspection no issues at all. Rego application after that with the s14 engine number and walked out with rego. No issues whatsoever. This was in sa.