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  1. My new project

    Hope your handy with the spanner Its a lot of work man, I would probably buy one which already has everything inside like interior etc. This is because I know that putting a on the dash is a real pain in the ass, not to mention the window seals...
  2. Sold

  3. My car has been stolen

    Did you have an alarm/immobiliser on it? Is it insured?
  4. i think this is overpriced?:P

    I had a good laugh at this a while back. Its been up there a while lol. Its only a CA18 turbo too lol. I'm selling my SR20DET blacktop for $9000.00, http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=247223 Swap for supra lol.
  5. Sold

    PRICE DROP, $9000.00 ono!!!
  6. Sold

    Cool, cheers for that APS. If your mate is serious about it then we can T something up next weekend if he likes. Blackburn i'm not a fan of tyrekickers . I generally feel that people welcome to come see the car if they show interest and I can take them for a spin, but normally if people want to test drive I ask for a deposit. Cheers
  7. Sold

    Added engine bay and interior shots
  8. Sold

  9. idling problem, check engine light on

    Your O2 sensor won't be doing this. You've probably blown off an clamp on your intercooler piping and the ECU is going into limp home mode. Are you getting heaps of black smoke out the exhaust?
  10. Thoughts on Evo 7

    Yeah, I'm more inclined to get a 7 over a 6.5. Not looking to pump too much $$$ into it, going to leave it mostly stock so...
  11. Check out this spolit bitch

    wtf? I didn't even own my own bike a 14, let alone a f**king mercedes... I think the parents need to be shot, rather than the girl. Best way to teach kids to value shit is to get them to work hard for something. If they f**kup though, then you have to break the shit infront of them. That'll learn em', damn punk kids.
  12. Not a good idea going above 180km an hour in a silvia lol
  13. Black Bonnets

    Just paint the whole car black... Black = tuff.
  14. drop the clutch !

    I think that was actually a result of lightening the stock flywheel.