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  1. R33 GTST Caliper Upgrade /s13: wheel offset

    S15 wheels should clear the front. I know 100% they do the rear. But as Blingy said. If the design of the wheel is flat or concave will make a big difference.
  2. My passion!

    Hey Everyone, Not much of an update really. I sold the Enkei RS05RR wheels. I really loved them but they sort of weren't suited for the car and didn't go with the 90's theme I've tried to keep. So i pulled the pin and purchased a brand new set of RAYS TE37 in bronze. I had these specially ordered because these are discontinued sizes so i had to wait quite a while. Sizes are F: 17x9 +15 R: 18x9.5 +12 Purchased some Bridgestone Potenza RE003 after all the biased reviews i read LOL... jk I actually had a real good experience with RE-01 at one point so i decided to piss federals off and get quality. Also some new MCA Suspension wheel nuts. Just want to sort alignment out and bring the rear camber in a bit and give the front a bit more camber. Thanks for stopping by
  3. My passion!

    Hi Everyone, I know not many people are on this site anymore. But fuck it! I'll update it anyway. No big update unfortunately. Sorry lol. Only real update is that i finally had the Koguchi Power hood i purchased years ago installed. Think this will be the first and last piece of fibreglass i put on the car. For a well branded hood the fit and finish was not as good as i thought. But after the headaches it's finally on and i think it looks awesome. Also had the following installed just to help. Custom airbox made up due to bonnet vents to stop water hitting the pod. Optima yellow top battery installed because i'm not driving the car too often. Custom catch can made and relocated. I'm loving this car at the moment. Drives like a dream. It's great on boost/brakes/corners.
  4. S15 hits limiter at 5500rpm

    Cooler pipe blown?
  5. My passion!

    Took the car for a photo shoot the other weekend with my girlfriends S15. This was just taken with my phone but i'll post the proper pics once i have them. Thanks
  6. Hope all go's well mate. This a fucked up situation. I can't imagine what bright spark went off in their head when they did that shit.
  7. things that annoy you

    People that take their food out of the microwave with 1 second left. Then don't clear the timer.
  8. on my way to 200rwkw

    My S15 makes 200rwkw @ 15psi with the following mods. - FMIC - Full turbo back exhaust - Bosch 040 fuel pump - Stock injectors/AFM/T28 - Nistune - Turbosmart Electronic boost controller I've got the dyno sheet to prove it made 200kw but to me it seems like a happy dyno.
  9. That's a great piece of information right there. Thank you very much. Makes a lot of sense since the Type X came out with ABS standard which is probably why it wasn't fitting.
  10. SOLD

    Don't do it Maq!! This thing is mint! Whoever buys will be getting a mint example.
  11. good tuners Melbourne 180sx

    Apexi PowerFC is pretty old technology now days. I just recently took out the PowerFC i bought 5 years ago for a Haltech Platinum Pro. Couldn't be happier. Save your money and get something good.
  12. Let's Talk Brake Pads!

    Great write up from everyone. I might consider the Intima D pads for my car. I have greddy 6pot calipers though so i don't know what is compatible yet Will have to confirm with you on that one.
  13. 50. S15 weekend car. ^^ Respect!!