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  1. **Front bar being repaired, will be fixed for sale. Spec R turbo 140000 klms 6 speed man 6,000 KMs on engine SPOOL Forged H Beam Conrods Head decked CP oversized forged pistons (Rings, Pins and Locks ) 86.5 New bore oil squirters Cometic MLS Head Gasket MLS manifold gasket All brand new genuine Nissan gaskets throughout ACL Race Series Main Bearings ACL Race Series Big End Bearings ARP head studs ARP main studs Tomei rocker arm stoppers 264 Tomei cams T28 jap BB turbo Strengthen single lighten flywheel with excedy HD clutch screamer pipe Aeroflow front mount Mishimoto alloy radiator Nismo high flow thermostat housing Heavy duty water pump Tight LSD diff Eboost street boost controller 14 and 8 psi Adjustable camber arms/ traction rods 5% window tint on sides 15% on rear 6000k hids Powertune steam pipe manifold Xforce high flow cat 3.5 pipe to Varex Brand new K sport coilovers ( height and camber adjustment) Vertex bodykit with yoshio factory fenders ( front bar needs repair) Dmax taillights Defi boost gauge 18x 9 wheels on front 18x 9.5 on rear Apexi turbo timer reads air, fuel, volts Apexi Rev/Speed meter Pioneer champion speakers with Clarion flip screen

    **to read the full interview visit http://the-Maddest.com ** Interview with Bombs Away, interviewed by Jed Gillham Playing at Rumaz Night Club on the 17th June (event link below) http://www.facebook.com/?sk=events&ap=1#!/event.php?eid=216582675018655 Alright, so you've obviously known eachother for a long time but how did you first meet and when did you both decide that you wanted to form Bombs Away? haha well we met when our mum brought Tom home and was like, hey, here's your new brother, then Sketch beat him up for about 15 years, We bought Dance eJay when we were like 10 (actually we were meant to buy Dance eJay2 but sketch got the wrong one and we had a fight) as we grew up Thomas went down the hiphp/beatboxing route and Sketch played shitty trance, then they met up again over Breaks and moved to electro from there. Youve made a few bootlegs and remixes so far, how do you go about choosing which songs your going to do this to? 66 so far actually haha, we just find something we like and play with it, usually its for our sets, then we end up releasing it or someone steals it and puts it online haha So your biggest songs at the moment would have to be Big Booty Bitches and Swagger, did you ever think when you were making these that they would become so well known? lol we did BBB in an afternoon and it started going crazy at shows! we ended up re making it and releasing it and it went crazy! Swagger is a bit of a head nod to the stuff we listened to growing up, it was fun to do and we're stoked its gone amazingly, it was never aimed at radio so thats been a huge surprise. The vocals for Big Booty Bitches are so deep and I'm sure just touch the hearts of anyone who hears them how did you come up with such catchy vocals? haha they were actually written by friends of ours in the states, but they affected us so deeply we had to turn them into that song lol What's some of the craziest stuff you've done at a show? we're actually usually the sensible ones, untill we hit the goon, lol then we cant really remember what happened, so i cant answer this question haha Your playing at Electric playground on the 14th of may, what can we expect from your show? we actually are working out weather we'll die if we jump off that massive stage! i'm pretty sure we will. What sort of music is Bombs Away listening to at the moment? we're listening to so much diverse stuff atm, bass klephs remix of Whine ya waistline is SO f**king funky thats getting a workout, and on the other end is spectrum Barretso-Chase rocks it hard,so does Disco Fries - Killer and Oh Snap's new one - Who let the Douchebags in, its pretty funny and rocks hard. Your song supersoaker is set to blow up once it hits a few more ears, what are your plans for it? we're releasing that one internationally with a massive push by Universal worldwide, hopefully it'll be one of those songs that you end up sick of cause everyones smashing it haha, the remix pack has some of our idols on board so we're really excited! What else can we expect from Bombs Away in the rest of 2011? we're on a huge tour at the moment to launch the WILD NIGHTS 2011 cd which we've just finished mixing, its pretty much hitting every city and most towns so we're basically just traveling and writing new music on the road. Any final words for the fans and future fans out there? get drunk & let me see your swagger! nah, lol, if you're bored come hang out on our FB, we're usually online www.facebook.com/bombsawaymusic To read other stories and interview and just keep upto date with the internet visis these links http://the-maddest.com www.themaddestinterviews.com
  3. Big day out queensland

    Go on the bdo site, all sold out
  4. Big day out queensland

    Just chasing a big day out ticket for queensland, if anyone is selling one or knows of someone selling one if you could let me know please
  5. pain when doing shoulder press

    its more so when im sitting on a 90 degree bench but also a little when im standing. I will give it anohter go tonight and see if that works.
  6. When doing shoulder press i get pain in my lower back as if its arching a lot? technique maby?
  7. bdo tickets

    heyy just after some BDO tickets for the goldcoast show, if u have some or know someone with some if u could PM me to let me know cheers
  8. JBN August Mixup

    love it
  9. getting known

    haha, im not in it for the image, just want to have some fun. cheers
  10. getting known

    hey guys, ive been DJing for a while now and just wondering how you guys go about getting gigs at different venues and such? Ive aproached a couple places and asked them if they need anyone to DJ any time and have given them my number, but how do you guys go about it? It doesent realy bother me to much not getting gigs caus im happy just playing he music for my own satisfaction but i also like to entertain people and it just makes the whole experiance more enjoyable when you can share it with others
  11. Slysx's Feb Electro Mix

    link doesnt work?
  12. Coolant Keeps Overflowing

    i just had it in at the radiator place, and the top hose off the overflow bottle doesent go anywhere, like its been disconected and a bolt has been put in the end of it (not the one that goes to the radiator, the other one) can anyone tell me where this is spose to go? as they aid conecting it back up should fix the problem
  13. ok its got me completley stumped! i just brought a 1998 s80 t6 and it keeps running out of coolant. I fixed the leek in the heater core thinking that was the problem, but it wasent and now it just keeps pushing all the water into the overflow bottle then out the over flow hose onto the road? i have no idea why? the temp isnt going over half way so its not overheating, but it keeps saying check coolant and when i do its empty? any help would be awsome
  14. coilovers for a 94 honda accord....does anyone know where i can get some? i know D2 make a set, but anywhere else??