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  1. poor mans rb25 conversion

    Why not unbolt the two bolts that hold the master there? That'd give you a good 20mm or so to wiggle things around and see what you have to do to get it to fit.
  2. poor mans rb25 conversion

    What does it hit? The lines or master itself? If it isn't hitting much just shave some off your plenum, slot your engine mounts a little bit further down or forward. All should help
  3. c10 skyline

    I was in a friends on the weekend and they want 5000000yen for it. It's an immaculate replica coupe with 3.1L
  4. wrong section youll have to take it in tho. normally its one of the desk girls that will look at it anyway. ask in the qld section
  5. Gearbox compliance in Brisbane.

    you dont need compliance then. what your looking for is a modification plate. but i dont even know if you need that in qld for auto - manual. look in the qld section
  6. Please get me details when you can!
  7. yeh it says i cant provide the car for use in transport under another name did you want to see a copy of that to see what theyve written?
  8. please let me know as soon as you know. i want to get the ruling lifted off my car.
  9. poor mans rb25 conversion

    just go to your local parts shop and look through the books for a mount that size
  10. c35 laurel

    looks like youve raised it. yeh i had to to get it on the boat and also to pass a roady worthy here in qld. i didnt get time while i was back to drop it down again. i need to have the exhaust tucked up a bit and then i can drop it about 15mm at the back and 30mm at the front and itll still be legal. mind you, thats as high as it can go
  11. c35 laurel

    got it regod... but im not at home to drive it.haha
  12. c35 laurel

    in aust getting regod on monday
  13. What did you import Adam? When my car was delivered, all my inner cargo was taken out. To get in back, my dad just went around to the customs brokers and took a stroll though their wharehouse, and picked out all my stuff. The only thing that couldn't be found was a bunch of Drift Tengoku magazines.. Bastards!!!!! my c35. took it for a quick drive today. getting my rwc and rego on monday. all my inner cargo turned up but they have scratched 3 out of my 4 brand new wheels and stuck the new VIN on the guard happy its finally here but not happy in other ways.