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  1. Hi, My wife drives a 2001 MX-5 soft top which is used quite frequently. Lately, we have noticed that the carpet on the drive side of the car gets wet typically after rain. Up in Sydney, we have been getting more than usual rain fall. I have checked the interior of the car, to determine if the water was coming through the windows or through the roof but the car is always dry every else except for the carpet on the drivers side. I do not know where the water is coming from. The carpet is soaked right through and I had to use a wet vacuum to remove the water from the driver side of the car. I removed approximately 1 litre of water. Water does not appear to have any unusual odour and might be rain water. Can someone please help me determine the cause of the problem? Thank you. Cheers, Jon
  2. SEVS compliance question

    Perhaps to wait for the plates to arrive from Canberra? Chef would probably know better. I saw your video of the FD cruise on you tube. Its in Victoria though. I thought it would be in Japan. Its an awesome vid as well. The last 10seconds could be incriminating though. Whats with the Yoda one?? Jon
  3. SEVS compliance question

    G'day William, I believe the compliance workshop will charge for the compliance plate because each workshop is only given a limited number of compliance plates each year to control the number of cars coming into the country. btw, I might be moving to Japan, Sendai next year so I might see you and your FD around Jon
  4. Compliance Wasteland Thread

    Nice rims Matt. Been away for a while. Just dropped in to check who is alive and who isn't. Just recieved the usual email from Prestige informing prospective buyers of the V36. Personally, the V36 coupe looks quite similar to the V35 one except for the lights. I like the V36 sedans and might be looking to aquire one in coming year when prices are lower............ (hint hint Chef) The new power plant looks impressive and the all wheel steer does appear to be quite effective. Jon
  5. New Rx7 2010

    Well, I consider myself to be a fairly well to do with a good and stable income. I don't have trouble putting food on the table nor paying all the necessary bills that keep my family happy. But I must admit that $8/l for petrol is a bit too rich for me. It may not be for you, but it will be for many. Keep also in mind that petrol prices will raise the prices of many of the other commodities we rely on for sustenance such as bread, rice, corn, fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, meat, water and electricity. The latest project I am working on at the moment is on desalination processes with a lot of emphasis on reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, ultra and micro filtration membranes and the water outlook does not look great for us as well. Not sure how the government intends to keep the cost down but it does not seem very feasible since the operating cost will far exceed what we are paying right now. Capital will probably be absorbed by the government, but what I think will really happen is privatisation, which will mean the government will have little control as to how much we will be paying for water...... For what its worth, I don't own a commodore and never have. I have always been a Mazda fan. Great car builders and designers and I would hate to see the company making wrong decisions in their future directions. I think there is a need to push towards sustainable cars. Jon
  6. New Rx7 2010

    Simply stating that the high fuel consumption of rotary engines may not appeal to the general car buying people. Having owned a RX7, and loved it for what it is, I would hate to see the car become a flop. I assume they would need to sell the cars in volumes that would be similar to the RX8, and honestly, I don't think many people are prepared to pay $8/l to drive a rotary. People may however still continue to pay $8/l to drive a Austin Martin Vanquish or similar super car because the people who buy these sort of cars have a lot of money to play around with anyway. Jon
  7. New Rx7 2010

    The timing for the release of the new RX7 will be at a bad time IMO. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,2...593-661,00.html Taken from the local news....... THE price of petrol could soar to a crippling $8 a litre over the coming decade, CSIRO-sponsored research has warned. The nightmare scenario says the weekly family fuel bill for a medium-sized passenger vehicle could rise to $220 by 2018 -- taking $12,000 a year out of family budgets. Australians would be forced to radically change their lives and seek alternative forms of fuel and transport. * Special report: Energy crisis A rise in fuel prices of this dimension would also rock the nation's tourism and mining industries. Petrol costs will impact most on low-income earners and people in the outer suburbs and the regions, according to the report. "Modelling undertaken for the Future Fuels Forum projected prices in the range of $2 to as high as $8 a litre by 2018 for petroleum-based products in Australia," says the CSIRO-led forum. This compares with the painful $1.69 a litre motorists were paying at most petrol stations in Melbourne yesterday. The predictions are based on claims of a global peak in international oil production resulting in dwindling future oil supplies. The rise in fuel prices will occur without the impost of an emissions trading scheme, which is likely to add just 25 cents a litre to the cost of fuel, according to the report. The good news is that the high oil prices will eventually drop to current levels or even below current levels by 2025 as alternative fuels and new technology replace today's petrol guzzling vehicles. CSIRO's Dr John Wright said a serious rise in the price of fuel would eventually see a take-up of hybrid and full electric cars, and greater use of gas and alternative fuels. "The rise in the price of fuel so far has not changed people's behaviour, every time it goes up another notch there is an outcry, then it settles down again," he said. Dr Wright, who is the director of the CSIRO's Energy Transformed Flagship, said eventually there would be a huge public reaction to rising petrol costs. The CSIRO's fuel price modelling was conducted over nine months along with a group of 18 leading oil companies, motoring and environmental organisations including Holden, Caltex, NRMA, Woolworths, the Australian Automobile Association, the Victorian and South Australian governments, and the Australian Conservation Foundation. I think few people will be able to fork out $8/l of petrol. Petrol prices will never go down. The supply will never meet the demand and from some of the consulting work we have done with some of the oil companies conducting exploration work, things will only get worse. Just my 2 cents. Jon
  8. Compliance Wasteland Thread

    Anyone interested in Defi Oil Temperature and Oil Pressure Guages. Not BF ones. 52mm Jon
  9. Compliance Wasteland Thread

    Nice car Chef. I can't say I regret selling our FD, but if I was after another sprots car, it would have to be a FD. I had a close look at the restrictive cat they use for compliance and it is something that must be changed to get decent power. I think it often results in insufficient boost at lower gearing. Anybody has old bike frames they don't want. I am looking for an old steel frame. Jon
  10. Compliance Wasteland Thread

    Planning, Big K. Jon
  11. Compliance Wasteland Thread

    Nope. Probably not, but he seems like an alright sort of guy. He does not frequent NS so he misses out on our excellent company. Sorry Chef, the money needs to be put to more urgent use. I had to sell the car really cheap because the money was needed so urgently and so very suddenly. I would be interested in a family sort of car though. Something AWD would be good, but not at the moment. Sometime early 2009 late 2008. If it is a local purchase, I was thinking a Forrester. Something imported would be a Fuga or a late model Stegea. Preferably automatic transmission By the way, I got some Defi stuff for sale. Check out the Parts for sale section. Jon
  12. Compliance Wasteland Thread

    RX7 is now sold. Saw it leave this morning. I am kinda relieved that I managed to sell it albeit for a much lower price, but at the same time, I know that there will be times I will miss her. Mrs S is glad that the car is gone, so in a way I am very glad that she has that piece of mind. Jon
  13. Unfortunately I was, but its surprising how much fitness can improve. I have not smoked for just over a year and I feel great. My advice to anyone still smoking is to quit and get fit!! You will feel so much better and I am so much more productive at work that I have more time to spend with my family. My main form of exercise is still running and cycling, about 30km and 550km a week respectively. Jon
  14. Not true. Markos is in his 40s and he is stronger the I would say 75% of the forum. His brother also in his 40s is the strongest guy on here. Age doesn't play that big a part. Might be easier to achieve goals when younger (more testosterone) but certainly not impossible when you get older. That being said, I would think that he could have been stronger in his late 20s? In terms of aerobic fitness, I know that I am certainly not what I used to be when I was younger. I can barely run 10kms under 37mins these days and a half marathon took me 1 hr 35mins which is way off my PB when I was younger. Maybe I need more time to recondition my body after much neglect. Thanks for the encouragement though. I am aware Marco is older than I and also probably an equal to Hercules. Thanks, Jon
  15. Thanks for the advice. I will do a search to find out the proper technique to d these exercises. I tried chin ups, and found it to be a good workout, however, I am npt the young fellow I used to be and struggled to do more than 10 at a time. I remember a time when I could do 30 under a minute, and now I struggle to do even 10 proper ones. Perhaps, I have to concede that I will never be as fit as I was in my younger days. Thanks again, Jon