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  1. The Official Xbox 360 Chat and Xbox Live gamer tags thread!

    Gamertag is OVRDRV on COD4, come and play me if you wanna lose... hahaha....
  2. Plasma vs LCD for Gaming (xbox 360 & blueray)

    I just bought a 52" LCD and I am a very happy kid at the moment... XBOX 360 runs smooth as silk.... My mate has a 42" Plasma and his is rough compared to mine though, so from personal experience the LCD is better for gaming etc... But I have been told that the Plasma is better for general television... HD TV seems to come up perfect on mine though so not sure.... I would definately go a LCD though...
  3. My GTR 34 VSPEC 2 & FD Type Rs Series 8

    Cars look unreal mate... Nice Styling you have... Love the 20" on the GTR, looks tough as nails FD is nice too mate
  4. JDM EVO VI GSR vs JDM S15 Spec R help me decide

    Go the Evo... Overall a Great Little Package... S15 Looks better though...
  5. Mazda RX7 Pictures ONLY - No Discussion

    Here is my toy at the moment....
  6. Your Car And Your Girl

    HAHAHAAAA. Nah she is more into JDM now... hahahaaa
  7. Your Car And Your Girl

    Seems to be a lot of single guys in here, you should go buy a RX-7 and fix that problem... hahaaa My Mrs loves my car, nearly as much as I do... She doesn't like it as much when I spend the cash on it rather than her but she understands that rotors need maintenance etc.... The Mrs wants to get a S15 really bad ever since I had mine stolen she wants one for herself....
  8. Overdrive Cruise

    Thanks for the replies people... Will be an awesome day as per in the past.... Hope to see you all out there........ and if you don't have a car, jump in someone else's... haha
  9. Overdrive Cruise

    Exactly why I organised the cruise for this day.... I know the Police were calling other police in to help at the city so thought we would cruise away from the city....
  10. Overdrive Cruise

    Hey Biggles, thanks for posting this up. Should be an awesome day, Hot4s Photographer will be there and Ignition DVD should be there also. Hope to see a big Nissan Silvia Contingent out and about....
  11. OVRDRV

    Yeah my mrs got it for me, she got me a K&N one, sounds good, and K&N is quite respectable... I also got a nice Momo gearknob off her... gotta love xmas...
  12. OVRDRV

    Yeah I bought the car a month or so ago... from the Sydney Car Exchange...
  13. OVRDRV

    Thanks for the comments guys... Yeah Wing is definately going, mod list is quite long.... Firstly im getting some 20" Volk GT-C custom made in white... then a vertex rear bar and side skirts and the M-Sports front bar... Carbon Hood... Get Rid of the Wing... Racing Interior finished in leather + Suede... Aiming at around the 250rwkw so engine to be capable of that power... and that is about it... ill update this post when I change the mods etc... currently has a Momo Gearknob and K&N Air filter...
  14. OVRDRV

    Hey All, I have been on your forums for sometime now browsing, but finally got a S15 (pics below) mild mods, going to go a bit nuts on it... hope to speak to some of you soon...